In an interview to, Ajay Devgan had once said, 'This job is not easy. Look at the place we are [in] right now. We are shooting in the harsh sun. We have to shoot in the rain, day or night, [it] doesn't matter. We don't sit in air-conditioned rooms all the time as people seem to think. We are forever surrounded by people. We can only dream of privacy, you can't trust anyone... But the name, the fame, the money -- all this makes it worth the while!"

Perhaps that's what makes Devgan stand apart from his colleagues. He says it like it is. That straightforwardness is evident in his performances as well.

The intensity in his eyes is direct, hard-hitting. Right from his debut film, Phool Aur Kaante, Devgan hasn't hesitated to make eye contact with the audience.

Not surprisingly, Phool Aur Kaante went on to become a box office success despite releasing the same day as the lavish Yash Chopra romance Lamhe (Anil Kapoor, Sridevi). He stuck to his action hero image in his next few films, Jigar, Sangram, Vijaypath, Divyashakti, Ek Hi Raasta and Suhaag.

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The platinum jubilee hit Dilwale saw Devgan in a new light. As the lovelorn Arun who loses mental stability, the actor showed credibility. His vulnerability was put to good use in Mahesh Bhatt's Naajayaz, where he was pitted against Naseeruddin Shah.

Meanwhile, the action flicks continued. His films commanded a good opening at the box office -- like Sunny Deol, he became the distributors' delight.

With the launch of the Devgan Software Private Limited, he became a distributor himself.

He also began turning in one versatile performance after another in dramas (Diljale, Major Saab, Company, Lajja), love stories (Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha) and comedies (Ishq, Hum Kisise Kam Nahin).

It did not matter what kind of character he played -- a passionate patriot in The Legend Of Bhagat Singh, an obsessive musician in Deewangee or a worried husband in Bhoot -- the 35-year-old Devgan was convincing.

On the eve of the release of his latest film Qayamat, takes a look at some of the milestones in the actor's career.

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