Aryan (Uday Chopra), Papad (Rahul Dev), Chicken (Purab Kohli) and Mushy (Akash Saigal) want to get rich quickly. So they place a large sum of money (which does not belong to them) on a bet, allegedly rigged in their favour.

Unfortunately, they lose. Trouble starts when the bhais (goons) come to collect the money. A hapless Aryan turns to Pandit, the panwala who had helped them place the bet. A now hostile Pandit leads them to Mamta Sekhri (Nandita Das).

The mysterious Mamta makes a deep impact on Aryan. He is surprised, but relieved, by her maternal attitude when she offers to help him. Then, she gives him a gun and a photograph and asks him to carry out a contract murder. He does the job, and their lives change forever. Death becomes fascinating and power, addictive. Just when everyone starts enjoying, even misusing, the power, Chicken is killed.

Dilnawaz (Nauheed Cyrusi), who plays Aryan's love interest, gets shot by the rival gang with a bullet that was actually meant for Aryan. Now Aryan wants out and the only person who can help him is Mamta.


Text: Monika Baldwa
Design: Uday Kuckian

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