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How you take to Sting depends on who you are -- critic, fan or fellow musician. At various times, all three have been variously impressed and dismayed by this charismatic English musician.

There are critics who consider him a more accomplished sex symbol than musician. There are fans who have never bought another record of his since he fell out with the reggae-influenced pop band The Police, which he formed with guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland. And there are musicians who maintain a guarded, if unspoken, respect for him.

Love him or hate him, Sting is inimitable, influential and impossible to ignore. Today, October 2, he turns 52, just a few days after releasing his new album Sacred Love.

Take this quiz to test your Sting quotient.

1. Born Gordon Sumner, he was nicknamed Sting for
His sharp tongue
His passion for collecting bees and wasps
A black and yellow shirt he used to wear

2. He was born in Newcastle and his father was a

3. Before he became a pop star, Sting was a
Diving instructor
Professional footballer
School teacher

4. Which of these hit albums did Sting make with The Police?
Mercury Falling
Brand New Day

5. The Soul Cages, containing just the one hit All this time, followed which event in Sting's life?
His marriage to Trudi
His father's death
The birth of his son, Joe

6. Which Dire Straits song did Sting co-write and lend his voice to?
Romeo and Juliet
Sultans of swing
Money for nothing

7. The hit Fields of gold stood out in Sting's 1993 comeback album, which punned on his real name. What was it called?
Nothing Like The Sun
Ten Summoner's Tales
Dream Of The Blue Turtles

8. With whom did Sting perform It's probably me, from the soundtrack of the Mel Gibson starrer Lethal Weapon?
Jimmy Page
B B King
Eric Clapton

9. Sting performed in India in 1988 on his Nothing Like The Sun world tour. Which city did he play in?
New Delhi

10. In the video for Desert rose, which car was Sting seen riding in?
Mercedes Benz
Rolls Royce

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