Rediff On The NeT, Movies: Rajinikanth completes 25 years in the industry
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From rags to riches. From bus conductor, to superstar who has fans by the busload coming for his darshan.

It is the quintessence of the celluloid dream. And none symbolises it so well as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad aka Rajinikanth, the one time Karnataka State Road Transport employee turned international icon.

The movies, the 'Rajini style', the much-imitated mannerisms -- these are the stuff of common knowledge.

Today, as he celebrates 25 years in the industry, we present, through interviews and pictures, the private side of the public personality.

Come join the celebration -- for such as he come along only once a lifetime.

  Latha Rajnikanth: 'He wants to gradually retire, fade away from public eye'

Y G Mahendra: 'Rajini's real potential remains largely untapped'

S P Muthuraman: 'Rajini acts in front of the camera, never behind it'

Hema Malini: 'Rajinikanth's style is unique'

Sridevi: 'There's no ego or arrogance in him'

'You can see God in him at times'

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