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Practical magic!

Abhiroop Shome, Tanisha Dasmunshi | April 11, 2003 14:24 IST

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'So many tricks. We loved them'

Special Glasses for a special movie

We went to see the movie Chota Jadugar (directed by Jose Punnoose). We had to wear special glasses because it was a 3-D movie. When we wore the glasses, things in the movie looked as if they were coming out of the screen.Suraj Balajee in Chota Jadugar

The story is about a boy named Indrajit (Suraj Balajee, who earlier made an appearance in Shah Rukh Khan's Asoka), who learns magic from his grandfather (singer-actor S P Balasubramaniam). His father does not want Indrajit to learn magic, and wants to take him to America to study further so that he can be proud of his son.

And though his grandfather is sad, he allows Indrajit to leave with his father.

When he comes to America, Indrajit realises he does not like the place. He misses his grandfather dearly. He then runs away from home and tries to call his grandfather. Sadly, he cannot, because three streetchildren snatch away his money.

Soon, he meets a dog that works for two thieves. This dog would actually rob people off their money and hide it in the woods.

The dog and Indrajit become good friends. Whenever Indrajit is hungry, the dog would fetch a little of the hidden money and feed him.

Meanwhile, Indrajit also becames friendly with the three streetchildren -- he saves one of them from the police with the help of magic.

Indrajit's father starts looking for him. They make announcements all over the television and inform the police. 

By then, Indrajit gets in touch with his grandfather and tells him he has run off from home. The grandfather Suraj Balajee in Chota Jadugartoo comes to America to search for Indrajit.

Unfortunately, the two thieves kidnap Indrajit, his friends and the dog.

Will Indrajit and his friends be rescued? 

We liked the movie a lot, mainly because it had many funny parts. Especially when they show Indrajit playing a lot of tricks on the servant.

We liked the 3-D effect where everything seems to be jumping out of the screen. We got scared only once, in the beginning. But later we kept getting fooled and reached out to the things that came out of the screen.

If you took off the glasses, the screen would appear hazy, so we had to wear the glasses all the time.

All of Indrajit's tricks were cool, and there were approximately six songs in the film. One of the songs had the sounds of dogs barking, along with Indrajit singing. So that was very cool, too.

We would love to see the movie again.

Cousins Abhiroop Shome, 9, and Tanisha Dasmunshi, 6, live in Mumbai

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Sub: nice

wow chota jadugar is a great movie..........good for kids.....keep it up kids for ur great performance

Posted by apurva

Sub: Great movie

It defies all rules of movie watching. I watched this movie with my family. Sometimes, things were so near that you are scared of them. ...

Posted by ms

Sub: chhota jadugar,a good story

it`s good idea that today we chidren can say that CHOTTO JADUGAR is made for us.Director like Dawid Dhawan should leave govinda and make films ...

Posted by apeksha

Sub: rediff movie review

Good idea, making children reviewing a movie that is made for kids. Now, tomorrow, can we expect Rediff making Frontbenchers reviewing a Govinda-David Dhawan flick? ...

Posted by Dennis

Sub: Finally...

Finally India is going back to its hey-day where originality and creativity, in terms of the stories, screenplay, and technical presentation. Chhota Jaadugar is a ...

Posted by Tony Khera


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