Soon after Amitabh Bachchan's biography To Be Or Not To Be (released on his birthday on October 11), comes painter Maqbool Fida Husain's autobiography Where Art Thou. Both share the same author, Khalid Mohamed.

The book was released at Mumbai's Taj Hotel on December 9. Husain wore a black kurta and blue jeans, and his trademark long brush and bare feet.

"I chose Khalid because he writes in contemporary English," says Husain. "Most the other magazines are written in ancient and cliched English. They use the English that the British left behind so many years ago. The younger generation has a new vocabulary and style of English."

Khalid, who has known Husain for ten years, says, "He had been reading a lot of my reviews and he really liked them. He wanted the review humour to come into his book. He wanted puns, rhyming verses. He wanted a blend between serious and fun writing." Interestingly, Khalid had also done the subtitles for Husain's first directorial venture Gajagamini.

We present choice glimpses of Husain's sketches culled from his biography. Click here to proceed.

Text: Ronjita Kulkarni



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