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Nakul (Juju, in Boys)

Nakul, younger brother of noted Tamil actress Devyani, became one of the boys in Boys by accident.

Nakul's family sent some pictures of Nakul's elder brother Mayur, to Shankar's office. One of them included a family photo which had the Nakul in it.

Shankar's office asked for 19-year-old Nakul, for whom acting was never on the agenda. His passion lay in music. "I wasn't even thinking of movies. Shankar Sir asked me to play the keyboard and I did. I was a drummer. My mom forced me to learn the keyboard. I am in Shankar's film because of her. I thank her every day!"

"I didn't know acting was so much fun. I enjoyed every minute. If more acting offers come, my mother will see whether they are good. She rules my life right now," laughs the teenager.

The day Boys releases, Nakul adds, "I'll be inside the theatre the whole day."

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