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Manikandan (Kumar, in Boys)

Manikandan always wanted to act in films. Though a graduate in Visual Communications, he worked as a dancer in a dance troupe and staged shows. Then he met filmmaker Shankar.

"I showed him whatever I knew -- mimicry, acting and dancing. Films are my life. I somehow wanted to get into films. But I never ever imagined I would act in Shankar's film," says Manikandan.

"I play Kumar, a very innocent and sensitive guy. He [Shankar] came to our level and was more like a friend to us," gushes Manikandan in Shankar's praise.

He cannot believe himself when he looks at the posters of Boys all around the city. "I have seen photographs of Shankar directing great actors like Kamal Haasan and Arjun. I am very, very excited. Till now, nobody turned and looked at me. Today, people look at me as one of the heroes in a Shankar's film!"

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