August 2, 2002 
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Govinda makes for a good burp
Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare plays to the gallery

Sukanya Verma

Bumbling gangsters, fumbling goons, mistaken identity, madness, chaos, gags. And Govinda.

Harmless and juvenile, the humour in Harmesh Malhotra's Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare is obvious and deliberate. However, giving the zany comedy its due, one has to admit the absurdity tickles more than once.

It would be wise to let logic and commonsense go for a three-hour-long stroll whilst viewing the film.

Here's the deal: a big time swindler, Bhangari (Kader Khan), owns a shop Honesty Store, which claims to buy and sell stolen goods sincerely. Bhangari wants his daughter Kiran (Raveena Tandon) to marry a top goon who has thousand cases pending to his name and whose home is the Central Jail. That is Shakti dada (Shakti Kapoor).

Cut to Raj (Govinda), a London-returned business tycoon. Raj bumps into Kiran at a common friend's engagement and the predictable happens.

Then begin the errors. Raj mistakes Kiran to be some girl his parents fixed him up with. Kiran mistakes Raj for Shakti dada. Shakti confuses Kiran with some other girl and ends up with a swollen eye.

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On Bhangari's wife's insistence, he packs her and Kiran off to Singapore so his in-laws can meet Shakti.

So the fake Shakti miraculously comes to know about this development and is spotted serenading Kiran in the lush green gardens. While the original poor Shakti escapes prison to loiter on the streets of Singapore (read Malaysia) where he bangs into Bhangari's old enemies --- Thompson (Avtaar Gill) and Jerry (Rana Jung Bahadur). The idiotic bunch beat Shakti into a black and blue pulp.

Back in India, the Raj, Kiran, Shakti identity crisis is resolved. However, Bhandari is still fixated with the idea of having a criminal for a son-in-law.

Govinda and Raveena in ASGM Enter Subramanium (Johnny Lever). Kiran hires Subramanium to train Raj into a fake gangster. A couple of sidesplitting episodes later, Raj transforms into Bombila bhai. Thereafter begin a series of hilarious face-offs between Bombila bhai and Bhangari.

Filmmaker Harmesh Malhotra's Ankhiyon Se Goli Mare is a follow-up to the hit comedy, Dulhe Raja with the same cast. It goes without saying that the former was definitely a better bet with its funnier gags and a catchy soundtrack.

Anand Milind's score proves a bane in the plot already burdened with too many subplots. There is never a dull moment as long as Govinda and Johnny Lever hog screen space. It would be unfair to overlook the contribution of character actors Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Sharat Saxena, Dinesh Hingoo who do their fair bit as a part of the funny circle.

Comedy is second nature to Govinda. He goes through the tapori bit seamlessly and regales the audience with his trademark humor. Ditto for Johnny Lever.

Govinda and Raveena in ASGM Raveena Tandon does not have much to do. However, she makes up for her no substance role with style as she sashays in an ultra hip wardrobe and trendy hairdos.

Dialogue writer Anwar Khan plays to the gallery with lines overflowing with 'kaat dalega, phaad dalega, khurdele karele, watak le', and the like.

All said and done, Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare makes for a good burp.

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