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June 30, 2005

How to read a mutual fund fact sheet
The fact sheet is a storehouse, which can reveal loads of information about the fund. It informs investors where their monies have been invested and how their investments are performing.

New MF plans: Who's the winner?
Savings may be boring, but you won't regret laying down your nest egg

Mutual fund IPOs are dead
Sebi has objected to the practice adopted by MFs to term their new offering as 'IPOs'.

June 29, 2005

How to reduce interest rate on your loan
A borrower can not only save interest on existing loan, but also fetch a personal loan

June 28, 2005

All you want to know about bonds
Bonds have a fixed face value, which is the amount to be returned to the investor upon maturity of the bond.

June 27, 2005

Want to be rich? Read this!
Why should you start saving some money earlier in your career, when you can save a lot more later in life? Read on to find out...

June 24, 2005

How to invest with little money
As an investment avenue, MFs offer a lot more variety and flexibility than stocks, NSC, PPF and bonds.

June 23, 2005

How to prevent credit card fraud
Consumer advocates and credit card companies say people can take simple defensive measures, from checking statements often online to calling their credit card company immediately if a monthly statement doesn't appear in the mail.

Value averaging is a safer option
Value averaging is a more evolved strategy. In this, you adjust or vary the amount invested, up or down, to meet a prescribed target value of the portfolio

June 22, 2005

How good is the Kotak Contra Fund IPO?
Kotak Contra Fund offers investors an opportunity to clock higher risk-adjusted returns by investing in stocks that are at a discount to their book values.

How to secure your child's future
Children's plans, which form part of the gamut of life insurance plans, are aimed at securing the child's future.

How to deal with home loan rate hike
If an individual believes that rates are headed northwards for some time to come, then he can lock himself into a 'pure' fixed rate loan.

A 5-point investment strategy
With equity markets touching record highs, optimism among investors seems unbounded. Markets appear like they can do no wrong and euphoria among the investor community is palpable.

June 14, 2005

ULIPs to get the guarantee edge
Capital guarantees by insurance companies are back in vogue as insurers are offering to protect investors from possible capital erosion.

Invest in art, get fantastic returns!
Art as an investment is an increasing area of interest for many financial institutions, high net worth individuals and even connoisseurs of art.

How women can save money
Managing finances is no rocket science. It is simply about being in control of your money and building your wealth overtime. It's about knowing what options are available to make your money grow and choosing the most suitable ones.

June 11, 2005

ULIPs for the long term?
ULIPs have become popular amongst investors, especially those who do not have the time to track the markets but want to earn higher returns on maturity.

June 08, 2005

Time to invest in tax-saving funds!
Our advice to investors -- assess your risk appetite and get invested now!

June 07, 2005

Step-up home loan? Worth considering
The step-up loan offers much-needed flexibility to the borrower.

Pre-pay that home loan; save cash
One can save up to Rs 1 lakh in prepaying the loan amount

June 02, 2005

Smart short-term investment plans
Always assess your risk appetite and invest accordingly. Even if you are investing for a shorter tenure; this basic tenet of investing should not be ignored.

Cash in on the cash-back cards
Many customers club their purchases and make the best use of their multiple credit cards that offer a cash-back deal.

June 01, 2005

Quick! Insurance or investments?
Have you ever spared a thought on other tax-friendly alternatives at their disposal, which could actually give them better returns than an insurance endowment plan?


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