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Not many know that SRK shot 70 per cent of Chalte Chalte in acute pain. "I had doctors and ambulances on the sets. Fortunately, Chalte Chalte didn't require me to be too physical except for that scene where I fall over luggage trolleys at the airport. Doubles can't do it the way I can. I decided to do it because three days later, I was leaving for my surgery anyway. But everyone including [actor] Satish Shah tried to stop me. I said I would just do it once. I did it twice. I didn't get hurt at all."

Khan needs to take great care before he gets back in action. "I am supposed to be on the road to recovery. For a year, I have to take things easy. I have my good and bad moments. Mornings aren't good. Till about 2 pm, I feel a lot of pain. When I bend down or play with my kids, I get some pain in the neck. It is okay. Inshallah (God willing), the pain will disappear one fine morning. For now I have to go to London every month for a checkup."


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