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The best moments of Mallika Sherawat's life

Syed Firdaus Ashraf | July 19, 2004 16:25 IST

Mallika SherawatMallika Sherawat is back!

After completing the shooting of The Myth (earlier titled Time Breaker) with Jackie Chan in Shanghai, China, Mallika landed in Mumbai last weekend.

The film has Chan playing two roles. He acts as an archaeologist in one role. In the other he plays a military commander in the Qin dynasty of the 3rd century BC.

Mallika plays a princess from Dasa, an imaginary place that is supposed to be a lost civilization between India and China. Chan comes to her rescue when she is trapped inside.

What was the experience like? Mallika tells it all:

"When the call came to me stating that I have been selected to do a film of Jackie Chan, my first reaction was, 'Wow! I will be a heroine of Jackie Chan's film.'

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"I called up my brother Vikram and told him this good news.

"This offer came [to me] from Stanley Tong, director of the film. He met me in Mumbai and liked me instantly. He also liked my acting in Murder. Later on Jackie Chan too told me that he liked me in the film.

"When I landed in Shanghai, I was nervous and excited to meet Jackie. I grew up on his movies. I had seen him for so long. I never believed that I would act in his film one day. It was going to be one of the best moments in my life.

Mallika Sherawat"He was there in Shanghai to welcome me. He was very nice to me. When he came to know that I am vegetarian, he specially ordered vegetarian food for me on the sets and saw to it that I get my food on time. It was a very nice gesture from his side.

"Being a Jackie Chan heroine, I obviously had to do stunts on my own. Luckily, I am a very fit person. I have a background in yoga and dance. I was ready to do stunts on my own. But I could not believe the kind of stunts they do on Jackie Chan's sets. It's just amazing!

"I could not do everything [stunts] they asked me to do. Thankfully, they never forced me to do stunts that I said no to. My body is still aching because of those stunts [I did]. There were scenes involving the bad guys chasing us. There were kicks, fight scenes, and so many things. We have some unimaginable action in the film.

"The only difference that I feel between doing a Jackie Chan and Hindi film is the budget. It is a huge budget film whereas Hindi films are not of that big budget in comparison. Otherwise, more or else, things are the same.

"I have not done any nude or bold scenes in the film. Stanley Tong has made this clear too. Jackie Chan films are for children and family audiences. Even if I need to do some bold or kissing scenes with him, it won't be allowed (laughs). Chan is not interested in those kind of films. I am completely draped in clothes. I am playing the role of princess. Therefore I have to behave like one.

"I told Jackie Chan a lot about our films. He is really looking forward to his visit to Hampi, Karnataka. He will come here in October and will finish the remaining schedule. I showed him some Bollywood dance steps. He was quick to follow.

"I won't shift out of India forever. My roots are here and I never forget that. I am doing good movies and am very careful in [choosing] roles. Money is not important for me. I want to do good roles.

Mallika Sherawat"My next film is with Dharmendraji. He is a legend. My naani [maternal grandmother] used to have a crush on him. My mummy used to keep his picture in a book in her younger days. When I made Dharamji talk to her, my mom could not believe it.

"I am going to do one film at a time. I want to do a good film and I don't want to run from one studio to another. I am only doing one film, Kis Kiski Kismat. I have not signed any other film so far.

"It is a sexy comedy. It has a good script. I am playing a dumb and courageous girl. She gets involved in a scandal with a stockbroker. My character is a cross between Mehmood and Madhubala."

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