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Hothon pe aisi baat mein daba ke chali ayee (Jewel Thief)

Famous for its shot-in-a-single-take climax song, Hothon pe aisi baat, Jewel Thief is a labyrinthine mystery with mistaken identities and a Sixth Sense style shock ending.

The climax, set in gorgeous Gangtok, culminates in a plot to rob the king’s jewels. The villains make the captive heroine (Vyjayanthimala) dance in the king’s court to Hothon pe aisi baat, even as she tries to warn off the brainwashed hero Dev Anand.

Vijay Anand effectively showcases Vyjayanthimala’s dancing prowess as (despite complex dance movements, camera placements and the need to manoeuvre through hordes of extras), she famously glides through an entire stanza of the song in one single take.

And in the process, the breathless tension about whether Dev’s memory will return effectively crescendos to fever pitch.

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