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March 31, 2007
IPO grading: Help or hindrance?
IPO grading will answer questions on the fundamentals of the company

March 30, 2007
'Investors keen on fixed income again'
Earnings growth is likely to slow down, as compared to the previous years.

5 ways to diversify your portfolio
Diversification should be regarded as one of the basic tenets of financial planning

Lotus India Mid Cap Fund: Should you buy?
It's a three-year close-ended scheme that plans to invest upto 65-100 per cent in midcap companies

Your tax queries, answered!
Income tax payers can now file their tax returns more easily, says tax expert Subhash Lakhotia.

March 29, 2007
A guide to mutual fund investment
Mutual funds can be broadly classified into two categories in terms of the fund management style

How to take the BEST money decisions
Confusion over investments arises from the fact that people tend to act on information without applying knowledge.

March 27, 2007
5 steps to perfect retirement planning
In this article we outline a 5-step strategy for retirement planning

March 26, 2007
Buying medical insurance? 7 pointers
Check if cashless hospitalisation is included and also the number of hospitals where this facility can be availed.

Options galore for risk-averse investors
Investors can also consider adding to their portfolios capital protection oriented schemes

March 24, 2007
All about DBS Chola Hedged Equity Fund
DBS Chola Mutual Fund's latest new fund offer - DBS Chola Hedged Equity Fund seeks to generate long-term capital by investing in equity and related instruments

JM Equity Tax Saver Fund - Should you buy?
It is a close-ended plan for a period of three years from the date of allotment of units, and will be converted into an open-ended one at the end of this tenure

March 22, 2007
DON'T buy insurance JUST to save tax
Notwithstanding the importance of tax-planning, the same should be treated as secondary, where insurance is concerned.

All about Optimix Multi Manager Equity Fund
The primary objective of the Scheme is to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity and equity-related securities

Want to be as rich as Bill Gates?
How much money do you really need? Kartik Jhaveri opines on wealth.

3 steps to evaluate the fund manager
Given the importance of the fund manager/fund management team, it is pertinent that the investor evaluates him very carefully.

March 21, 2007
Buying a tax-saving fund? 5 must-dos
We have formulated a 5-step strategy for every investor looking at investing in tax-saving funds.

March 20, 2007
Need money? Take a personal loan
A lot of people are going for personal loans, which has seen 30% growth in the past two years.

How to teach your kids to save
The best way to inculcate a saving habit in your child is to start at a very young age.

Asset allocation for tax-saving investments
We do not realise is that many a times we are investing to "only" save tax, when a lot more can be accomplished with the same amount of money. Here we discuss how this is possible.

March 17, 2007
5 money lessons to get rich
The mantras to creating wealth on the stock markets: Discipline. Patience!

Want to discontinue your policy?
Surrendering a ULIP after having paid the premiums for the first three years may be an unwise option.

All about JM Small & Mid-Cap Fund
In JMSMF's case, the flexibility to invest upto 35% in debt should stand it in good stead to counter stock market volatility.

How do tax-saving funds fare?
The performance of tax-saving funds seems even more impressive once the tax benefits have been factored in.

March 16, 2007
The safest way to invest in stocks
Generally an investment period of 5 years is recommended, in the least for equity investments. Suppose one invests when the markets are at a peak it is still possible to make good returns if the investor remains invested patiently.

Growth or Dividend? It's irrelevant
Both Growth & Dividend Reinvestment Options are same. It makes no difference to your returns.

Why markets are so volatile
The Indian stock markets started falling from mid-February after reaching an all time high of 14,700-plus.

March 15, 2007
Things to ask before buying your home
Avoid mistakes most people make while buying a home, says Surendra Hiranandani, MD and Founder, Hiranandani Group of Companies.

Senior citizens unhappy with Budget
The Senior Citizens' Savings Scheme 2004 offers 9 per cent rate of interest on deposits. But most banks offer 9 per cent or more interest rate these days.

March 13, 2007
UTI Gold ETF ? Should you Buy?
Gold Exchange Traded Fund or ETF is a novel concept in India and in many ways is a better way to invest in gold than buying physical gold in the form of jewellery or coins.

How to make the best of your savings
If you desire growth, be ready to sacrifice some income and safety.

Why debt funds are better than FDs
Despite the tax hike, debt funds are still a better bet compared to fixed deposits.

Of Budget and financial planning
One can continue to expect decent returns from equity over three to five years

5 common investing mistakes!
Bad investments or wrong investments are a part and parcel of any portfolio. The idea is not to get defensive about it but to understand the reason(s) and make sure we don't repeat the mistakes.

Buying NFOs? A few tips
When the NFOs prove their mettle over the long-term (at least 3 years in the case of equity-oriented funds), they can become candidates for investment.

March 12, 2007
All about UTI Long Term Advantage Fund
UTILTAF is a 10-Yr close-ended tax-saving fund, with an initial 3-Yr lock-in period

Look how I made my riches
No short-cuts, only a sound financial plan with clear goals and objectives will create wealth.

How to beat the market blues
Cost averaging is the best possible way to weather the volatility.

March 09, 2007
3 things NOT to expect from a mutual fund
It might be a better idea to understand the basic characteristics of the asset class to set the expectations rather than the price movements in the recent past.

Buying mutual funds? Some great tips
The focus of the fund manager could be diluted by the launch of several NFO's under his belt.

March 08, 2007
All about Lotus India Contra Fund
Lotus India Contra Fund (LICF), an open-ended diversified equity fund will adopt the contrarian style of investing for generating capital appreciation.

All about Prudential ICICI Fusion Fund Series - II
The Scheme is a close-ended diversified equity Scheme, with a maturity period of 3 years

Shaky market? Some investing gems
To realise your long-term goals and objectives, you need to stick to your financial plans

March 05, 2007
All about Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme
The investment objective of the scheme is to generate long-term capital appreciation from a portfolio of equity and equity related securities

Investors, don't panic, have faith!
Do homework before investing and have faith while periodically reviewing your returns.

How to secure your child's future
A combination of a term policy plus a systematic investment plan in a good diversified equity fund is the best option.

March 02, 2007
How to balance your portfolio
A balance portfolio is one where part of it is giving positive returns and other part is generating opposite returns i.e. negative.

How to plan your finances post-Budget
As far as your long-term plans are concerned, there is no need to effect any change. In fact, you should use the current sell off in the global and Indian markets as an opportunity and consider adding to your stocks investments.

March 01, 2007
Optimix Retireinvest Fund: How good?
We recommend that investors evaluate the fund over the long-term (at least 3 years) before taking a view on the 'manage the manager' process.

EMIs on home loans up on interest rate hikes
Successive rate hikes over the past few months have meant your home loan eligibility is down 20%. Getting a home loan has become even tougher for consumers.

The ABC of exchange traded funds
One can short-sell an ETF or buy on margin or even purchase one unit, which is not possible with index-funds/conventional MFs.

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