They are still reeling. The exhiliration is yet ebb. It is not every day that an Indian film makes it to the Top 5 at the Oscars.

The members of the crew of Aamir Khan's debut production, Ashutosh Gowariker-helmed Lagaan can't contain their glee. And why not? A Rediff.com exclusive on their reactions:


Jhamu Sughand
Financier, Lagaan

I'm very excited and proud that Lagaan has won an Oscar nomination. I always knew it would be nominated. In fact, I am sure it will win the Oscar.

I decided to produce the film because of its unusual story. I really liked it -- it is very emotional, very Indian.

We had planned to meet at Aamir's house to watch the nominations on TV. All of us expected it. And that's because no one has seen a film like this before. It is so different.

Right now, everyone is dancing around and sharing jokes. We are on the top of the world.

Jhamu Sughand spoke with Ronjita Kulkarni


Bhanu Athaiya
Costume Design, Lagaan
1982 Academy Award Winner for Costume Design, Gandhi

I am thrilled that Lagaan has made it to the Top 5. It makes me happy that Indian films will get a boost with Lagaan.

More Indian films should have been nominated in the past but we haven't been able to showcase our work internationally.

Lagaan's nomination heralds a bright future for Indian cinema because I believe it will open doors to foreign collaborations. This will definitely be a learning experience for the Indian film industry.

The highlight of Lagaan is that it was an original idea executed with top technical contribution. I thought the script was absolutely brilliant. I noticed the makers were gunning for the best professionals for the film. So you knew the film would have international class.

We all pitched in with our best; the result spoke of our passion and dedication. Lagaan is now universally accepted.

I was watching the award nominations on Star Movies on Tuesday [February 12] evening. As soon as I heard we were in the running, I sent Aamir and Ashutosh a bouquet of flowers. I haven't spoken with either yet -- I believe they are leaving for the US soon.

Bhanu Athaiya spoke with Vivek Fernandes


Javed Akhtar
Lyricist, Lagaan

I am thrilled but not surprised. When I saw the first trial, I told Ashutosh and Aamir that they should see to it that Lagaan is the official entry at the Oscars. If any film has a shot at winning, it is Lagaan.

You know, the great thing about Lagaan is that it is a completely indigenous entity. Unlike any other film, it has not been re-edited or shortened. I am delighted for them.

Javed Akhtar spoke with Lata Khubchandani


Sonali Kulkarni

I'm praying and hoping and am going to watch it.

Sonali Kulkarni spoke with Lata Khubchandani


Alka Yagnik
Playback singer, Lagaan

Even talking about it gives me butterflies in my stomach. I donít know what I will do if íLagaan wins. Even giving interviews early in the morning will not upset me then.

Alka Yagnik spoke with Lata Khubchandani


Vishal Bharadwaj
Music composer

I'm going to celebrate Lagaan's victory with a drink all by myself early in the morning!

Vishal Bharadwaj spoke with Lata Khubchandani


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