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Director: Fazil

Manichitrathazhu is one of those films that do not get made often. Even today, when it is shown on television, people call me up and talk about it passionately.

I make my entry only towards the intermission in Fazil's films. So also in Manichitrathazhu. I play a psychiatrist from the US. It was challenging, difficult role. For example, in one of the most important scenes, I sit on a chair and narrate the entire story of a disturbed woman [played by Shobhana, for which the actress won the National Award]. Luckily, the long narration did not bore people; we sustained their interest.

There is this song, Pazham tamizh paattil, which I sing in one of the most emotionally charged scenes after locking up a lady in a room. That scene could have gone out of control if not for Fazil. He did not let the emotion slip away. It was a daring act by him.

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