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Deewane Hue Paagal: Good fun
Patcy N
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November 25, 2005 17:23 IST

A still from Deewane Huye PagalVikram Bhatt has already made one movie with Akshay Kumar [Images], Suniel Shetty [Images], Paresh Rawal [Images] and Johnny Lever. Produced by Firoz Nadiadwala, the film -- Awara Paagal Deewana -- worked very well. It was a hit they decided to try and replicate. Luckily for them, Deewane Hue Paagal is as good as the film before it. The combination still works.

The story is about Tanya aka Natassha (Rimmi Sen), a singer and college student who becomes friendly with Karan (Shahid Kapoor [Images]). When she accidently finds herself at the scene of the murder of a scientist (Om Puri [Images]), she has to leave the city and resettle elsewhere.

'Deewane Huey Paagal is safe film'

Three years after their separation, Karan still loves Tanya and wants to find her. Murugan (Johnny Lever), his boss and friend, wants to help him out. When Karan finds out that Tanya is in Dubai, he hires Rocky (Akshay Kumar) to enquire about her. But after seeing Tanya, Rocky falls in love with her himself. He tells Karan she is now a widow in a wheelchair, with seven children. Tanya, meanwhile, has changed her name to Natassha. She has a handicapped friend called Sanju (Suniel Shetty), who is actually a plumber but tells her he is an architect. He isn't handicapped either, but wants to stay close to her.

Tommy (Paresh Rawal) also stays with Tanya. After an accident involving her car, he is supposedly crippled and has lost his memory. In reality, he has no problems at all. Rocky is the biggest bluffmaster of them all. He first says he is an architect, then a captain in the navy. When Karan finds that Rocky has cheated him, and that there are other guys trying to cheat Tanya, he tries to save her.

A still from Deewane Huye PagalThere is a parallel plot -- of the scientist (Om Puri) killed by his brother (played, again, by Om Puri). This scientist has invented a formula that lets one become 25 years younger. Sadly, the formula is in a locker, the code to which is hidden in a toy parrot that belongs to Karan.

 'Kareena scares me in some shots'

Who gets the girl? How do the goons get the code? Watch to find out.

Other than the part about the scientist, Deewane Hue Pagal is a complete copy of There's Something about Mary. It has an interesting climax though, and some hilarious dialogues. The action sequences are also good, especially the ones involving bikes. Rimmi Sen has done an okay job, but one tends to expect more from her. Everyone's supposedly crazy about her, but she doesn't look hot at all. Worse, her costumes are badly designed.

A good performance by Akshay. Like his character Rocky, he rocks. His comic timing is perfect, and he steals the show.

A still from Deewane Huye PagalShahid Kapoor is good, but has little to do. If Suniel Shetty could modulate his voice, he could be an okay actor. Here, it's the way he drags his body playing a cripple that's something to watch for. Johnny Lever and Vijay Raaj are also fine, but one actor who steals the show is Suresh Menon, playing Om Puri's son. Paresh Rawal is good, but doesn't have as many funny lines as he did in Awara Paagal Deewana. The obvious advertisements also ruin things a little.

Well-choreographed songs are another plus point. Shahid dances well. Akshay's entry song Chakle Chakle is catchy. Overall, the music isn't as exciting though, so the dancing helps tremendously.

All said and done, this one's funny. Which is always a good thing.

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