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Ram Gopal Varma's latest brainwave!

Subhash K Jha | August 11, 2003 14:37 IST

Ram Gopal VarmaRam Gopal Varma is on to his next brainwave.

The filmmaker has decided to launch a nationwide hunt for writers. "See, the basic idea for looking for writers emerged from the stories in [Prawaal Raman's] Darna Mana Hai. I realised everyone has his own favourite ghost story. I want to tap the common man's imagination. Anyone can send in a ghost story which will go into the making of Darna Zaroori Hai, the sequel to Darna Mana Hai. The six contestants whose stories are finally selected will be given Rs 1 lakh each."

Varma has employed a team of people to sift through stories. "They will have to stick to a word limit which we have yet to fix. But I am not just looking for professional writers. I am equally interested in the layperson's experiences. I am also searching for ideas which may be converted into screenplays by my team."

While details and legalities are being worked out, Varma is sure the six-segment film will work. "I think we went wrong in Darna Mana Hai because we confused the audience's genre expectations. Because Bhoot had been released earlier and this one had Dar (fear) in its title, Darna Mana Hai didn't really scare. They enjoyed some stories and were puzzled by others. Their emotions were confused. In the sequel, our motive would be to directly and unambiguously scare audiences, hence the title Darna Zaroori Hai."

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Unlike Darna Mana Hai, the sequel will have six separate directors. Prawaal Raman, who directed the original film, may direct one of the stories in the sequel. "With six directors doing separate stories, I feel each director would be enthused to do his best."

Varma is also open to the idea of taking on directorial talent from the streets. He will audition anyone in whom he sees the potential to direct a film. "Believe me, it is not that time-consuming. To spot talent isn't that hard," says Varma, who has spotted and given careermaking break to dozens of actors directors and other technicians.

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