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15 yrs, 900 annual reports and Rs 6 cr of revenue

July 07, 2010 11:58 IST

That's Trisys, a dedicated annual reports consultant. "A national agency, based out of Kolkata" is how Mudar Patherya, founder and chief positioning officer likes to put it.

Apart from the design, everything revolves around the 22,000-word template.

Whether it's an annual report or a book on Sachin Tendulkar commissioned by Mumbai Indians, the core remains the same.

"It's a template created in 1997," says Patherya. And created to standardise the content and do away with variability.

Trisys started off in 1995. Two incidents prompted its genesis - the first being a landmark annual report from Infosys. "It paved the way for us. That's exactly what we were planning to do for companies," says Patherya.

The second was the less known Babhnan Sugar, now merged with Balrampur Chini Mills. "I was researching on Bhabnan Sugar in 1993, which was trading at Rs 22-23. We managed to convince the management that it was under-communicated and made a document that was circulated among shareholders and analysts. In 13 months, it was trading at Rs 250. Vivek Saraogi (managing director) managed to convince me that this would be a good business option," Patherya says.

The company now actively services around 40 clients, which include Reliance, BPL, Saregama India Ltd and VSNL, among others.

Trisys, however, has moved on to the non-annual reports segment. Though, the deadlined annuity still accounts for two-third of its revenues. It's the annual reports that opened new vistas for the company. In Patherya's parlance that would mean corporate literature research, which again has been broad-based to research.

So, the privately circulated book on Tendulkar is now being followed up with a second edition, which would be launched commercially. Intellectual capital, human capital and sustainability reports were logical extensions for the annual reports consultant. Books like those on Tendulkar and Jyoti Basu, a stretched extension.

"I have only 30 copies of Jyoti Basu's books left with me. Rest were sold out. And it was done in nine days," Patherya says.

For Trisys, it's all about analysis. The analysis is drawn from the templates. "We can analyse almost anything. In a team of 55, there are about 15 analysts," explains Patherya. The next best thing Trisys does is design.

But there is yet another side to Trisys. If you thought that extending annual reports expertise to books was far-stretched, then Trisys has hardly been unravelled. Patherya now uses his corporate contacts to whip up sentiments for community initiatives.

In the last two years, Patherya has led two most famous apolitical movements in Kolkata: The police firing at Nandigram that killed 14 people and the death of 30-year old Rizwanur Rahman. The wonder of annual reports!

Ishita Ayan Dutt in Kolkata