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Golden investment plans for 2009

February 25, 2009 11:23 IST

A New Year brings renewed hope and goals, especially when it comes to finances. The fresh start can provide the motivation you need to make it your best financial year ever.

And it's here that you need the help of an expert. Which are the best avenues of investment?

When the global financial sector is in turmoil, is it safe to invest in mutual funds? If so, which funds to invest in? How to evaluate the best best mutual fund?

In an hour-long chat on on Tuesday, investment expert Vinay Mahajan replied to many such readers' queries. Here is the transcript: 

aaa asked, hello sir, can u throw more light just on the best investment plans in the current scenario, apart from Life Insurance?
Vinay Mahajan answers,  at 2009-02-24 15:55:09 Investment planning is different from the insurance planning. However both are equally important. Your investment plan should depend on your risk profile, tenure and your financial objectives
ssss asked, Hi Vinay, pls suggest 5 good MFs for a 2 year- SIPs
Vinay Mahajan answers, You may opt for large cap equity funds if you have long term horizon and SIPs in large cap funds. However for SIP you should have tenure above 3 years
abca asked, Kindly let me know how good is UTI RETIREMENT BENEFIT PENSION FUND. Can we plan our retirement through this balanced fund? What kind of returns we can expect from this fund? IS THERE ANY OTHER BETTER OPTION AVAILABLE FOR RETIREMENT PLANNING.
Vinay Mahajan answers, apart from conventianl insrument you may design your retirement corpus. over a long term you may accumulate funds trough large cap diversified MFs.
ManojG asked, Hi Vinay, I am employee in private firm. I have 1 lakh rupees cash, I want to invest somewhere for 1 to 2 years. Give give suggestions for good returns
Vinay Mahajan answers, I suggest that you invest in a balanced fund or a bank deposit
mohitpande asked, Kotak 30, Reliance Growth Fund and SBI Magnum Contra Umbrella do you think these are good funds to buy from 5 years perspective for phenomenal returns?
Vinay Mahajan answers, will suggest that u shift to a large cap fund. r growth to r vision, & add dsp top 100/hdfc top 200.
jp asked, Mr. Vinay, I am investing in the following MF for the last 18 months. My overall portfolio is down by 32%. Kindly advise me whether I have invested in wrong mutual funds. I have invested in Magnum Tax Gain 5000 pm, hdfc tax saver 2500 pm, kotak 30 2500 pm, dspbr top 100 2500 pm, reliance vision 2000 pm, franklin prima plus 2000 pm, hdfc growth 2500 pm, tata infra 2500 pm.
Vinay Mahajan answers, ur holding a good portfolio. cotinue with it.
shashank asked, Sir, I am having 3 ULIP plans OF HDFCSLIC they are Unit Link pension plus,Unit Link Young Star Plus,Unit link Endowment Plus in total I am giving a Premium Of Rs 50000/- in total.I Just want to ask should i continue all these or make a early exit.
Vinay Mahajan answers, reassess ur insurance needs. & then take a decision. in endowment policies there might be a penalty on early withdrawl.
nand asked, Mr. Vinay ..which are the 3 best tax saving funds
Vinay Mahajan answers, sundaram tax saver, principal personal tax saver, sbi magnum tax gain.
abhijit asked, What is the best option for investment apart from Stock & Mutual fund for next financial year to get maximum gurented return
Vinay Mahajan answers, bank fd /corporate fds
sandeep asked, how to invest in GOLD,SILVER
Vinay Mahajan answers, buy gold etf or gld funds like dsp gold & commodity exchanges. for silver thru commdity exchange
Akshay asked, I am holding TATA Growing Economies Infrastructure Fund taken @ Rs. 10/- per unit. But now the NAV is just around Rs. 6/-. I am loosing lot of money. Kindly advice what to do in this situation.
Vinay Mahajan answers, shift to a large cap fund like a tata pure equity fund
satish asked, Hello Vinay, I have invested 7lacs in mf and they are pretty much in red. Should I withdraw my money or should I wait?
Vinay Mahajan answers, revisit ur portfolio & see that u have alarge cap allocation
vivek_gondhalekar asked, Whether the investment in mutual fund is advisable ?
Vinay Mahajan answers, yes. MF, equity/debt funds shud be part ur assest allocation. in the currentscenario invest in large cap funds
rr asked, I am planning to start SIP for long term, please suggest me some large cap equity mutual funds.
Vinay Mahajan answers, SIP shud be for long term. DSP top 100,HDFC top 200, ICICI Dynamic, IDFC Imperial Kotak 30 , Sundaram focus are some of the suggested funds
khan asked, Hi,please advise whether I should hold the MF HDFC equity growth, Kotak Opportunities Growth, DSP top 100
Vinay Mahajan answers, DSP & HDFC are ok ,shift Kotak Opportunities to Kotak 30
Shashank Mittal asked, I want to atrat a SIP in HDFC Growth Fund what do u suggest should start and how the fund is performing
Vinay Mahajan answers, go ahead . invest for long term
vijayakumar asked, i am interet in invest in stock market this is right time or not sir tell me about the bottomout
Vinay Mahajan answers, every time is the rite time to invest for a long term investor. have focus approach & stick to ur financial objectives
Ankur asked, is DSP equity a good SIP to invest in
Vinay Mahajan answers, go for DSP top 100
AC asked, best child plan ?
Vinay Mahajan answers, depends on ur objectives - growth or protection.
rahulu asked, IS PPF better option in current market scenario?
Vinay Mahajan answers, yes. if u want to have risk & tax free assured returns.
kashif asked, is investing in equity will give better returns in years to come ?
Vinay Mahajan answers, in long term -yes. equity is the best assest class for a long term investment scenario
jha asked, what is best port folio for next one year
Vinay Mahajan answers, have a portfolio of 2-3 incoem funds like ICICI income fund, Birla income plus
dipayanc asked, Hi! I am planning to invest about 10k everymonth in mutual fund, can you plrase suggest any good funds. Also if 100% amount should be invested in equity fund?
Vinay Mahajan answers, invest thru SIP mode in 2-3 large cap funds. funds have mentioned in this chat. pls refer
Rajat asked, Is there any tax saving investment that gives assured returns greater than 9 percent?
Vinay Mahajan answers, ppf is the best alternative which gives tax free return. dont know any other giving 9% assured return
vivek_gondhalekar asked, whether long term investment in mutual fund is advisable
Vinay Mahajan answers, yes. if its a equity fund long term is advisble
Sameer S asked, Is it a good idea to invest in today's time in SBI tax gain fund and HDFC Tax sever schemes?
Vinay Mahajan answers, if ur objective is to save tax then only invest in ELSS
Rubina asked, HELLO SIR, WILL YOU please SUGGEST which tools are GUD if i want to INVEST Rs 50000 for LONG TERM?? Mutual FUND or FIXED DEPOSITS?? which mutual funds..??
Vinay Mahajan answers, depends on ur risk appetite. MF is suggested. invest in large cap funds. some names have been suggested in this chat. evaluate ur portfolio from time 2 time
rima asked,  Mr. Vinay I am planning to invest for in private bank Twinkle group. Is this genuine company?
Vinay Mahajan answers, no idea of this group
arun asked, arun pls suggest me for good life insurance company.
Vinay Mahajan answers, birla sun life
s asked, i have taken a beating in the slow down. all my mf are in the red. i have reliance diversified power sec- fund. my loss in this 50%. is it advisable to quit and minimise the loss put it in the income fund.
Vinay Mahajan answers, suggest
that u shift to a large cap equity fund like relienace vision fund. that will keep ur fund in the same assest class.
vijayakumar asked, sir tell me about best beneeft plan about tax savings
Vinay Mahajan answers, debt side - ppf, bank FD, insurance plans equity sie - elss
Rajpal asked, Which type of investment a person like me of 47 years with liability of children marriage very soon [within year] and education of other children should made while living in rental accommodation on Delhi?
Vinay Mahajan answers, for foresable liabilty opt for debt like bank fd. & for education - if its long term (3-4 yrs) opt for equity insruments & shift to debt as obligation approaches.
vijay asked, i have 75k where should i invest it pls explain with details
Vinay Mahajan answers, define financial objectives. assess ur risk appetite & if ur young aggressively invest in equity
smartpawn asked, Hello Sir, is it good time to buy ELSS for Tax saving?
Vinay Mahajan answers, yes. its a good time t buy elss
sumeet asked, is one time investment in MF is under section 80c/d in IT tax relief
Vinay Mahajan answers, only elss scheme provides u tax benefit under section 80c (upto 1 lac in a financial year sec 80cc d)
neelam asked, hi vinay what do think about investment in Long term debt mutual funds which invest in govt securities, especialy in a falling interesr rate regime
Vinay Mahajan answers, at this point of time look for short duration plan
Ramesh asked, Hi Vinay. I want to invest Rs.8000/- p.m. in 8 SIPs. Is it a good decision in current scenario? My risk taking capabilities are moderate.
Vinay Mahajan answers, too much of diversification is not suggested. stick to 3-4 large cap funds.
SPM asked, Do you recommend to Invest in GILT / Debt Short term Mutual fund plan in this economic scenario?
Vinay Mahajan answers, good option for a 6-9 month period
KKamlesh asked, Hi Vinay, Can you suggest some good fixed deposit kind of plans with fixed output but the interest is non-taxable?
Vinay Mahajan answers, interest from all sources is taxable expcepting PF
AbulAla asked, hi vinay iam employee in private firm i want to invest money in the market for longterm pls suggest the some scripts.
Vinay Mahajan answers, if u can monitor ur porfolio minutely then go for large cap scrips or opt for large cap MFs
npp asked, what about AIG funds
Vinay Mahajan answers, u may opt for AIG gold fund. if ur lookin for this asset class
chirag.bhargava asked, Hi...I want to invest around 2.5 lakh ruppes with assured returns.Can you please help me with some options?
Vinay Mahajan answers, Corporate debts or bank Fds.
amit_ved asked, Please help Mr Vinay, I am currenlty investing 6 k in stock market , 3 k in gold and 2 k in deposit i wish to continue for 3 years. Should i look for other options or am i doing a good investment?
Vinay Mahajan answers, looks to be a nice portfolio. be careful abt ur stock selections
pawaranup1 asked, hy I am Anup Pawar. I am working in MNC as Graduate Engineering Trainee for 5 month. My annual package is 2.4 lak. I am planning for investement. So which plan is suitable for me in this recession scenario
Vinay Mahajan answers, good to see that young ppl are planning their investments. if risk appetitie is high aggerssively opt for equity funds
Indiabulls asked, Hi Vinay. I am investing in Templeton Taxshield, Bluechip Fund, HDFC Equity and Top 200 Fund, Birla Sun Life '95 fund and Birla Tax Relief, Principal Tax Saver. aRe these ok to continue with or needs some revision? Also I have Relaince Growth and Vision fund along with HDFC Tax Saver fund bought in lumpsum. IT is needless to say that all are approx 40% down. Please suggest.
Vinay Mahajan answers, equity investment is for long term. stick to ur plans and stay with ur investments. invest in tax saver funds if u have a geniue need for saving taxes.
mukund asked, Can I invest in equity mutual funds such as HDFC top 200 & HDFC Equity now? I have made investments in these last year but they are in the -ve now.
Vinay Mahajan answers, u can do averaging in these funds or start SIPS
Alluri Kishore asked, good evining sir, sir in this situation invest in long term or short term which one is the best?
Vinay Mahajan answers, depends if u want to invest in equity or debt. equity for long term, debt for short term
rkk asked, I am new to Mf, which Mf you will suggest me to invest
Vinay Mahajan answers, do SIP in large cap funds asked, Can you please suggest any smallcap midcap funds from a 6-8 years perspective?
Vinay Mahajan answers, wait for the rite opportunities to come. for the time being stick to large cap funds
sushmita1 asked, i am 36 years of age,i want to invest 4 lacs,where should i invest which will give me a good return.
Vinay Mahajan answers, decide on ur time horizon & investment objectives. for equity u can staggers ur purchases over 3-5 months
rajni asked,  i am an nri i have availabe 50 lacs for 1-2 years horizan what are the best options. At present I am putting around 40 lacs in fd at around 9% and planning to invest around 10 lacs in mutual funds if market comes around 8k levels what are other good options availble also should i enter if i get opportunity around 8k levels if so which funds. I have also heard about income funds is it a good time to enter now....
Vinay Mahajan answers, income funds are recommeded for 6-9 months.
bbb asked, Is it Okay to stay invested in Unit Linked Insurance Plan like ICICI Prudential "Life Time Super Pension Plan". Though it is not giving gud returns now? Am a 30 yr old guy..
Vinay Mahajan answers, stay invested.this is the time when u lower ur average cost of units purchased
SARAVJIT BHATIA asked, sir, I's 39 years old. I have two daughters of 6 & 3 years respectively. I want to invest Rs.10000/- per month for their study and other future needs. Please suggest me the best plan. Thanks
Vinay Mahajan answers, it always advised to start investing early. define milestones like education, marriage etc and for each milestome allocate funds. since its long term opt for large cap equity funds & switch to debt as the goal nears
pai asked, I am 52, Businessman. tell me witch, MF OR EQUITY is good for 3 to 4s period.
Vinay Mahajan answers, Equity MFs are an indirect investment in equity. for 3-4 yrs period equity is suggested
techikhan asked, Hi I am a muslim, and have plans of doing a non intrest based investment ...please suggest any halal investment i am ready to invest around Rs 50,000 to Rs1,00,000
Vinay Mahajan answers, u may opt for ongoing shariah funds from benchmark AMC & tarus AMC
vijay asked, sir i m 28 yrs having 75 thousand how can i double my money within 2-3 yrs, pls reply
Vinay Mahajan answers, have patience with investments. u can definately get good returns 15 to 20% pa. trying for doubling the money is the surest way of losing it
vikkya01 asked, Is it too late to enter into GOLD etfs?
Vinay Mahajan answers, gold is expected to rise further in short term. u may also think of gold funds.
vijaymallya asked, Hi I wanna invest some where around 20 Lacks. Which is the best stock to invest on...
Vinay Mahajan answers, have a diverisfied portfolio. in current scenario stick to large cap companies or funds
jayesh asked, what are job prospects for cfp?
Vinay Mahajan answers, CFP chances are very bright
Vinay Mahajan says, thanks for ur participation. Happy Investing. you may contact me for unanswred questions at