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What happens to a couple after they take their saath pheras? Or after they hold hands and walk into the horizon? Do they 'live happily ever after', as most Hindi films proclaim?

Aziz Mirza's Chalte Chalte says, 'Not necessarily.'

Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) and Priya (Rani Mukherji) have contrasting personalities. Raj is emotional and impulsive while the sophisticated Priya is a perfectionist. But they fall in love and get married.

Which is when the problems start. Romance takes a dive out of the window as seemingly trivial domestic issues take over and adjustments and compromises become the rule of the day.

Will the duo survive the business of living? Will they fall in love all over again?

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Text: Ronjita Kulkarni
Design: Uday Kuckian

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