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Why mangoes will be cheaper in the US

Last updated on: July 2, 2009 
Why mangoes will be cheaper in the US

If you are in America and are longing for a taste of fresh Indian mangoes without it burning a hole in your pocket, your wait is finally over. A 14 tonne shipment of luscious Kesar mangoes has just arrived in New York.


India's first consignment of mangoes to America via the sea route is expected to considerably reduce the retail price of the golden fruit in the US. From around $22 per 3.5 kg pack, Indian mangoes could now cost $10 -12 per pack.


The Financial Express reports that the export of mango to the US was halted because the United States Food & Drug Administration wanted India to use the irradiation facility to get rid of weevils and fruit fly in the mangoes instead of the commonly used vapour heat treatment.


India, early this year, set up the irradiation facility of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Lasalgaon, Nasik, which can handle 500 tonnes of mangoes annually.


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