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India's top 10 mobile phone brands

August 23, 2013 09:07 IST

Image: A woman presents the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone during its product launch in Jakarta.
Photographs: Beawiharta/Reuters

The Indian mobile handset market has grown by 14.17 per cent year-on-year in 2012-2013, on the back of increasing sale of smartphones.

The 18th annual survey 'V&D 100' said that the Indian mobile handset market posted a revenue (FY12-13) of Rs 35,946 crore (Rs 359.46 billion) in 2012-2013, compared to Rs 31,330 crore (Rs 313.30 billion) in the earlier fiscal year.

Take a look at the biggest mobile handset companies in India…


Rank: 1

Market Share: 31.5%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 11,328 crore

Korean electronics behemoth Samsung has taken the top position in the country replacing Nokia.

The Finnish handset maker had been holding fort in the Indian market for over a decade.

Samsung's rise in India was attributed to its rich product portfolio catering to customers of all categories.

The company's handset prices ranging from Rs 1,500 to Rs 50,000 in varied screen sizes, besides product quality and new features, helped the company grab customers' attention, the survey report said.

TEXT: PTI & Agencies 

India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Image: Nokia Lumia.
Photographs: Courtesy, Nokia


Rank: 2

Market Share: 27.2%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 9,780 crore (Rs 97.80 billion)

Nokia has been pushed to number two in the Voice&Data survey with a 27.2 per cent market share following a significant 18 per cent drop in revenue (FY12-13).

"The rise of smaller local players like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava and Zen was a clear indication that consumers wanted cheaper feature phones. The next phase of mobile penetration in India, now at the bottom of the pyramid, will be driven by these companies," says Ibrahim Ahmad, Group Editor, Voice & Data.


India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Image: Micromax phones.
Photographs: Courtesy, Micromax


Rank: 3

Market Share: 8.7%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 3,138 crore (Rs 31.38 billion)

Homegrown handset company Micromax captured the number three position among V&D100 Top10 mobile handset brands for FY13.


India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Photographs: Courtesy, Karbonn Mobiles

Karbonn Mobiles

Rank: 4

Market Share: 6.4%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 2,297 crore (Rs 22.97 billion)

Closing in was Karbonn Mobiles, the company among the Indian handset players that grew most consistently.

In 2012-2013, Karbonn grew by 73.1 per cent to register revenue (FY12-13) of Rs 2,297 crore.



India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Image: iPhone 5.
Photographs: Courtesy, Apple

Apple Inc

Rank: 5

Market Share: 3.6%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 1,293 crore (Rs 12.93 billion)

The iconic Apple posted a revenue of Rs 1,293 crore in FY 2013 in the country compared to Rs 250 crore in the previous financial year, occupying the fifth place, the survey said.

“Though India was never a focus market for the Cupertino-based smart device maker till Steve Jobs' era, in the last two years, Apple has started making inroads, though slowly,” says the survey.


India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Image: HTC Butterfly
Photographs: Courtesy, HTC


Rank: 6

Market Share: 3.3%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 1,180 crore (Rs 11.80 billion)

With an interesting portfolio of smartphones and tablets powered by the Android and Windows Phone operating systems, HTC remains one of the preferred brands in India.


India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Image: Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor with a Blackberry phone.
Photographs: Courtesy, Blackberry


Rank: 7

Market Share: 3.1%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 1,123 crore (Rs 11.23 billion)

From being a dominant player in the smartphones market, Blackberry’s sales have dwindled. However, the company plans to launch new models in the coming months to regain the market share.


India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Photographs: Courtesy, Lava


Rank: 8

Market Share: 2.8%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 1,001 crore (Rs 10.01 billion)

One of the fastest growing mobile brands in India, Lava is placed at 8th position.

In a short span of three years, Lava has grown to become the third best Indian mobile brand.



India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Photographs: Courtesy, LG


Rank: 9

Market Share: 2.3%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 819 crore (Rs 8.19 billion)

Betting big on smartphones, LG has plans to garner 10 per cent market share in the smartphone sales with a number of new launches by December 2014.


India's top 10 mobile phone brands

Image: Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif with a Sony Xperia phone.
Photographs: Courtesy, Sony


Rank: 10

Market Share: 2.2%

Revenue (FY13): Rs 797 crore (Rs 7.97 billion)

Sony which has 9 per cent of the smartphone market share, plans to increase sales of mobile phones by March 2014. 

The company plans to garner revenues to the tune of Rs 3,500 crore (Rs 35 billion) from Xperia sales during 2013.