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Mixed responses for Kaal's BO verdict

April 27, 2005 17:00 IST

Karan Johar's Kaal is due for release this Friday, April 22. And audiences sure seem to be looking forward to it.

We asked readers whether they thought Kaal would be a hit, like Karan's earlier movies and this is what they had to say:

Your say: Will Kaal be a hit?

Parakram: Going by the promos and the slickly shot wild life as well as the promising lead cast the movie should do well.

Tanishq: its gonna be a sure shot hit, no second thoughts abt it.

Raja Ram Mohanray: It will be big flop of the year. Because Karan can't give hit without Shah Rukh. that is my consideration. Actually, Vivek is wrong cast for Kaal.

Sanjay Menon: I think every time Karan cannot have luck about hit of his films.about Kaal my view is it may get average response as people looking for something different.

Vishal Kapoor: It looks to me that Kaal will be a hit, but unlike other Karan Johar stuff this can't be a huge hit..cause first of all this doesn't have a mega star cast (Karan Johar style) to pull audience to the theatres and next this is again a remake of another beautiful English flick..."Ghosts from the Darkness" featuring wonderful actor Nicolas Cage played by Ajay Devgan here.(No..... "Screams" and "Urban Legend").But I still feel that this movie will have moderate success at box-office and will be a film which the stars like John Abraham and Vivek Oberoi have been waiting for so long.

Prabhakar Lal: In the recent times it has become difficult to predict a hit in Bollywood. In the movie business nowadays it really does not matter who has produced or directed the movie. Even star power is not enough to declare a movie hit. It is the content which is going to win. Dharma Productions foray in this territory may be a novel idea for them but thrillers have always been there. There has been some good thrillers and some bad..but there has not been a single thriller which can be placed in the leagues of DDLJ, MPK, Sholay etc. So do not expect much.

Go and watch the movie to be entertained and I am sure Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan will not produce a movie which does not provide good time for the viewers. Do not miss the start of the movie - the biggest draw of Kaal is Kaal Dhamaal song which is picturised on Shahrukh and Malaika.

Ganesh Vijay: Karan Johar never made nor can movies without the Star Power and Hype Support. He follows the category of those yester years "Lemon Popsicle "genre of movies. Of course he is good as a businessman promoting his stuff and people of the upper crest seems to like his movies. His movies lack susceptibility and well defined intra-human relationships. One way or other, all the flicks from his factory are "Inspired by Ideas" - in fact by inspired by other movies. I don't think that Kaal would be exceptional. We only have to watch out whether this is "Dubbed" from Urban legends or Scream or mixture of all these.

Let Karan Johar as a director come out like Gowariker and prove his worth in more sensible movies. For Karan - still movies come under Dharma+SRK+Kajol+Rani M+ Big B+ larger than life characters Hype+ Publicity Stunts equation.

Bipul Shukla:
Kaal is bound to be a hit !! There's no secong thought to this. The promos look novice and promising..

Sushant Sharma
: I believe that the promos have done their job pretty well and the movie will definitely get a good opening for the first week. But henceforth it all depends on the strength in the script. To predict now I believe that this is going to be hit in north primarily Delhi, UP, MP and will have average collection in south.

Overall it will just be a hit.

One more comment: Movie clicks or not but surely it will increase tourism in Jim Corbett National Park :-)