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April 29, 2005

FMPs and how to save tax
A Fixed Maturity Plan is a good option to cater to the requirements of low-risk investors who want to save tax.

'Investors should invest in cash and floating rate funds'
Retail investors should continue to invest in accrual schemes like cash and floating rate funds.

April 28, 2005

Beware of the 5 common investment mistakes
A checklist of 5 common investment mistakes that investors need to steer clear of.

April 27, 2005

A checklist for mutual fund IPOs
Should you invest in mutual fund IPOs? Check this out.

April 26, 2005

Software stocks: Look further ahead!
Here is an analysis of the performance of the IT sector to see what investors in software stocks can expect going forward.

A credit card for your pet
Some time this year, you will be able to get a credit card that's meant for your pet. If you are shopping for dog biscuits or a dog shampoo or a collar for your dog

April 22, 2005

How good is UTI-Dividend Yield Fund
We believe that while the 'dividend yield' concept has merit from a diversification perspective, investors need to explore existing funds in that category before looking at UDY.

Are ULIPs safe?
Individuals should be wary of the risks associated with a market-linked product like ULIPs before investing in them.

How to file an insurance claim
We have outlined a few guidelines, which will aid individuals understand the intricacies of filing a claim.

April 21, 2005

Revisiting the gold standard
Gold would be an ideal asset to hold over a long period when it attains a stable value in real terms. As an asset it is also a great hedge against inflation.

A good time to invest in stocks!
Don't worry about the ups and downs of the market, invest systematically every month, stay put and you can't go wrong.

April 19, 2005

Home loans for the fifty-plus
A Mumbai-based executive with a blue chip public sector corporate had just 5 years to retire. He was hunting for an appropriate housing loan scheme for buying a house in Pune for staying after retirement.

All you wanted to know about derivatives!
Derivatives are specialised contracts which signify an agreement or an option to buy or sell the underlying asset of the derivate up to a certain time in the future at a prearranged price, the exercise price.

A workable five-year plan for investors
Franklin Templeton Fixed Tenure Fund suits those willing to commit money for a five-year tenure.

April 18, 2005

Markets test investors' resolve
The markets after seeing some volatility in the past few weeks, took a definite direction this week…downwards!

Auto stocks? Wait before you invest!
With the economy still going strong, auto sales should be good. But rising input costs and competition might see profitability plummet.

4 stocks you could look at
Here are four stocks that securities firms like DSL Merril Lynch, Bharta Forge, CLSA and Refco put a 'buy on.

April 15, 2005

How good is Franklin Bluechip fund?
Franklin India Bluechip Fund holds the distinction of being the largest diversified equity fund in the country and has been in existence for over 10 years now.

All about the HSBC midcap fund
HSBC Midcap Equity Fund is the latest fund to hit the 'mid cap diversified equity fund' space.

April 13, 2005

Investing? How much risk can you take?
If you have a portfolio of stocks selected with adequate margins of safety, you minimise your chances of losses over the long term.

A guide to right investment
There are various forms of investments at the disposal of individuals. These include real assets like a house, a car, a television, or financial assets like stocks in companies, bonds, units of funds, et cetera.

April 12, 2005

Be safe; always invest for the long term
Investors should not go overboard in trying to make a quick buck and hurt their financial well being in the long run.

Mutual fund IPOs? Beware!
Investors must look at whether the new product is needed for their portfolio. Most fund managers say that the spate of IPOs may end up doing more harm than good in the long term.

Travelling abroad? Insure now!
Travellers looking at a four-day shopping holiday to Bangkok could avail of Travel Asia Flair where the premium is as low as Rs 250 a day.

April 11, 2005

How to be RICH in 6 easy steps!
The key is to make a continuous effort to put away small amounts on a consistent basis. No matter how little you make or how high your expenses may seem, it is nearly always possible to put away at least some money for the future.

April 09, 2005

Are tax-saving funds good?
Tax-saving funds add value to your portfolio, but you must ensure that your ELSS investments are always in tune with your risk-appetite.

4 reasons why ULIPs are best!
What makes unit linked insurance plans attractive to investors? Here are 4 reasons that make ULIPs irresistible.

April 06, 2005

Invest in ELSS? Be cautious
Over the long-term, sound fundamental based investments bear reasonable returns.

April 05, 2005

How the top mutual funds fared
The markets were at their volatile best in March 2005. Investors had a testing time as markets surged and plummeted sharply with alarming frequency.

4 reasons why ULIPs make sense
Ask any individual who has purchased a life insurance policy in the past year or so and chances are high that the policy will be a unit linked insurance plan.

How to check if your share price is okay
Share prices are primarily driven by the earnings of companies, and now is a good time to check if the share prices of the companies (stocks) you own are in line with their (the companies') earnings.

What to expect from the IT biggies
The bulls in the markets seem to be back on track in the last week, after a largely bearish sentiment prevailed in the past few trading sessions.

April 04, 2005

Markets: How to emerge unhurt
Worried about the wild swings in the Sensex? Here's some advice on how to emerge unhurt.

Invest in defensive stocks? Yes
The jury is still out on whether we have seen the beginnings of a bear phase; but this may not be a bad time to opt for a defensive strategy.

Fixed deposits? Time to revisit them!
Deductions from income under the erstwhile Section 80L contributed to the attractiveness of fixed deposits. However, in the new tax regime they could be found wanting on the return parameter.

Get risk-free 60% return! Here's how
The Budget offers a great opportunity to earn high, but risk-free, returns.

SIP: Small investors' best friend
Investors can now put up to Rs 100,000 in tax-saving funds.

April 01, 2005

How to get a fix on your fund manager
The fund manager is perceived as the be-all and the end-all of the mutual fund. So check how good is he before investing.

What's attractive? Rs 10 or Rs 50?
In this article, we focus on what is important when it comes to selecting a stock, i.e. the stock 'price' or the stock 'value'?


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