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Ash on The Oprah Winfrey show!

Aishwarya Rai sure knows how to keep herself in the public eye. After featuring in Cannes, Madame Tussauds and David Letterman's Late Show, her next stop was The Oprah Winfrey show!

The actress is the first Indian actor to feature in this widely-watched television show.

She certainly seemed to have won over her hostess, as Oprah wore the sari that Ash had brought along. Oprah commented that the sari was very 'sensual.'

Excerpts from the show:

Oprah: I think you're gorgeous. When you look at yourself, do you see that?

Ash: To me, beautiful is as beautiful does. I think that's what speaks volumes.

Ash answered the often-asked question of her still staying with her parents, with:"Back home, you're a loser if you say, 'Mom, I'm out of here.'In India it's more about the family, about living together, about remaining connected, and that's probably the most beautiful special thing about it."

Oprah: We did a show recently where we were looking at women around the world, and we were talking to French women at a cafe. They said (Americans) are all fat.

Ash: I'm from India, I wouldn't say that because Indian people, Indian people eat well, we're well endowed.

Oprah: Do they say we're rude?

No, Indian people are very hospitable.

Oprah: Do they say we talk too much?

Ash: Opinionated maybe.

Oprah: Do they say we get a lot of divorces?

Ash: Ah, that could be a discussion.

Oprah: You know what, you could be a diplomat!

Kind Courtesy: The Oprah Winfrey Show

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Sub: chinju

its nice to see a nice indian woman teaching the indian culture to others

Posted by chinju francis

Sub: God Bless U Dee

god bless u 4ever dee. in everything u do, 4 everything u desire.... luv u 4ever n always... Ankit

Posted by Ankit Vij

Sub: aishwarya n oprah my dream come true!

i love aish n love oprah,, never miss ne news show or a pic in which my fav ppl on earth are featured!! so this ...

Posted by mairu sharma

Sub: Amazing answers

Great to watch Ash evolve into such a matured actress who is gorgeous not just on the outside but is endowed with a amazing presence ...

Posted by Amitabh

Sub: Ash on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Ash has done it all by herself, It is a GR8 achievement!! It is foolish to comment on her conduct by our Desi cousins!! Her ...

Posted by Siddharth


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