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'Engineering stocks should do well'

December 27, 2006 14:45 IST
PRANAV SANGHAVI says, Hello everyone, wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas. Lets begin the chat.

Kishore asked, Hi..Good Morning! Can U pls confirm the future for Priyadarshini spinning mills (I have 1000 shares brought at 21.50 and DCM I have 5000 shares brought at 61Rs
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Kishore, good afternoon. I don't follow either of the stocks but if the Priyadarshini Mill has developable land then you should surely hold on to the stock. DCM you could still hold on to.
Joe asked, Hello! Does options trading have good volatility in India? Can you suggest some scripts for Options Trading in India?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hello, I don't quite follow your question? How can trading options have volatility? You can trade in all the frontline stocks through options.
ashu asked, I have 100 units of Reliance Natural Resources @ Rs. 37.5, pls tell me it's future. Is it OK to hold for long run or should i sell it @ Rs.22 present price.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on with a long term outlook.
suvendra asked, what is the future of IDBI
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think it has a strong future and one could hold on.
shailesh asked, A very basic and most common question, do you personally think 2007 will be another bull run year as well ?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think our markets are in a secular bull run and it should last for atleast 3 to 4 years most of the factors remaining constant.
mubsy asked, How about holding jubilant organics and donear inds for 2 yrs span.?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes you could hold them.
ManojGarg asked, Sir , what are the prospects of Varun Shipping & Zen Technologies?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Varun Shipping has recently made some acquisitions and their quarterly figures also look promising. You could surely hold on.
mubsy asked, What is the future of UNITECH in 1-2yrs.?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, The stock should move up steadily.
mubsy asked, What is the future of UNITECH in 1-2yrs.?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, The stock should move up steadily.
suvendra asked, hi
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Suvendra.
Bhushan asked, Hi Pranav,what should I do with the stocks of Ahmednagar Forgings and Astra Zeneca pharma?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Bhushan. Hold on to both. Both have promising future.
tom asked, Hello! I got some share of ACC & Grasim with me at present market rate shall i sell it and book profit or hold? Secondly,Pls suggest some good long term scripts ( 2years)
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think you could hod on to both for a 1 to 2 year term. I have mentioned quite a few in my previous chat. Please refer.
Mahenda asked, Sir, what is the future of parsvnath and other real estate compnies ?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think the real estate sector will grow over 50% per annum for the next few years atleast. So one oculd hold on to the stock.
suvendra asked, Can u tell me what is the future o f mrpl
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on to the stock. The refinery has shown good results. Only one has to take care of the rising crude prices as they may dampen the margins.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Most of them are decent small cap stocks but not too sure of araspet and pasufab.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could look at Pharma, Tech, Cement, Infrastructure and Banking.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think it is a good hold they have large quantities of projects already onstream or in the pipeline which will reap substantial benefits in the future.
pardeep asked, i want to know about rei agro
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I am sorry I don't follow that stock.
g asked, hello Pranav! I want to know the prospects of Infotech Enterprises
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hello G, You could hold on to the stock it does look like a good performer in the future.
pardeep asked, i ahve 200 share of bajaj hindustan @312, what can i do
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could look at switching to another growth stock for a while.
dd asked, what is the future of Agro dutch, star paper and Teledata informatics stocks. Please let me know what should i do with these holdings.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would switch to other stocks.
meetesh asked, hello sir i want to know what is the circuit
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hello Meetesh, A circuit is a limit that a stock is allowed to move either upwards or downwards in a single trading session by the authorities mainly the Stock Exchanges.
Milind asked, Hello ..What will be the future of the Reliance petroliem in next 2-3 years. Shall I hold the existing. I have near by 100 shared of it.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would see the results beyond 2010 in that stock.
Veenu asked, Good Aftenoon, My Question is. Is it the right time to buy M&M Shares or there are chances that the price may come below 800
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, It could come below that rate if we see a sharp correction. But if you are buying with a long term perspective then you could look at the stock.
chandan asked, what is the future of TATA Steel?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would wait and watch the outcome of the Corus battle. But on a longer term it is a safe bet.
srinivas asked, i have 100 shares of Engineers I ltd bought at average price of Rs.529/- . can you tell me future prospects
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hold on as most of the heavy engineering companies should perform well with the boom in the infrastructure develoment around the country.
meetesh asked, i have 20 share of ongc @885 will it come up in next month or i can seel and purchase in law price when market fall down
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would hold on.
pras123 asked, hai Pranav can u tell me the future of pantaloon retail
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Pras123, In the short term they should do well but in the future one should keep in mind that global giants like Wallmart, Carre Four and Tesco will be joining the fray in the Indian retail segment which will pose stiff competition to local players like Pantaloon.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes it is a good stock to hold or even invest with a long term outlook.
rakesh asked, i had bid for crain energy 175 share at 190 is there chance taat i will get it share or sir is this transaction is profitable because crain share are oversuscribe by only 1.1 times
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think it should list at a decent premium.
Bill asked, What is the outlook on Harrisons Malayalam
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hold on with a 6 to 12 month outlook.
pras123 asked, Pranav can u give some stocks for 2007 which i can invest,what is future pf rpl down 2-3 yrs
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I have outlined quite a few stocks in my previous chat. I would request you to refer the same.
Virendra asked, Would 2007 be the great year for investment in A class scripts as 2006 has been?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes most of the frontline stocks should perform well.
Arun asked, hi Pranav. i hold 50shares of HeroHonda@750. till what price is it advisable to hold them.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I can't give you a price target but they are growing at over 20% per annum so you could deceide when you would like to exit the stock.
shankar asked, on what basis certain shares/stocks like unitech etc.are brought under circuit filters? when they will be brought out of the circuit filters
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, All stocks have circuit filters both upward and downward. If the demand of the stock is far higher than the supply then it would hit an upper circuit. And vice versa.
Chandra asked, Hello sir, Please comment on IFCI for long term prospectus?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would rather look at IDFC.
hdg asked, How to become Karorepati while investing in Stcoks/Mutual funds? How much should I invest and where for 10 years period?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would suggest to book regular profits. Do indulge in detailed study before investing. Regularly take profits out of the market and invest in other areas like property and bullion markets.
rakesh asked, sir i have 10 macdowell &co share but after it merger or demerger they did not give us any share of its other company. is i get my share if yes ,who?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You will recieve the same in due course. Write to the company secretary and they will surely
NILEMOREY asked, Pls. help me evaluate my portfolio of the following scrips; 1. Arvind Mills - 100 Shares @ 51 2. BILT - 300 Shares @ 140 3. Bajaj Hindustan - 50 Shares @ 210 4. Chambal Fertilisers - 200 Shares @ 36.50 5. EIH - 100 Shares @ 96 6. HDFC - 200 Shares @ 1250 7. Hindalco - 300 Shares @ 177 8. Gujarat Ambuja - 300 Shares @ 100 9. Gujarat Ind Power Co.- 200 Shares @ 62 10.TCS - 100 Shares @ 910 11.Tata Tele - 500 Shares @17.50 12.MTNL - 300 Shares @ 178 13.IDFC - 300 Shares @ 70 14.Finolex Industries - 300 Shares @ 111 15. Rayban Sunoptics - 100 Shares @ 107 Also please advise me on what of these to hold, sell and add more
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Please send me a seperate email so I can evaluate and revert back to you.
bhola asked, what is PE ratio. At what level one should buy/sell stock using PE. How it is related with scrips price.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, P/E ration is nothing but the market price of a stock divided by its earnings per share or EPS. Most of the Index stocks are at a P/E of over 15. The higher the P/E than the index average the more the chances of the stock falling barring few exceptions.
shazia asked, which investment is fruitful,plz can u give me some stock of 2007
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Please refer my previous chat where in I have mentioned a few stocks which could be looked at.
vinay asked, i am having some amount of shares in demat format. if i would like to sell them, Is there will be any tax to be pay by me like service tax or income tax?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You have to pay Service Tax on the brokerage amount charged to you by the broker and various other taxes like Securities Transaction Tax etc. Income tax would depend if you have sold under long term, short term or trading category. For that your CA will be able to help you.
Ashish asked, Tell us what to do about Sugar Stocks, Specially Balrampur Chini. I bought 500shares @ 111.00
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on to Balrampur.
Fareen asked, Hi, I have TATA TEA LIMITED, 20 shares ... what price shld i seel it at
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on with a 1 to 2 year horizon. It should give you over 30% returns from current levels.
rakesh asked, i have macdowell & co @466 is i will hold this share for long term or sell it or sir i wil able to stay in market for 2 year
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hold it surely.
shankar asked, can we hold essar oil shares? upto what level it will go up in the year 2007?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes you could hold on. I am not a technical analyst so cannot give you any price targets.
Nikhil asked, I have Mangalam Timber @ 35 and Finolex Ind @ 115, what should I do, since its about 6 months I am holding them.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on for another 6 months.
mark asked, Hi, I have Reliance info, 20 shares ... what price shld i seel it at
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hold on till it merges with Reliance Infocomm.
kAPIL asked, SHOULD I remain invested in KPIT
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes you could.
pravin asked, i am a small invester& i have a india cement shares @ 143 what can i do should i hold it or sale it if yes @ what rate
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on.
Virendra asked, Will foreign investors keep investing in same ratio? Will there be hick or fallback?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, FII's are pretty bullish on the BRIC countries and India especially. I don't see why the fund flow should not continue. I think the Real Estate might see a bigger pie of the fund flow into India.
manohar asked, what abt Construction stocks and which we can invest please advice.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think they could be looked at for a period of about 3 to 4 years. You could stay invested.
rakesh asked, as per f&o of blue chip which option is more profitable call or put or 1 call or 1 put
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think you need to study the F&O markets. As you question does not make sense. You could take a position on a stock based on your perception of it's future price movement.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Ravi, well you could take on the courses offered by the Training institutes of the BSE and NSE. You should also consult a broker and then study the stocks well before investing.
raju asked, prnav i have 300 shares of ilfs @ 239, Let me know should I hold , if not please suggest me your pics to switch over
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on.
WBuffet asked, Hello! How good is the Options Trading in India? Does it have good volumes? Can you suggest some scripts for Options Trading?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, F&O segment already accounts for nearly 3 times the turnover of the Equity segment. We are also one of the few countries which has stock futures and options. Most markets only have index futures and options.
piyush asked, I have 200 shares of Duncan Industries.SWhould I hold it or sell it?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I am sorry I dont follow that stock so will not be able to help you.
shankar asked, what all the sectors it is worth investing in the year 2007?name the related companies.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I just mentioned the sectors in my previous replies in this chat itself please refer.
Mohini asked,  I have 100 shares of ICICI bank at 825/- should i sell or hold the same.Whats the reason that the stock has gained so much?I am unable to discover the cause for the same.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would hold on to the stock. It is surely a top 5 player in the banking stocks. There are various factors fuelling the growth of the stock.
shivtanaya asked, I am having few shares of Petron at 241 and the price is now 172...what do u suggest should I hold or exit?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could switch to another stock.
Pradeep asked, I am holding Shree Renuka Sugars. What is the future in store within 6 months.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could switch to another stock.
neelam asked, hi sir, i have shri renuka sugars -500 shares at the rate of rs 700, now the value of this company has come down. please advice me wheather the price of this share may come up or it goes down.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Neelam, the rate has fallen drastically so I would be carefull. If you can take on a loss then switch to a growth stock.
CBalakrishnan asked, I have SUZLON200 what shall i do i parcased @900
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would hold on to the stock. It looks to have a promising future.
kaushik asked, i have 17 share of tech mahindra what will i do sell or wait
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Please hold on.
Narayan asked, Hi, this is narayan here. How do you expect the markets to be from the 1st Jan 2007?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, barring the Budget the markets should be positive as I see good results for the December quarter for most of the frontline stocks.
vinod asked, hello sir where is the market heading for?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, On a longer term say 3 to 4 years the markets should rise steadily if the corporates keep performing as they are. Ofcourse timely corrections are a part of the game and one should not panic.
aarora asked, hi Pranavjee, Please share your views on IPO of Cairn Energy India?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Aarora, Although the subscription figures were low I think it should list at a decent premium.
Gaurav asked, Hi Pranav, with sensex flying around 13800+, so should we kept ourself out of the market
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Look at quality stocks which have not moved much during the upswing and you could invest in those stocks.
Roshan asked, Hi Pranav, recently i started investing in stock market.Can u tell me when is the right time in the year to invest? I mean shall we invest at financial year end/start, or at the begining of every quarter?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Whenever there is a major correction, you could enter the markets.
vikram asked, hi, I bought 100 shares of HCL Infosystems @ 164, what shall be the price target?? should i hold it???
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes you could hold it.
aashish asked, hi pranav ur views about: Tech Mahindra,NTPC and Manglam Cement
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think all the 3 stocks are a good hold. Especially Tech Mahindra and NTPC.
PRANAV SANGHAVI says, Well, it's time for me to leave. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year. Happy Investing. BYE!! Hope to see you all next year.

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