May 21, 2002 
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Shah Rukh Khan
Adhiyaman's run
What it means to direct Shah Rukh, Madhuri and Salman

Seema Sinha

South director K S Adhiyaman's Hindi debut Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam has a strong cast (Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai in a special appearance).

The Tamil version of the film (Thotta Chinungi), starring Revathy, was the director's directorial debut.

HTHS has taken a long time in the making --- six years. But Adhiyaman's enthusiasm remains undiminished.

Seema Sinha chatted with the director about his film.

What is special about HTHS?

Well, this is a remake of a Tamil film --- it is a very realistic and simple story. I recieved the Best Writer Award for its story in the South. Raghuvaran [played by Shah Rukh in Hindi] won the Best Actor Award.

HTHS is about a possessive husband. He belongs to a middle-class family. Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri play husband and wife. Salman plays Madhuri's friend. I think the youth will identify with his character. The husband is very jealous of him.

I am sure every Indian will identify with the characters in the film --- that is of utmost importance for the success of my film.

What are your expectations?

Madhuri and Shah Rukh in HTHS I made the film for the public. I have to accept their verdict, whatever it is. But I am sure the film will enjoy a good run. The audience will definitely relate to the subject and its characters and get involved in the film.

What caused the delay in the film? Also, for a debutant, how difficult was it to get the stars together?

I am totally new in the Hindi film industry. In the light of that fact, it has not taken very long to make the film. It has a huge star cast and at times it became difficult to coordinate their dates.

If I had needed only Shah Rukh, it would not have been so difficult. The trouble rose when I needed all the stars together. In fact, I have completed a film with Salman in a year's time.

What is Aishwarya's role in the film?

That's a surprise. I don't want to reveal it right now.

The film does not look fresh...

I don't agree. To me, they look fresh. You will realise this when you see the film. These artistes are still in demand.

But lot of changes have happened in the look and style of filmmaking...

This film has a universal appeal. Whether it is released in 1965 or 2002 doesn't make a difference. The subject will always find an audience.

Tell us about your future projects.

I have just completed a film with Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty called Dil Churake Dekho for producer Bobby Kent. It is based on a social issue.

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