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'Goods transport agency exempt from GST registration'

July 06, 2017 16:38 IST

R Vignesh, a member of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India in Chennai, practises indirect taxation. He also addresses GST related issues on various platforms. 

He appeared on Redif Chat to answer readers' queries on GST.

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

R Vignesh
Hi friends, good after noon. I am ready now to answer your questions on GST
Mohamed Sheikha
Q: How will the inter-state transporting of goods will be regulated after GST? The effect on small-medium inter-state dealers under GST?
R Vignesh
Ans: Inter state transactions are covered under IGST ACT and are subject IGS
Inderjeet Sunda
Q: Sir, Trader who Imports Goods and Sale them in India will be eligible for Composition Scheme???
R Vignesh
Ans: No dealers who procure goods from outside state are not qualified to go under composition scheme
Sushil Kumar
Q: After several reminder mail and approach unable to get PID for GST migration, how we can start invoicing to customers
R Vignesh
Ans: You can raise normal invoice now and should revise the invoice once the GSTIN is received.
Victor Lemos
Q: Is GST charged on Samples (Free of Cost)
R Vignesh
Ans: Free samples are not liable to GST.
Pearl M
Q: CCTV & Access Control systems will be billed under what tax?
R Vignesh
Ans: To my understanding the same is liable at the rate of 18%. You may please verify with the schedule of rates
Venkatesh Ramachandran
Q: Sir can you explain the Anti-profiteering clause in detail. It looks so vague.
R Vignesh
Ans: The anti-profiteering clause requires a registered person to pass on the benefit arising on reduction in cost or price due to seamless ITC. This is the one line summary for your query.
Q: Please advise input tax credit of GST on Fabrics can be availed by apparel manufacturers
R Vignesh
Ans: ITC under GST can be taken if the goods or services so procured are used for furtherance of business. There is only little exclusion where you cannot take ITC. Fabrics don not come under such exclusion
Vande Vishnu
Q: Still we need to fill any entry form for inter state billing
R Vignesh
Ans: No more entry form required under GST regime
Sandeep Banerjee
Q: I booked a under construction apartment in Mumbai 1 year ago 45% of the payment done before GST at the ongoing service tax and vat - what will happen now will i have to pay 12% on balance 55% to the builder?
R Vignesh
Ans: For the balance portion executed and billed under GST, the rates prevailing under GST will have to be paid
Sunita Jhunjhunwala
Q: My turnover is 30 Lakhs am a retailer. I do buy materials from out of my home state but do not sell any thing out of state. Can I opt for composition or not?
R Vignesh
Ans: No dealers procuring from outside state are not qualified to opt under composition scheme
Som Bahadur
Q: On under construction flats we were paying a service tax @ 4.5% (according to the abatement calculation). Now we have to pay a flat 12% on the total amount. is it correct?
R Vignesh
Ans: Yes correct
Ashish Sharma
Q: For opening a branch of a Pvt. Ltd. company in other state, do we need to have separate GSTIN ?
R Vignesh
Ans: Yes GSTIN registration is state specific
Sivakishore Madhamsetty
Q: Is their any procedure for invoice rising for reversing mechanism?
R Vignesh
Ans: Yes. Under reverse charge mechanism, you have done a self invoicing for you and show it under inward supply return
Q: I am unregistered dealer in cloth, turnover is less than 8 lacs PA, and can I make purchases interstate with out registration. For resale without collecting the tax.
R Vignesh
Ans: Interstate purchase can be done without registration
Gagan Grover
Q: How can I put an invoice no on invoices as , invoice is raised once item is billed and invoice number is generated when such invoice is uploaded
R Vignesh
Ans: You may mention it manually
Ajaj Sayyed
Q: Sir what would be GST rate on Billing Supply Manufacturing and Same to be used as works contract.
R Vignesh
Ans: Please refer the schedule of rates available under CBEC site
Q: Sir my friend is a stockist who had GST no but he use to sell products to small retailers/ pan shops who don't have GST no and whose yearly turnover is below 20 lacs. ... Can the stockist still bill these retailers without any documents?
R Vignesh
Ans: The stockist has to raise a tax invoice on these retailers
Mukta Opticians
Q: Am I got ITC in Capital Goods & Stationery?
R Vignesh
Ans: Yes if it is procured for furtherance of Business
Rajesh Kejriwal
Q: Will job-work attract GST? A company is making copper components, but is getting half of machining done by us. They send us copper rods and we cut the rods and do some machining and send the whole material back to them. Then they finish the product and sell to their customers. We are only doing half of machining and charging them for the labor job.
R Vignesh
Ans: Yes this job work attracts GST @ 18%
Q: 8 digits HSN is compulsory or first 4 digits of HSN code will do
R Vignesh
Ans: Turnover up to 1.5 CR - No HSN required to be mentioned1.5 CR to 5 CR - 2 digit HSN code required to be mentioned more than 5 CR - full HSN should be mentioned
Q: I m a helmet manufacturer (GST @18%). Its has many components. Visor (face glass) is one of them what will be the rate of GST on that
R Vignesh
Ans: Please refer the schedule of rates. This is available in CBEC site
Sudeep Pagedar
Q: I am a Mutual Fund investor...could you please tell me how GST will impact and affect me?
R Vignesh
Ans: Mutual find is subject to GST and you have to charge GST on the consideration received from the investors for managing the funds
Sai Chavan
Q: Is non ac hotels also charge GST on food items
R Vignesh
Ans: Yes non ac hotels are covered under 12% bracket
Q: I am manpower supplier and supplying in various states but billing on H O I have no offices in those cities Do I Need to register in those states
R Vignesh
Ans: No not required. Register only in the state from where you make taxable supply
Mayank Agarwal
Q: Manufacturer is in UP. Recipient is in Punjab. Place of delivery to UP. Will IGST be levied or SGST/CGST?
R Vignesh
Ans: IGST and not CGST & SGST.
Vikash Chowdhury
Q: Sir, for transporters (GTA), is it required to register bcoz as per Notification 5 of 22/6/17, it is mentioned as exempted but doubt still is there & what if we are already registered?
R Vignesh
Ans: GTA is exempted from taking registration under GST
Reema Tandon
Q: What % of GST will cover in nutraceutical formulation under food license?
R Vignesh
Ans: Please refer the schedule of goods with rates based on your product HSN code. The same is available in CBEC site
Tejas Mistry
Q: I given construction contract to my Contractor to construct my Factory Building Contractor charges GST on his invoices which includes his over all rate of Goods and His services can I claim such GST as ITC?
R Vignesh
Ans: No this is excluded from the ITC list
Q: What is the impact on seller if he sells goods to unregistered persons i.e. Company selling scrap?
R Vignesh
Ans: No impact