Jajantaram Mamantaram is based on an old Gujarati fable about Bakasur, a sleeping giant who only wakes up to eat people, and the popular children's tale Gulliver's Travels.

So you have city-bred Aditya (Jaaved Jafferi), who is trapped in a storm. When the fierce winds abate, he finds himself on the shores of the mythical Indian village of Shundi, somewhere in the deep corners of the Arabian Sea.

Aditya cannot understand why he is 10 times larger than the villagers in Shundi. To maker matters worse, the villagers are wary of him; they think he is out to harm them. Eventually, though, Aditya's wit and humour win him a brood of tiny friends.

But danger lurks in the form of Chattan Singh (Gulshan Grover), the evil army chief who has a magical contraption he uses to create Jhamunda (Joy Fernandes), a giant as huge as Aditya himself.

Jhamunda terrorises the locals and likes to eat them up one by one, especially the children. Chattan Singh wants to use Jhamunda to overthrow the king and marry the beautiful princess. Aditya upsets his plans and Chattan Singh unleashes the mighty Jhamunda on him. Now Aditya must defeat both Jhamunda and Chattan Singh to ensure that his little friends can live in peace.

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Text: Deepa Gumaste
Design: Uday Kuckian

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