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June 30, 2007
How to name your insurance nominee
Be as clear and specific as possible to avoid ambiguity and potential conflicts.

June 29, 2007
Are arbitrage funds really risk-free?
Arbitrage involves simultaneous purchase and sale of identical or equivalent instruments from two or more markets

Of tax and stock market earnings
If you are a trader as per income tax rules, your earnings from share market will be taxed

June 28, 2007
7 common investment mistakes to avoid
Though the list can be pretty long, here are seven common mistakes people make when investing in equities and that you should stay away from.

How to win in the stock market
Asset allocation is the scientific process of dividing all your money across various non-correlated asset classes.

June 27, 2007
How pension plans help secure your future
If investors are not prepared to counter the looming prospect of rising prices, retirement (when income ceases, but expenses continue) can be a challenging phase.

Your son's study loan: What if he doesn't pay?
You need to be aware of the various aspects of an education loan when doing this. However, in your anxiety, make sure that you don't ignore the not-so-pleasant aspects.

June 23, 2007
Agri income from farm land is tax-free
However, if you carry on the business of buying and selling the agricultural land then in such a situation you will be required to make the payment of tax on such profit.

June 22, 2007
Buying Ulips? 4 things to beware of
There is a fair chance that your insurance advisor might recommend a Unit-Linked Insurance Plan. So here are 4 Ulip 'sales pitches' that you must be wary of.

Keep track of service tax changes
Each year, the service tax regulations are tweaked in order to make the tax levy more effective

Plan your retirement in 3 simple steps
The second phase of retirement planning is tougher than the first phase

Certification? Begin with MF distributors!
While certifying fund managers may seem pertinent, we believe there is still unfinished business with regard to certification of mutual fund distributors.

June 21, 2007
Buying MFs? Follow these 4 steps
Mutual funds provide the right opportunity to the millions of investors

Why are there 2 versions of ITR 1 form?
Excerpts from a Q & A with Tax Expert Subhash Lakhotia on CNBC AAWAZ.

June 18, 2007
Realty bubble set to burst?
The high appreciation rates that India's property market is currently witnessing, is due to the interest rates reduction that the National Democratic Alliance government instituted after 2001.

5 habits of highly effective investors
In this article, we attempt to simplify matters for the common investor, by explaining some important habits that every investor must inculcate.

How to manage your expenses
A step-by-step guide to managing your budget.

Step-by-step guide to safe investment
any investor who is planning his finances needs to commence by setting investment objectives

June 16, 2007
'Housing prices may correct in future'
On the residential segment, there is a new thing opening up, and that is organised rental housing.

Simplest way to make money in stocks
The easiest and the simplest way to make money in the markets is to buy low and sell high. Keep that in mind for a sound sleep and a fatter wallet.

June 15, 2007
4 facts your finance planner won't tell you
Many financial planners, however, believe they're doing well if their clients' portfolios simply match market averages.

Reinvesting in a new fund? Some tips
Redemption from an existing fund and subsequent reinvestment in the other, involves bearing costs in terms of exit load or entry load or in some instances both

How best to plan your retirement
If financial aspects of transition are taken care off then transition becomes less stressful

June 14, 2007
Some Dos and Don'ts of investing
It is important to know that investing is a process, not a one-time activity

June 13, 2007
Confessions of a financial advisor
Since just about anybody can call themselves a 'financial advisor,' these quick tips can help dig out facts on the person you will be paying to handle your money.

Do you want a Ford Ikon or a Mercedes?
The issue, as always is, there is a catch -- and interestingly, the catch is more philosophical than financial. Hence, before we answer this question, let us appreciate the different philosophies of running your personal finances.

MFs are safest investment. Here's why
Mutual funds are a convenient way to invest in equities and debt

5 great lessons on buying stocks
Discipline and patience - that is the mantra to creating wealth on the stock markets

June 12, 2007
Saving need not be taxing
PPF, FCNR for short periods, are a good bet

June 11, 2007
Insurance papers: Read the fine print!
A look at the fine print in your insurance document.

How to cash in on your bonus
The market is flooded with unlimited investment options. Our finance experts help you tap the right ones.

June 09, 2007
When AMCs play 'housie' with your money
It hurts to see retail investors become unwitting preys to games being played by AMCs (asset management companies) and mutual fund distributors.

Don't time your mutual fund investments
Regardless of stock market levels, we urge investors to focus on their investment objectives, rather than concentrating on stock market ups and downs.

June 07, 2007
Secrets to smart spending
Let's see how prudent spending can actually contribute towards wealth building. Expenses could be financial or non-financial in nature.

Retiring? Plan your finances well
In retirement, you need your income stream to keep pace with inflation

June 06, 2007
Not a fund investor yet? Here's help
Investors have a wide variety of schemes as well as fund houses to choose from.

Say 'no' to dividend payout
There are three options available to us whenever we invest in a mutual fund

7 good reasons to invest in SIPs
Systematic investing in a mutual fund is the answer to preventing the pitfalls of equity investment

June 05, 2007
Rich or not, financial planning is must
No matter how much money you have, you need expert help to manage it

June 04, 2007
Mutual funds & the cost to investors
It's high time investors put the expenses they are incurring on their investments, in the right perspective. In mutual funds, this is represented by the expense ratio.

Hedging against market risks
STPs help you to move money from one scheme to another within the same fund

June 02, 2007
How good is your financial advisor?
Investors should rely on the expert's advice; but that isn't the same as having blind faith

June 01, 2007
5 GREAT money mantras
The onus is not only on the financial planner but also on the client.

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