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July 22, 2019
Tamal Bandyopadhyay: 50 years of nationalised banks: Time to celebrate, or sing dirges?
March 02, 2019
Vanita Kohli Khandekar: The digital disruption that is tearing through Indian media
January 04, 2019
Dhiraj Nayyar: Only industry can solve agriculture's problem
October 17, 2018
Atanu Biswas: Durga Puja economy is worth Rs 1 lakh cr!
August 03, 2018
Abhishek Tripathi: Has India missed the electric vehicle revolution?
May 30, 2017
Shine Jacob & Shreya Jai: Mr Modi, where are the 10 million jobs you promised?
May 29, 2017
Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly: Why China needs the One Belt One Road
April 05, 2017
Arvind Subramanian: If the GST has to <I>really</I> work...
January 26, 2017
Geetanjali Krishna: Surely, this isn't the credit economy Modi talks about!
January 12, 2017
Shyamal Majumdar: What ails the NSE?
December 01, 2016
Major General Mrinal Suman: Demonetisation: Why the Opposition opposes it
November 27, 2016
: Cash crunch at banks continue
November 23, 2016
Sreehari Nair: Nation Building at the ATM
November 14, 2016
Paloma Sharma: '<em>Ek bhi neta nahi dikha </em>line <em>mein</em>'
Harsh N Gokhale: Mr PM, you lost the war, the battle and me
October 18, 2016
Devanik Saha: The 3 factors holding back Modi's 'Achche Din' for all
October 17, 2016
Sunil Sethi: 'Parmeshwar was a dynamo and a doer'
October 05, 2016
S Muralidharan: SBI's merger plan may lead to a banking meltdown
August 25, 2016
T C A Srinivasa Raghavan: Tax, spend and be doomed: A lesson from France
July 19, 2016
Ajit Balakrishnan: All about the mystery of job creation
Devangshu Datta: Markets shrug off Brexit impact but will it last?
July 08, 2016
Ashok K Lahiri: Brexit: An unlikely divorce?
Shyamal Majumdar: How the government mismanaged Rajan's exit
July 05, 2016
Vijay Joshi: How to abolish extreme poverty: A few important tips
July 01, 2016
Abheek Barua and Tushar Arora: Make in India alright but will it fetch jobs?
June 28, 2016
Omkar Goswami: No extension for Rajan: Very wrong decision but RBI won't suffer
June 21, 2016
Ajit Balakrishnan: Is the internet all that it's cracked up to be?
June 19, 2016
Sudhir Bisht: Nobel Prize, World Bank Chief... anything is possible for R3
June 17, 2016
Rathin Roy: Economic breakthrough? 15 questions and a plea
June 16, 2016
Shankar Acharya: 10 reasons why India won't grow at 8% plus
June 15, 2016
A K Bhattacharya: Does India's gloomy exports scenario have a silver lining?
May 26, 2016
A V Rajwade : Rajan 2.0: What's on the table
May 25, 2016
Deepak Lal: How cow slaughter ban is hurting Indian economy
AK Bhattacharya: Modi@2: Has the economy improved?
May 24, 2016
Sunita Narain: Garbage is all about recycling
May 18, 2016
R Gopalakrishnan: Start-ups must learn corporate ayurveda
May 13, 2016
Achal Agarwal: India's children can make Modi's 'Swachh Bharat' dream come true
May 06, 2016
Arvind Subramanian: Why RBI needs to monitor liquidity carefully
Akash Prakash: China: Should we doubt the 'economic stabilisation'?
May 04, 2016
Subir Roy: EPF issue: What led to so many U-turns?
May 03, 2016
Rathin Roy: Growth at the heart of India's transformation agenda?
Ajit Balakrishnan: Why we need to avoid falling into the soft skills trap
May 02, 2016
Ajay Shah: Why do we need to worry about e-commerce start-ups
Debashis Basu: Mr Modi and markets: The next 3 years
April 27, 2016
Vinayak Chatterjee: Why we need a national market for electricity
A K Bhattacharya: Transformation of India? It's much more than numbers
April 21, 2016
Jaimini Bhagwati : Public vs private banks and the winner is. . .
Sitharam Gurumurthi: Cash reserve ratio: A few important points to ponder
April 20, 2016
Subir Roy: TCS meets bump on digital highway
April 19, 2016
Arunabha Ghosh: Wanted! Clean energy investors
April 14, 2016
Shankar Acharya: Evaluating India's well-being
Nigam Nuggehalli: Money laundering: We are looking at the tip of the iceberg
Shyamal Majumdar: What went wrong with the people's car called Nano
April 12, 2016
Abheek Barua and Bidisha Ganguly: Will a change in RBI's strategy help the common people?
Laveesh Bhandari: How to keep Air India away from a sordid cycle
April 11, 2016
Sunita Narain: Swachh Bharat Mission: What the nation needs to know
April 07, 2016
Shyam Ponappa: Digital India or a distant dream?
March 28, 2016
Brigadier S K Chatterji (retd): Can Parrikar overhaul defence procurement?
March 23, 2016
Abheek Barua: How long will the commodity rally last?
Subir Roy: What ails our cities?
March 22, 2016
Ajit Balakrishnan: How to succeed by failing correctly
Romit Sen and Kamal Vatta: Why water management is of huge importance today
March 18, 2016
Kenneth Rogoff: How fear factor is haunting the global markets
Akash Prakash: Mr Mallya's case is only the tip of the iceberg
Air Marshal PV Athawale (Retd): 'Make in India' needs ex-servicemen
March 17, 2016
Daniel Gros: Are the forces of globalisation losing steam?
Jaimini Bhagwati: Budget numbers: Full of sound and fury
Parthasarathi Shome: Budget: A genuine opportunity badly missed?
March 16, 2016
A K Bhattacharya: Budget 2016: 6 takeaways, 1 lesson
March 11, 2016
V S Krishnan : How GST can boost revenue
March 01, 2016
Claude Smadja: A good balancing act, Mr Jaitley!
Rathin Roy: Government addresses the Achilles heel of fiscal management
Akash Prakash: Budget is credible but badly packaged
Ajay Shah: Budget: Nothing exceptional at all
Ashok Lahiri: Budget: It's important to spend all that money well
Debashis Basu: Tax on provident fund withdrawal, a big blow for the salaried
February 26, 2016
Abheek Barua: 3 Budget policies that can revive growth
February 24, 2016
Barun Roy: It's time for smart villages
Sanjay Kumar Singh: Here's how to pick the right tax-saving fund
Deepak Lal : What is fueling the rise of Sanders and Trump in US primaries?
Ishan Bakshi : The curious case of India's industrial growth
February 22, 2016
M Ramachandran : Why the PPP model should be taken seriously
Prem Shankar Jha : Lower interest rates or die
Debashis Basu: Is it time we forgot the bull market?
February 19, 2016
Rahul Jacob: Why the global economic slump refuses to end
February 18, 2016
A V Rajwade: A strange new world of negative interest rates
February 17, 2016
Claude Smadja: Why is the world economy being shaky?
A K Bhattacharya: Why it is necessary to have a Cabinet panel on exports
Ramakrishnan T S: Are we ready yet for the bullet trains?
February 16, 2016
Rajeev Sharma: Insecure China accuses India of manipulating economic data
February 15, 2016
Ramesh Jude Thomas: Can brands be taught to disrupt?
February 10, 2016
Shailesh Dobhal: Why Baba Ramdev's anti-MNC strategy is self-destructive
January 25, 2016
A K Bhattacharya : How will India fare if global oil prices rise again?
January 23, 2016
Shekhar Gupta: Why the Indian economy is like Rohit Sharma
January 22, 2016
Akash Prakash: Bearish markets? Here's how you can still gain
Indrajit Gupta: Start-ups aren't from Mars
January 20, 2016
A K Bhattacharya: Why loosening the fiscal policy is a trap
January 19, 2016
T V Mohandas Pai: Modi's action plan for start-ups: Up, up and away
January 15, 2016
Shyamal Majumdar : Rajan's wake-up call for RBI staff
January 13, 2016
Shailesh Dobhal: Marketing lessons to learn from the odd-even experiment
January 12, 2016
Ajit Balakrishnan: Threats to India's Startup Spring
January 07, 2016
A V Rajwade: What ails the Chinese economy?
January 05, 2016
T V Mohandas Pai: India's e-retail revolution: Too good to be true?
Devangshu Datta : Markets in 2015: Gains for some, losses for many?
January 04, 2016
T N Ninan: Path-breaking ideas? Try reading these books, Mr Modi!
December 31, 2015
Sandeep Goyal: 2015: When hashtag became mainstream, active and lethal
December 29, 2015
Ajit Balakrishnan: It's the start-up season
December 28, 2015
Devangshu Datta: Will 2016 be better than 2015 for the Indian economy?
December 24, 2015
A V Rajwade: A week after the Fed rate rise
Parthasarathi Shome: 10 thoughts about India's economy for the coming year
December 21, 2015
Abheek Barua and Bidisha Ganguly: Fed rate hike: Why we should be worried
BS Bureau : All about India's fiscal prudence
Saugata Roy: All is not right for the economy of India
December 18, 2015
Bhupesh Bhandari: Can mobile handsets biz better Modi's 'Make in India' plan?
Abheek Barua: The Fed's move: Where does India stand
Nitin Desai: Is the Paris climate pact unfair and inadequate?
December 14, 2015
Suraj Nangia : The many impacts of the Real Estate Bill on home buyers
December 07, 2015
Sunil Sethi: Is Modi able to appease the climate gods?
T N Ninan: Energy sector: The sun gets brighter
November 30, 2015
A K Bhattacharya: 7th pay panel: Let's give credit where it is due
Devangshu Datta: Why GST is important for the economy
November 23, 2015
Soumya Kanti Ghosh: Busting 4 myths about the Pay Commission
November 17, 2015
Talmiz Ahmad: Why Vietnam Beckons
November 13, 2015
Akash Prakash: Are Modi's economic steps slow? It's too early to give up
November 09, 2015
Abheek Barua and Bidisha Ganguly: The dark side of lower oil prices
Sunita Narain: Waste not, want not
Arup Roychoudhury: BJP's election loss could bring focus back to reforms
October 29, 2015
Rahul Jacob: IndiGo and the habit of consistently making money
October 27, 2015
BS Bureau : What needs to be done to bring down price of pulses
October 09, 2015
Bibek Debroy: What is the key to a successful railway network
Shyamal Majumdar: When meetings become your only work
October 08, 2015
Shankar Acharya: Balance of payments: Why we should not be complacent
Kanika Datta: Technology, Mr Modi, is the god with clay feet
September 28, 2015
Abheek Barua and Bidisha Ganguly: Has the US monetary authority lost the plot?
September 24, 2015
A V Rajwade : A commitment that G20 makes every year, time to deliver?
September 18, 2015
N Sundaresha Subramanian : Nitin Mangal, the analyst who weathered a storm
N Sundaresha Subramanian : Fed holds rates, what now?
September 15, 2015
Omkar Goswami: US Fed likely to hike rates: How should India cope?
Vaibhav Gupta and Arunabha Ghosh: 'Make in India' idea is good but where's the resource?
September 08, 2015
Ajit Balakrishnan: Take visual literacy seriously
September 07, 2015
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay : How to end tax uncertainty
September 04, 2015
Martin Feldstein: Will Americans become poorer?
September 03, 2015
Indranil Sen Gupta: All about the return of the rupee
August 31, 2015
Harsh Roongta: Why market crash is different this time
Mihir S Sharma: How India can profit from China's stumble
August 25, 2015
Ajit Balakrishnan: All about income inequality
August 10, 2015
Subir Gokarn: Steps that govt must take to help India's ailing healthcare
August 03, 2015
Abheek Barua and Bidisha Ganguly: What a Fed rate hike could mean for India
July 31, 2015
Suman Bery: What will drive India's growth?
July 15, 2015
Subir Roy: India remains mostly rural and poor
July 14, 2015
A K Bhattacharya: Modi initiatives that are paving the way for reforms
July 13, 2015
Devangshu Datta: More money may come to India if China slows down
July 09, 2015
Barun Roy: Smart cities okay but where are the smart citizens?
Shankar Acharya: The 10 biggest policy mistakes of the past
June 19, 2015
Shyamal Majumdar: The human side to the Maggi crisis
June 02, 2015
Ajit Balakrishnan: What the monsoon winds bring
May 22, 2015
Akash Prakash: The world is just not prepared for another financial crisis
May 21, 2015
Nitin Desai: All about the government's wrong land war
May 19, 2015
Satya Poddar: GST should be a good and simple tax
May 18, 2015
Subir Gokarn: Modi@1: There is progress but also gaps on various fronts
Subir Gokarn: Modi@1: The govt report card reads 'average'!
Rajesh Bhayani : Why we need to have a liberal approach towards gold
May 04, 2015
Devangshu Datta: What effect will a bad monsoon have on the economy?
April 30, 2015
Rahul Jacob : Can Indian agriculture adopt the 'Gujarat Model'?
April 24, 2015
Akash Prakash: Will markets be bullish in the long term?
Sanjeeb Mukherjee : IMD or Skymet: Who will get El Nino's impact on monsoon right?
April 23, 2015
Devanik Saha: Yawning gap in Modi government's claims and deeds on climate
Srini Gopalan: Airtel Zero: More sinned against than sinning?
April 09, 2015
Shankar Acharya: How fast is India growing?
April 08, 2015
BS Bureau : How RBI is putting the onus on banks
Abhijit Lele : Happy 5th, Xiaomi, now can you show Indians you care?
Bharat Bhushan: Is rural India angry with Modi?
Subir Roy: Forget Make in India, try design thinking
April 06, 2015
Subir Gokarn: All about the great oil circle
March 30, 2015
Mihir S Sharma: Reforms? Forget all about them!
March 26, 2015
Anjuli Bhargava: Why AirAsia needs a new flight plan
March 23, 2015
Debashis Basu: Minimum government? It starts right here!
March 19, 2015
Rahul Jacob: Make in India push: Is it a flight of fancy?
March 18, 2015
Christine Lagarde: 'We know India can run -- judging by cricket -- but can it fly?'
Malini Bhupta : A Budget with sense and sensibility
Faraan Tarique: Why India's reforms cannot be postponed
March 12, 2015
Shankar Acharya: Budget not excellent but just above average
March 11, 2015
BS Bureau : Here's how to fix the public distribution system
Subir Roy: Say goodbye to the national health policy
Omkar Goswami: Budget: Excellent, yet tough!
March 05, 2015
Shyam Ponappa: How Railways can pave the way for a Digital India
Ashok Lahiri: Move forward on infrastructure, not back
BS Bureau : Budget has succeeded in keeping market mood positive
March 04, 2015
A K Bhattacharya: All about the politics of Budget
March 03, 2015
Itika Sharma Punit : Why is the Budget silent on ecommerce
March 02, 2015
BS Bureau : Budget impact on agriculture? It's pretty blurry
BS Bureau : Plan to reduce corporation tax? More clarity, please!
Devangshu Datta: Budget Impact: Hope and disappointment
February 28, 2015
Ganesh Natarajan: Balancing the budget -- the Jaitley way
Shreekant Sambrani: The masterclass and the Budget
February 26, 2015
Kanika Datta: Is Indian Railways for the people?
February 25, 2015
Subir Roy: Save lives, fight air pollution
Aziz Haniffa: The Cinderella of all Budgets
Andy Mukherjee: This Budget will be Mr Modi's credibility test
February 19, 2015
Nitin Desai: A Budget for the Aam Aadmi, please!
February 18, 2015
N Sundaresha Subramanian: For Subrata Roy, anxiety rises as deal unravels
February 17, 2015
M R Venkatesh: Will Budget 2015 ensure Make in India?
February 12, 2015
BS Bureau : What ails the Chinese economy
February 11, 2015
Shyam Saran: The perils of China's slowing economy
January 15, 2015
BS Bureau: Will the decline in inflation be sustained?
Anjuli Bhargava: SpiceJet saga: Lessons to learn for low-cost carrier
January 14, 2015
Subir Roy: The political roots of black money
January 13, 2015
Ajit Balakrishnan: Hail the invisible hand of the State
January 07, 2015
BS Bureau : Why the new National Health Policy is a step in the wrong direction
January 05, 2015
Jitender Bhargava: How private airlines destroyed Indian aviation
BS Bureau : Why more clarity on NITI Aayog's role is necessary
January 03, 2015
T N Ninan: Oil @ $60 a barrel: Should we be happy?
December 24, 2014
Ashok Lahiri: Why West Bengal is lagging behind other states
December 22, 2014
Nitin Pai: Economy recovering? Govt has a tough task ahead
December 17, 2014
Rediff Business Desk: Why high growth is no panacea
December 06, 2014
Puneet Wadhwa: Will govt's divestment programme 'SAIL' through?
TN Ninan: E-commerce vs kirana: And the winner is. . .
December 01, 2014
A K Bhattacharya: Black money trail: Tall promises meet big challenges
November 20, 2014
Kanika Datta: How swachh is Narendra Modi's business 'abhiyan'?
November 18, 2014
Shreekant Sambrani: Here's how Suresh Prabhu can reengineer the Railways
Ajit Balakrishnan: The internet's next step
November 14, 2014
Rajni Bakshi: What the Sino-US climate deal means for India
Rajeev Srinivasan: Why Germany should be India's best partner in Europe
November 13, 2014
R Vaidyanathan: Mr Jaitley, why is the income tax department hiding data?
November 10, 2014
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay: Clearing the cobwebs from the concept of GST
October 17, 2014
Rajeev Srinivasan: Why it is time to scrap NREGA
October 13, 2014
Mohan Guruswamy: Why we should not blindly trust the US dollar
BS Bureau: IIP a negative surprise, but recovery durable
September 26, 2014
BS Bureau: No respite for coal; Uncertainty for other sectors
BS Bureau: Inflation trend reassuring, but not enough for a rate cut
September 23, 2014
BS Bureau: New life for Aadhaar: Is it possible?
September 17, 2014
BS Bureau: Why RBI's reading of inflation numbers is a significant pointer
September 15, 2014
BS Bureau: Why economic uptick cannot be taken for granted
September 12, 2014
BS Bureau: The new government must not undermine PSU independence
Bhupesh Bhandari: Bullet trains in India: Fast track to nowhere?
September 10, 2014
Subir Roy: How to make unsmart cities smart
September 08, 2014
Subir Gokarn: How to make Jan Dhan Yojana a successful scheme
Sunita Narain: Change in the nature of monsoon and its effect on the economy
September 04, 2014
BS Bureau: Rajan has done well but his task is incomplete
September 03, 2014
BS Bureau: 100 days: Govt starts with energy but has no grand strategy
September 02, 2014
Rajeev Malik: What Rajan needs to do to cement his legacy
September 01, 2014
R Gandhi: All you want to know about shadow banking
Sunil Sethi: 'Come. Make in India' -- but how?
Madan Sabnavis: Why India's low-growth phase seems to be over
August 30, 2014
Shubhashis Gangopadhyay: Why Modi's approach to financial inclusion is better
August 28, 2014
Paranjoy Guha Thakurta: Coalgate and India's crony capitalism
BS Bureau: India may not weather the poor monsoon
BS Bureau: Skipping Asean meet makes government look amateurish
August 27, 2014
Rajiv Lall: 'Minimum government, maximum governance' in public sector banks
Abheek Barua: More government, more growth?
August 26, 2014
Sharmistha Mukherjee: Modi govt must act swiftly to revive Air India's fortunes
Mohan Guruswamy: Rise of Naxalism: Blame India's skewed mining policy
Indira Rajaraman: Is replacing the Planning Commission justified?
August 25, 2014
Subir Roy: Use technology, get taxi pronto
TN Ninan: Why it's so difficult to formulate an oil price policy
August 22, 2014
: Finally, a ray of hope for the Indian economy
BS Bureau: Why the govt should end diesel subsidy now
August 21, 2014
Nitin Desai: Why the Planning Commission failed to meet expectations
August 20, 2014
Shankar Acharya: Understanding Modi government's economic priorities
BS Bureau: Is the market's bull run sustainable?
August 19, 2014
BS: A behavioural theory on why productivity declines
Vivek Dehejia: An inflation targeting policy regime for India?
August 18, 2014
Susan Thomas: Retail trade in derivatives: Is there really a problem?
BS Bureau: What must replace the Planning Commission
August 14, 2014
Andy Mukherjee: Relaxing labour laws: Modi to lose or gain?
BS: How India plans to attract more foreign investment
BS Bureau: What ails India's industrial production
August 13, 2014
Ajay Vir Jakhar: Modi govt must not ignore farmers
August 12, 2014
Devesh Kapur: Modi govt needs new talent to change India
August 11, 2014
M Ramachandran: Smart cities can change the urban way of life
Malavika Sangghvi: Why attack Ratan Tata for criticising Bengal's flaws
Devangshu Datta: Global factors spell trouble for the stock market
August 06, 2014
BS Bureau: Why RBI is right in maintaining status quo
August 05, 2014
Rajeev Malik: Inside Governor Rajan's mind
August 01, 2014
: The secret behind building brands
July 31, 2014
BS Bureau: Corporate governance: It's not getting any better
July 27, 2014
Anand Sharma: 'Over-emphasis on real estate may not be very healthy'
July 26, 2014
T N Ninan: Why India ranks low in the Human Development Index
BS Bureau: How we can make our banks safer
July 22, 2014
Praveen Chakravarthy and T V Somanathan: Why derivatives are a Pyrrhic triumph for our equity markets
July 21, 2014
: The rising vulnerability of emerging markets
July 16, 2014
PTI: Budget: Good beginning or missed opportunity?
July 15, 2014
BS Bureau: Economic Survey's agricultural road map better than Budget's
Ajit Balakrishnan: All about job creation and destruction
Andy Mukherjee: How to bring India back on the growth path
July 11, 2014
Mukesh Butani: Budget: A preparatory exercise to usher in reforms
June 27, 2014
B S Prakash: Will Modi grasp the economic nettle?
June 12, 2014
Paranjoy Guha Thakurta: What Reliance's takeover of Network 18 means for media
June 11, 2014
Sangita Vyas: Most rural Indians can afford a toilet but don't want one
June 10, 2014
Pratip Kar: Public sector banks can get a big leap forward
N Sundaresha Subramanian: 'Bull markets are a bit like revolutions'
June 03, 2014
Rajeev Malik: Say no to inflation Botox
Reuters: What ails the aviation sector?
March 25, 2014
Ajit Balakrishnan: The Left, the Right and us
March 19, 2014
Clyde Russell: India's coal, power sectors need change in mindset
February 21, 2014
Jamal Mecklai: Why it is important to exercise prudence
February 18, 2014
Sajjid Chinoy: Why it is important now to boost growth
Satya Poddar: Direct taxes and GST: The unfulfilled promises
February 13, 2014
Suman Bery: Will Asian growth rebound?
T S Vishwanath: All about a duel on drugs
January 24, 2014
Akash Prakash: Is deflation the real threat?
January 22, 2014
Sonali Ranade: Considerable churn in US and European stock markets
January 20, 2014
Sonali Ranade: Market Notes: Is it really time to buy commodities?
January 16, 2014
Business Standard: Inflation: What the RBI, government need to do
January 14, 2014
Subir Gokarn: BHAG Inclusion BHAG
January 13, 2014
Sonali Ranade: There's nothing bearish about most equity markets
January 10, 2014
A K Bhattacharya: Can the industry avoid being scrutinised by CAG?
January 08, 2014
Martin Feldstein: Will the US economy look up in 2014?
January 07, 2014
Sonali Ranade: MARKET NOTES: Commodities in early phase of recovery
January 06, 2014
Sonali Ranade: Weak yen will continue to drive currency markets
January 02, 2014
T S Vishwanath: Why trade resolutions for 2014 matter a lot
December 18, 2013
Vinayak Chatterjee: India's infrastructure action on the Twitter route
December 16, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Market Notes: Gold waits for capitulation
November 22, 2013
Business Standard: Applying economic theory to airline regulation
November 18, 2013
Mark Buchanan: How to predict the next economic crisis
A K Bhattacharya: 'Non-IAS experts must feel welcome in govt organisations'
November 11, 2013
Devangshu Datta: Why it may be a very volatile week for markets
November 08, 2013
Akash Prakash: How long will the equity bubbles last?
November 07, 2013
Kanika Datta: Of Raghuram Rajan and a few natural-born biases
November 05, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: Philanthropy and Buffett Junior
October 31, 2013
Barun Roy: Why do Indian cities need a complete redesign
Business Standard: Why the govt needs to focus on growth now
October 25, 2013
Akash Prakash: Indian economy: There's no room for complacency
Kanika Datta: Will CBI move against Birla dampen biz confidence?
October 24, 2013
Somasroy Chakraborty: Why soft loans will be hard on the exchequer
October 15, 2013
Andy Mukherjee: Whom to blame for India's stagflation?
October 14, 2013
Abheek Barua: How India can gain from the US Fed's taper programme
September 27, 2013
Business Standard: Why diesel subsidy should be removed for all
September 26, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: Honouring Solar Mamas
September 10, 2013
Colonel (retd) Anil Athale: Food Bill: Lessons India should have learnt from Soviet Union
September 06, 2013
Reuters: Rupee fall: India can revamp its manufacturing sector
September 04, 2013
Sreenivasan Jain: All about the Food Security Bill myth
August 28, 2013
Mukesh Butani: The trouble with the richie itch
Subir Roy: How policy dilemmas led to the economic mess
August 25, 2013
Sonali Ranade: US equity markets stage routine pullback from 38 pc retracement level
August 23, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: Column: Giving by force
Jamal Mecklai: How Tirupati Trust can help India counter economic crisis
August 08, 2013
Ajit Balakrishnan: Can Jeff Bezos invent a new future for newspapers?
August 04, 2013
Sonali Ranade: The US dollar could surprise with a massive rally
July 30, 2013
Kunal Bose: Will shale gas become a game-changer for India?
July 29, 2013
Varun Goel: Murphy's law at work in India
July 28, 2013
Sonali Ranade: US equity markets are approaching an intermediate correction
July 21, 2013
Sonali Ranade: When the market offers you money for jam, take both and run!
July 14, 2013
Sonali Ranade: As the markets hit new highs, look to take profits
July 11, 2013
Shankar Acharya: Is the Indian economy shrinking?
July 10, 2013
Arvind Subramanian: UPA and the economic consequences of Amartya Sen
July 07, 2013
Sonali Ranade: US equities resume uptrend amidst surging dollar and crashing commodities
July 03, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: Zombie wheat case: GM food safety debate far from settled
June 30, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Equity markets were resilient through interest rate turmoil but precious metals collapse
June 25, 2013
Sudhir Kumar Shetty: Mobile remittances: A potential game changer in India?
June 24, 2013
Shubhashis Gangopadhyay: Why India must support start-ups
Sonali Ranade: The upturn in the interest rate cycle cracks SPX and DAX
June 19, 2013
M J Antony: Blacklisting companies? What the govt must do
June 18, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: Water: By the people, of the people, for the people
June 16, 2013
Sonali Ranade: World equity markets may attempt to stake out a new high
June 09, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Equities all set to resume bid for new highs
June 04, 2013
Surinder Sud: COLUMN: Why there's a twist in the GM tale
Business Standard: New RBI norms: They are tough but necessary
June 03, 2013
A Seshan: RBI should explain 'liquidity'
June 02, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Next market rally could be last before major correction
May 30, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: Open fight over sustainability
May 26, 2013
Sonali Ranade: World commodity markets continue to slide, equities pause
May 20, 2013
Jayanta Roy: How India should reform its trade for the 21st century?
May 19, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Expect equity markets and dollar to consolidate
May 13, 2013
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay: Did the CAG overstep the mark?
May 12, 2013
Sonali Ranade: US markets make new highs while Nifty plods on to first resistance
May 06, 2013
Subir Gokarn: Why does India need balance sheet reforms?
May 05, 2013
Sonali Ranade: S&P 500 makes a new high while Nifty begins a new super cycle
April 28, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Expect the equity markets to retest recent supports
April 27, 2013
Keya Sarkar: Brown rice and Bluetooth
April 25, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: Vedanta and international standards on mining
April 21, 2013
Sonali Ranade: The clawback in commodities last week was a dead cat bounce
April 16, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Should you be brave and buy gold, or silver?
Rajni Bakshi: Struggle for life saving drugs
April 15, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Gold collapse sets up market for deep correction in commodities
April 12, 2013
M R Venkatesh: India-EU FTA: A parting kick from UPA?
Bhupesh Bhandari: Should pharma MNCs be peeved?
April 10, 2013
Sonali Ranade: RBI's exchange rate policy should favour exports, but it doesn't
April 08, 2013
Arvind Subramanian: What was the Novartis case really about?
Sonali Ranade: US markets in a short term correction but no sign of reversal
Shreekant Sambrani: India's love affair with gold
April 06, 2013
T N Ninan: Not just the govt, India Inc, too, is responsible for the current mess
April 02, 2013
M R Venkatesh: Can we have waterless agriculture too Mr PM?
April 01, 2013
Sonali Ranade: NASDAQ 100, SPX make new all-time (closing) highs, DAX sags
March 29, 2013
Alok Shende: The vexing issue of 3G roaming
March 22, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: Food security or dole?
March 21, 2013
Ajit Balakrishnan: The invisible hand of the government
March 20, 2013
Sonali Ranade: US, EU markets continue to make new highs as Asians take a breather
March 19, 2013
Shreekant Sambrani: Anji Reddy, healer extraordinaire
March 18, 2013
M R Venkatesh: Money laundering: Switzerland's envy. India's pride?
March 11, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Trapped bears can fuel the rally in the US much further
March 09, 2013
Ajit Balakrishnan: Obsessing about GDP growth
March 06, 2013
M R Venkatesh: Budget 2013 - An elaborate exercise in denial
March 04, 2013
Arvind Subramanian: FM flatters, but Budget deceives
Sreelatha Menon: The freebie nation
March 01, 2013
Claude Smadja: Budget: A victory for pragmatism and realism
February 25, 2013
Sonali Ranade: NIFTY has cleverly anticipated the correction in world markets
February 20, 2013
Jayanta Roy: No quick fixes for high growth
February 18, 2013
M R Venkatesh: UPA government: A decade of decay!
February 15, 2013
Shyamal Majumdar: Are exit interviews a fuzzy exercise?
February 13, 2013
Rajni Bakshi: One Billion Rising
February 12, 2013
M R Venkatesh: Economic slowdown: Will the PM take the blame?
February 07, 2013
Business Standard: Price pooling of coal is a bad idea
Ajit Balakrishnan: Realising India's industrial dreams
February 04, 2013
Sonali Ranade: World markets make new highs while NIFTY retests 5950
January 21, 2013
Sonali Ranade: You can't argue with markets making new highs but caution warranted
M R Venkatesh: Why an illegal telephone exchange in Maran's house?
January 08, 2013
Purna Chandra Jena: India gets the wrong end of trade deals
January 07, 2013
Sonali Ranade: Expect Nifty and world markets to rally sharply
January 01, 2013
Sonali Ranade: US equity markets at a critical juncture
December 31, 2012
M R Venkatesh: Has the time for India to lead come?
Devangshu Datta: Policy paralysis in 2013 again?
December 28, 2012
Rajni Bakshi: 'Celebrate the spirit of resistance'
December 27, 2012
Claude Smadja: Some light at the end of the 2012 tunnel?
December 24, 2012
Sonali Ranade: For Nifty, time to exercise caution till a break over 5950 is confirmed
December 20, 2012
Nitin Desai: All about the world's new energy economy
December 17, 2012
M R Venkatesh: Investment in gold: A no-confidence against the government
December 11, 2012
Shyam Ponappa: To control inflation, use structural reform
December 06, 2012
Rajeev Malik: Fighting India's gold bug
T S Vishwanath: Bilateral investment: A drag on the developing world
November 26, 2012
Sonali Ranade: This leg of the market correction may be over
November 22, 2012
T S Vishwanath: How IT became competitive
November 21, 2012
Subir Roy: What are the pitfalls for subsidy targeting
November 20, 2012
Rajni Bakshi: Will BP's punishment teach any lesson?
November 19, 2012
M R Venkatesh: And now a Rs 100 crore scam hits ICAI!
November 12, 2012
Sonali Ranade: A market pullback that may challenge previous top
November 08, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Market correction to continue
November 05, 2012
Debashis Basu: Sebi, do no harm
Martin Feldstein: How the Euro could survive
November 01, 2012
Ajit Balakrishnan: All about chasing real estate's shadows
October 30, 2012
Sonali Ranade: The much anticipated correction is here!
October 25, 2012
Kala Seetharam Sridhar and Samar Verma: From the Indus Valley Civilisation to SEZs
T S Vishwanath: 'Thrash out' trade differences
Kanika Datta: Of foreign hands across the waters
Claude Smadja: Why the West is in disarray
October 22, 2012
A K Bhattacharya: Why the govt is failing to rein in fiscal deficit?
Sonali Ranade: Is the serious crack in the Nasdaq Composite index enough to reverse this rally?
October 17, 2012
A K Bhattacharya: The positive side of reforms
October 16, 2012
Rajni Bakshi: Can India Inc deliver tomorrow's economy?
Sonali Ranade: There may be another leg up to the rally in US equities
Arun Jaitley: The 'VBS mystery' solved!
October 15, 2012
M R Venkatesh: Column: Why the media's credibility is at stake
October 11, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Indian markets may have signalled the end of a correction
October 08, 2012
M R Venkatesh: When it comes to economy, Obama is clueless, Romney confused
October 04, 2012
V P Nandakumar: All about Reserve Bank's overkill on gold loans
Ajit Balakrishnan: If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?
October 02, 2012
Sonali Ranade and Shaelja Sharma: The perils of conflating Modi with Gujarat
October 01, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Has the flat C for US equities begun?
M R Venkatesh: A few notifications is NOT reforms Mr PM!
September 26, 2012
Shaili Chopra: Manmohan Singh: A failed economist, and a prudent politician?
September 24, 2012
M R Venkatesh: Forget small retailers, can our govt stand up to Walmart?
September 18, 2012
M R Venkatesh: RBI Monetary Policy: Calculated pause or characteristic freeze?
September 17, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Markets are still largely sideways
M R Venkatesh: Wholesale of India, by FDI in retail
September 13, 2012
Kanika Datta: Bad days of the licence raj are alive in India
Sonali Ranade: Will China have to 'discover' the humble drumstick before we do?
September 10, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Has gold really broken out?
September 07, 2012
Rajni Bakshi: Competitiveness in what?
September 04, 2012
M R Venkatesh: Coal-gate: Mr. Minister, can you answer these questions?
September 03, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Has gold really broken out?
M R Venkatesh: Coal-gate - Economic reforms to economic deforms?
August 31, 2012
Sonali Ranade: What Lalu did right for the railways, and where others fail
August 29, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Are agricultural commodity prices peaking out?
August 27, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Caution: Treacherous markets ahead
August 21, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Equity markets continue to be toppish
August 13, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Look for buying opportunities without chasing stocks
August 10, 2012
Sonali Ranade and Shaelja Sharma: Salvaging the UPA gravy train wreck
August 09, 2012
Ajit Balakrishnan: Defending the Internet, loudly
August 07, 2012
Sonali Ranade: The Fed did not add to the central bank created liquidity
July 30, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Beware of rallies that fade out quickly
M R Venkatesh: Foolish ant and intelligent grasshopper - 2012 version
July 25, 2012
Sonali Ranade and Shaelja Sharma: Can Gujarat's growth story be attributed to Modi?
July 23, 2012
Sonali Ranade: India missed the bus on reforming its POL sector
July 20, 2012
Ravi Shanker Kapoor: A bleak future for the Indian economy
July 18, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Agricultural commodities: High prices to be new normal?
July 13, 2012
Jamal Mecklai: Has a serious dollar rally begun?
July 11, 2012
Sonali Ranade and Shaelja Sharma: Modi's myths about Gujarat's growth and other hype
July 09, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Most markets are poised at crucial turning points
July 04, 2012
M R Venkatesh: Is this why DMK supported Pranab Mukherjee?
June 27, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Hindutva is largely irrelevant to economic reforms
June 22, 2012
Shyamal Majumdar: Column: Companies look for 'AQ' in leaders
June 19, 2012
Andy Mukherjee: Reawaken India: It's time for overseas fund-raising
June 12, 2012
Rajni Bakshi: The goals and challenges of Rio+20
M R Venkatesh: Restore confidence? Take action on Dr Singh
May 28, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Will RBI and government learn their lessons from current crisis?
May 18, 2012
Nischal Maheshwari: How India can stabilise its BoP situation
April 13, 2012
Sonali Ranade: Limits to growth and how to overcome them
April 10, 2012
Vivek Kaul: Why multitasking doesn't work
March 29, 2012
Srikanth Kondapalli: Why China needs BRICS for the time being
March 17, 2012
Sunita Narain: Budget 2012: More spend, yet no positive results
Sukumar Mukhopadhyaya: Budget 2012: A good move towards GST, but reforms neglected
Claude Smadja: Budget 2012 fell short of the world's expectations
Akash Prakash: Budget 2012: Not a disaster but not enough, either
: Budget: Hike in shipping tonnage tax at the wrong time
Abheek Barua: A Budget for credibility
Ajit Ranade: 'Budget 2012-Neither too cruel, nor too kind'
March 13, 2012
Sonali Ranade: UPA II: Dressing up to go nowhere
February 24, 2012
Jamal Mecklai: More turbulence likely in global markets
Ajit Balakrishnan: Successful business? Thanks to 'core competence'
January 26, 2012
Ajit Balakrishnan: Pirates of the modern world
December 29, 2011
Ajit Balakrishnan: Why the middle-class across the world is angry
December 21, 2011
Mahesh Vijapurkar: Ho-hum, so the Lok Sabha discussed black money, what's new?
December 12, 2011
B S Prakash: Consume or Kill? Save or Spend?
November 30, 2011
: Should drug prices be regulated?
October 07, 2011
Ajit Balakrishnan: The story of Kasimbazar's networks
October 06, 2011
Ajit Balakrishnan: Steve Jobs: The CEO as auteur
October 03, 2011
Praful Bidwai: Playing dirty politics with the poor
September 27, 2011
Vanita kohli-khandekar: Why the strange quest for privacy on Facebook?
September 15, 2011
Rajni Bakshi: Can global consciousness be mapped by machines?
September 08, 2011
Ajit Balakrishnan: Steve Jobs: The role model CEO
August 19, 2011
Jaimini Bhagwati: The business of banking
August 16, 2011
Rajni Bakshi: Freedom, hurt sentiments and dissent
July 25, 2011
Sanjaya Baru: How Euro-zone can exit from the present crisis
Abheek Barua & Shivom Chakravarti: Is bailout the end of Euro-zone's problems?
July 20, 2011
Jyoti Malhotra: Indo-US ties: it's the economies, stupid
June 13, 2011
Ajit Balakrishnan: 'An IIM seat cannot be bought'
May 13, 2011
Akash Prakash: Will China's growth slow down?
May 11, 2011
Rajeev Malik: Why India faces lower growth, higher inflation
April 13, 2011
Subir Roy: Can a peaceful revolution tackle India's corruption?
April 12, 2011
Suman Bery: Planning in India? It needs a thorough change
A K Bhattacharya: A few details of the Hazare fall-out
March 02, 2011
Rajni Bakshi: Post-protest: Challenges of building local economy
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar: How will media companies make money
March 01, 2011
Parizad Sirwalla and Neetika Khosla: A balancing act: Some relief for the common man
February 28, 2011
Himanshu Thakkar: Does the Budget have a human face?
February 24, 2011
: Of walking the fiscal tightrope
February 21, 2011
T V R Shenoy: How gigantic sums of public money are being lost
February 09, 2011
T V R Shenoy: The DB Realty-DMK puzzle
February 07, 2011
Jose Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs: Do we have job recovery?
January 11, 2011
Sunita Narain: 2010: High profile projects hit the green hurdle
January 10, 2011
Pratip Kar: Should a stock exchange also be a regulator?
January 07, 2011
Shyamal Majumdar: Corrupt relationship managers: Blame the bank
January 05, 2011
Subir Roy: Lessons for micro-finance from 2010
Abheek Barua: Big plans, zero execution in 2010
December 29, 2010
Kanika Datta: 2010 saw regulators testing their autonomy
December 22, 2010
Subir Roy: Trade with China? India needs a careful strategy
December 09, 2010
Devangshu Datta: How to counter rising rates
December 03, 2010
Bhupesh Bhandari: How politicians should deal with businessmen
November 29, 2010
Shyamal Majumdar: Employee Value Proposition: How effective is it?
November 26, 2010
Akash Prakash: Market may look crazy, but Indian stocks to do well
Business Standard: Time to reinvent DD and AIR
November 24, 2010
Business Standard: A grounded project finally begins to take off
November 09, 2010
: How Kerala is improving healthcare for the poor
November 02, 2010
: CDS: How to design a regulatory framework
November 01, 2010
: When companies fail to recognise trade unions
BS Reporter: Of Anil Ambani & his business with Beijing
U S Bhatia: Why European Union seizes Indian drugs
October 19, 2010
: Reasons for Europe's financial crisis
October 18, 2010
B G Verghese: It's time to audit the Commonwealth Games
A V Rajwade: Reasons for the clash of currencies
Deepak Lal: US financial crisis over? Not really
Vijay Mahajan: Micro loans, macro returns
October 15, 2010
Jamal Mecklai: Financial news: Lessons from the past
October 14, 2010
S Jaishankar: Why India, China should do business together
A K Bhattacharya: Why mystery around the Budget is lost forever
October 11, 2010
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay: Taxpayers' right to be taxed the least
Somasekhar Sundaresan: State power over corporates all set to increase
Sunita Narain: How to improve food safety in India
Visty Banaji: The need to build the eager-to-learn leaders
Sanjaya Baru: What can India do for the US?
H P Agarwal: A few lessons from Vodafone's case
October 06, 2010
: Can the G20 rescue deadlocked Doha?
October 05, 2010
M Govinda Rao: India needs a stimulus exit strategy for growth
Surinder Sud: Food grains: Danger signals crop up
October 04, 2010
: It's time to correct the appreciating rupee
: How attractive are technology jobs for Indians?
Giraj Sharma: What makes a good leader?
T N Ninan: India: Billionaires among a sea of poor people
September 29, 2010
Subir Roy: In microfinance, big is beautiful
September 27, 2010
Ali Mehdi: Getting to know the India that is Bharat
September 23, 2010
Kishore Singh: When art turns into a valuable asset
September 20, 2010
Meera Shankar: 'Indian economy has covered significant ground'
September 08, 2010
M Govinda Rao: DTC: Baby steps in tax reform
September 06, 2010
Indira Rajaraman: The lack of financial governance in India
September 02, 2010
Bhavdeep Kang: Free foodgrain to needy: To give or not to give
BS Bureau: How to sustain a high GDP growth
BS Bureau: It's time to end <i>Dabba </i>trading
August 30, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: Vedanta chief's Emperor Ashoka inspiration?
August 27, 2010
Sanjiv Kataria: 'Bangalore phobia' will only hurt Western economies
Bhupesh Bhandari: Why the home market is the kingmaker
August 20, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: Peace talks: Economics might be the answer
August 16, 2010
Devangshu Datta: The $8.5 billion gamble?
August 11, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: You can't have it both ways, Mr FM
August 06, 2010
Shyamal Majumdar.: CEOs are back to getting king's salary
August 03, 2010
Martin Feldstein: The hidden future of the US economy
July 29, 2010
Arvind Singhal: Innovating solutions for India's challenges
July 28, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Is splitting RBI an option?
July 21, 2010
Dilip D''Souza: Stock markets? Nah! How about rum instead?
Rama Bijapurkar: The business of financial inclusion
July 20, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Why have financial regulators suddenly found voice?
July 19, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: Why are the PM's wishes being violated by the govt?
A V Rajwade: The <I>neta-babu raj</I>
July 14, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Why Kamal Nath lashed out at Montek Singh
July 13, 2010
Sreelatha Menon: Udaan gives school dropouts a second chance
July 12, 2010
Devangshu Datta: What's the philosophy of investing?
K Subrahmanyam: Bandhs: Acts of terror by another name
July 08, 2010
Arindam Bhattacharya: Flight delays? Time to fix 'soft' infrastructure
July 07, 2010
Business Standard: India's growth? Private sector to the fore
A K Bhattacharya: The PM has 8 councils of advisors, but...
BS Bureau: Food security? Over 8 crore fake ration cards!
BS Bureau: Why Pawar must quit as agriculture minister
Subir Roy: 7 ways to improve infrastructure in Indian cities
July 06, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: Recover your environment! Here's how
July 05, 2010
Sreelatha Menon: The failure of the food security bill
Pranab Mukherjee: We must have ambitions beyond profits and votes: FM
July 01, 2010
Shyam Ponappa: How India can catch up on broadband
June 30, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Infosys at Chandigarh and why SEZs work
Ajit Balakrishnan: Why we must give Trai's broadband plan a hand
June 29, 2010
Michael Pinto: What we must learn from the Bhopal tragedy
Sunil Jain: Here comes Reliance!
T N Ninan: Non-executive directors: Only after the perks?
: 'I'm worried about our country, Dr Singh'
June 28, 2010
Suparna Bhalla: City scape: Where reason drives action
Business Standard: Why India had no choice but to hike fuel prices
June 23, 2010
Arvind Subramanian: The G20 and 'Chermany'
Subir Roy: Let's build a few Chandigarhs
Sunil Jain: Bhopal: Why India needs to arrest Keshub Mahindra
June 22, 2010
Emmanuel Upputuru: The world cup for advertising kicks off
Mukul Pal: Oil at $300 a barrel: Will it or won't it?
June 21, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: Of Bhopal and a democracy we can be proud of
Rama Bijapurkar: Many cooks make the broth cost-effective
T N Ninan: Bhopal & BP: How they don't deal with it
A V Rajwade: Is speculation God's work?
Vinayak Chatterjee: Why infrastructure is the defining issue?
June 16, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Why UPA tolerates some ineffcient ministers
June 14, 2010
Ajay Chhibber: Cash for work - Asia's answer to crises
B G Verghese: The answer to Maoism? People-friendly growth
Business Standard: Mamata needs a crash course in public finance
June 10, 2010
N Chandra Mohan: All about the business of humanity
June 09, 2010
Business Standard: Say goodbye to oil PSUs
June 08, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Now, commerce and finance ministries in good terms
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar: The mystery of missing media mergers
BS Bureau: Japan: Land of the setting sun?
June 07, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: Prosperity? The key lies in de-growth
June 03, 2010
Shyam Ponappa: India's sorry spectrum story
Devangshu Datta: GDP data: More shades of grey
June 02, 2010
: This is the century of innovation, Krishna tells USIBC
May 31, 2010
T N Ninan: When trade unions lose their power
May 28, 2010
: More work + Blackberry = Holiday
May 27, 2010
Kanika Datta: Why Air India was right in imposing a 'gag' order
Latha Jishnu: Who's afraid of Synthia?
May 26, 2010
Sanjeev Bikhchandani: 'You don't need IIM degree to build a successful co'
May 25, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: Green Scorecard: Private sector holds the upper hand?
May 24, 2010
Sreelatha Menon: What Chhattisgarh needs is jobs
Pallavi Aiyar: Celebrating the decline of Europe
Olli Rehn: Fiscal consolidation: What needs to be done
Devangshu Datta: Bonanza for PSU gas players
May 21, 2010
Jaimini Bhagwati: Why India should welcome all capital inflows
May 20, 2010
Arvind Singhal: Death of India's marketplaces
May 18, 2010
Rama Bijapurkar: Trai and the Great Democratic Liberator
Dani Rodrik: Greek lessons for world economy
May 17, 2010
A V Rajwade: $1-trillion aid surprises markets
Bobby Pawar: Brands: A few thought starters
Vinayak Chatterjee: India's infrastructure: What needs to be done
Sreelatha Menon: The price poor people pay for huge projects
May 14, 2010
Shankar Acharya: Greece crisis and the consequences for India
May 13, 2010
Kanika Datta: Businessmen and society: A conflicting relationship
Latha Jishnu: Why Roche lost a patent battle in India
Nilesh Shah: India can gain from the crisis
Akash Joshi: More woes for India's telecom sector
May 11, 2010
Sandeep Pandey: How Jairam Ramesh has made a difference
Suman Bery: Greek lessons for India
May 10, 2010
TNC Rajagopalan: Govt must talk to RBI to protect exporters' interest
Arvind Subramanian: The IMF, Greece, and 'immoral hazard'
Rajni Bakshi: What's wrong with economics and how to fix it
: Experiments with education: The IT way
May 06, 2010
Shyam Ponappa: What India must learn from China
Surinder Sud: Can you trust the IMD's weather forecast?
Arvind Singhal: Glut of MBAs: Where are the jobs?
May 05, 2010
Business Standard: Should Mumbai be made a Union Territory?
Abheek Barua: Why RBI still needs to go easy
May 04, 2010
Rajeev Srinivasan: Has Apple invented a whole new paradigm for computing?
Surinder Sud: Farming: Maharashtra shows the way in pest control
M Govinda Rao: The cost and efficacy of tax sops
May 03, 2010
Gurcharan Das: The IPL's capitalist ideology
T N Ninan: Rising inflation: The govt got it wrong
Sanjaya Baru: Will Greece's debt do apart Europe's union?
Xinxin Wang: Spectre of bankruptcy comes to China
April 30, 2010
K C Chakrabarty: Ten Commandments of IT security in banks
Jamal Mecklai: How small exporters can get better profits
Martin Feldstein: Why Greece will default on its debt
April 29, 2010
: The crisis in economics
: How India can bring down cost of medicines
Chandra Bhushan: Three factors that can derail India's growth
April 28, 2010
Arvind Subramanian: The G-20, power, and ideas
Subir Roy: Learning to live with hawkers
April 26, 2010
Mahesh Vyas: Indians just don't trust the stock markets
Suparna Bhalla: How you can go 'green'
M R Venkatesh: Forget IPL. Wanted, a JPC to probe tax havens!
Bimal Jalan: Why politicians disagree with central banks
Rajni Bakshi: Why power of corporations needs to be curbed
Gopal Jain: Warring regulators in an undefined world
Arvind Subramanian: The next imbalance in the global economy
April 23, 2010
Vinay Bhaskara: India must learn to fly
Shirish Sankhe: Urban India will be like a giant slum by 2030
Sunita Narain: Why the climate deal is bad for us
April 21, 2010
Rajeev Srinivasan: C K Prahalad - the man who knew strategy
Business Standard: Business was not the guru's core competence
April 20, 2010
Business Standard: No government action on most CAG reports
April 19, 2010
Vinayak Chatterjee: Infrastructure: More good news than bad
R Vaidyanathan: What made CK Prahalad a management guru
Sreelatha Menon: How lessons in micro-finance can help the poor
N Chandra Mohan: The paradox of hunger amidst potential plenty
April 18, 2010
Arun Maira: 'We will miss you, our great guide'
April 17, 2010
: 'Prahalad truly believed India will become a leader of the world'
Lakshmi Narayanan: 'The corporate world has lost a strategist of the highest order'
April 16, 2010
Shyamal Majumdar: Why there are few women in Indian boardrooms
Jaimini Bhagwati: Is appreciation of rupee inevitable?
April 15, 2010
Vaibhav Kakkar: Ulip war: Why Sebi order may not be right
April 14, 2010
Business Standard: Tharoor-Modi row: Conflict of business interests
April 13, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: The truth behind unread Parliament committee reports
April 12, 2010
Shankar Acharya: Rupee rises despite higher deficits!
Sunir Roy: Now, walk the talk on cities!
T N Ninan: The mammaries, revisited
Rajni Bakshi: How to cope with Naxals: Plan panel's 7-point strategy
April 09, 2010
Bhupesh Bhandari: Luxury: How India differs from China
April 08, 2010
Latha Jishnu: Column: India's appalling environment laws
April 07, 2010
Abheek Barua: Should RBI hike rates further?
A K Bhattacharya: The politics behind slow economic reforms
Sanjaya Baru: India, US could agree on reinventing IMF
M J Antony: Three tears for PSUs
April 06, 2010
Sunil K Sinha: Higher industrial growth, more pollution
Surinder Sud: Impact of climate change on Indian agriculture
M Govinda Rao: How to bring fiscal discipline
April 05, 2010
Arvind Subramanian: What Geithner should and should not do
April 02, 2010
Madhukar Sabnavis: How much of business is truly customer-centric?
: Lessons from E&Y and Lehman crisis
April 01, 2010
Shyam Ponappa: How to make BSNL, MTNL more relevant
Latha Jishnu: Bt cotton: Monsanto is back in courts over royalty
March 31, 2010
M J Antony: Courts can help create lung space for cities
Subir Roy: What food coupons can and cannot do
Jaimini Bhagwati: Why this will be India's century!
: Should overseas deals be taxed?
March 30, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Why Mamata's decision may cost Railways dearly
Martin Feldstein: Is the euro overvalued?
March 29, 2010
Surjit Bhalla: Why the NREGA programme is a dud!
Rajni Bakshi: Inclusive growth: Why Lohia's legacy is still alive
T N Ninan: The nation pays for pampered Delhi
March 24, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Biz families: Should sons step into fathers' shoes?
March 23, 2010
Surinder Sud: How to tide over seed shortage
March 22, 2010
T N Ninan: Can India be a great power in the post-Lehman era?
Rama Bijapurkar: Why the Foreign Universities Bill is elitist
Arun Maira: JNNURM: How has it transformed cities?
Sreelatha Menon: NREGS: Tamil Nadu's success story
: Educating Kapil*
March 19, 2010
Nitin Desai: Climate change: What will happen to our forests?
Latha Jishnu: Intellectual property rights: Brazil vs US
: The feasibility of Tobin tax
Shyamal Majumdar: Retaining talent: Are companies doing enough?
Business Standard: SC did well to reject government blackmail
Jamal Mecklai: GM crops are part of India's and world's future
March 18, 2010
Devinder Sharma: Educating India, in a B-Grade American style
March 17, 2010
Dani Rodrik: The end of an era in finance
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar: Of media balance sheets and transparency
March 15, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: Capitalism that we can be proud of
March 11, 2010
M R Venkatesh: Budget helps conmen, not the common man
Latha Jishnu: Biotech Bill: Sweeping powers, glaring omissions
Shankar Acharya: Why this is a 'good-average' Budget
March 09, 2010
Martin Feldstein: How safe are your dollars?
March 08, 2010
T N Ninan: Please give Mamata an air ticket to China
March 05, 2010
Jamal Mecklai: Budget: A new paradigm for India
Madhukar Sabnavis: The best way to influence consumers
Shyamal Majumdar: How SBI has become a preferred employer
March 04, 2010
Mahesh Vijapurkar: Road projects, flyovers: A major scandal?
Latha Jishnu: The absurd MNC-backed 'India Project'
Shyam Ponappa: The need for innovative spectrum management
R Nagaraj: How real is Bihar's high growth story?
March 02, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Tension between FinMin and RBI on the cards
Business Standard: Budget: Are the upsides greater than the downsides?
Rajni Bakshi: Trusteeship and how it can spawn development
Business Standard: Reviving agriculture: What the FM missed
Sanjaya Baru: Finance ministry: Return of the Gladstonians
February 27, 2010
Harsh V Pant: Defence Budget: In need of direction
: Look out for a high-scoring Indian economy!
Sukumar Mukhopadhyaya: Budget: In the same old style of the early 1980s
Akash Prakash: Budget: Big reforms pushed out
Business Standard: The paradox of FM's Budget strategy
T N Ninan: Budget: The real fiscal challenge lies ahead
February 26, 2010
Colonel (Dr.) Anil Athale (Retd.): Defence Budget: Alarm bells ringing
Dharmakirti Joshi: 'Budgets rarely follow the Survey's sermon'
February 24, 2010
Ajay Bimbhet: Urgent needs that FM's Budget must address
February 23, 2010
Praful Bidwai: Reason triumphs over Bt brinjal!
February 22, 2010
Sreelatha Menon: Students are prisoners of classrooms
Pranab Bardhan: KN Raj inspired others to think big
Sanjaya Baru: The Pranab Mukherjee Budget
February 19, 2010
Jamal Mecklai: Banks: Time for more aggressive regulation
Shyamal Majumdar: Want to be a good leader? Here's how
February 18, 2010
Arindam Bhattacharya: Get ready to face a new economic reality
February 17, 2010
Subir Roy: Lessons from the NTPC fiasco
February 16, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: The political ploy over Bt Brinjal
Dani Rodrik: Will Obama's banking proposals ever become law?
: How to make mobile banking viable in India
February 15, 2010
Vinayak Chatterjee: What the Budget has in store for the infrastructure sector
Sreelatha Menon: Why are govt policies blind to human needs?
Rajni Bakshi: Bt brinjal and the politics of knowledge
Suman Bery: Right time for fiscal consolidation
Business Standard: How to sustain new white collar jobs
Sanjaya Baru: The uniqueness of Professor Raj
February 12, 2010
Sunita Narain: Jairam Ramesh is right
Bhupesh Bhandari: Car makers want stimulus to go on. Here's why
Akash Prakash: Why the coming Budget is very significant
February 11, 2010
Jahangir Aziz: Budget might not articulate government's vision
February 09, 2010
Sandeep Pandey: 10 things India's common man needs from the Budget
Shreekant Sambrani: India's food crisis was foretold, but. . .
Gurcharan Das: Remember, the money doesn't belong to you
C Rangarajan: Regulatory failure in the financial sector
February 05, 2010
Shyamal Majumdar: Pay-cut days over, but don't get carried away
Business Standard: Noise, water pollution must be checked
Business Standard: Petro price hike can work wonders for govt finances
February 04, 2010
Sudhir Bisht: A tribute to Subir Raha, leader extraordinaire
Business Standard: Last call for Mr Mukherjee
February 01, 2010
BS Reporter: Budget: The best vs the good
Subir Roy: Money alone can't buy inclusive growth
Rajni Bakshi: The death threat to Gori Ganga!
January 29, 2010
Sunita Narain: Copenhagen accord: A polluter's manual
Bhupesh Bhandari: Why it makes sense to build a business and sell it
Martin Feldstein: America's growth in the decade ahead
Business Standard: Stock market caught in a pincer
January 28, 2010
Surinder Sud: Poor farmers' price pangs
Richard K Lee: Where innovation creates value
Ajit Ranade: FM needs a miracle to save banks
January 27, 2010
Kunal Bose: Power is aluminum's single biggest cost component
January 25, 2010
BS Bureau: Hard times for climate scientists
Sreelatha Menon: NREGA: How to make it successful
Anurag Viswanath: China unrepentant at Google's googly
January 22, 2010
Shyamal Majumdar: Have time, will waste
January 21, 2010
: Basu-led Left Front's labour story
January 20, 2010
Prabhash Ranjan: Fissures in FDI regulatory framework
Pranab Bardhan: India, a case of bad governance
Business Standard: Can India lure global firms away from China?
Business Standard: Stop these teaser loan rates, please!
M J Antony: The problem with vehicle insurance laws
January 19, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Economic reforms: Cut down irrelevant ministries
Dani Rodrik: Will China rule the world?
January 18, 2010
Rajni Bakshi: One man's crusade to bring riches to rural areas
Sumanto Chattopadhyay: Oh no, I'm being watched online! And so are you!
: RBI - An institution India deserves
January 15, 2010
Jaimini Bhagwati: Yet another economic shock may be lurking around the corner
: Going green: Take the bus or buy a hybrid car?
Bhupesh Bhandari: Incredible India's credible media plan
January 14, 2010
Sunil Khilnani: The paradox of India's new prosperity
January 13, 2010
Anuradha R V: India and the road from Copenhagen
Business Standard: Whose spectrum is it anyway?
January 11, 2010
Suparna Bhalla: Meri Dilli, aamchi Mumbai
T N Ninan: What is the answer to Delhi's traffic woes?
Toby Simon: India's aerospace industry to boost economy
Sanjaya Baru: Bollywood's global market beckons
Business Standard: Subsidies are injurious to health
Surjit S Bhalla: India's 'real' poverty
: 'Barefoot' lawyers to help the poor in AP
January 08, 2010
Subir Roy: Delhi's growth: What it has lost
Jagdish Bhagwati: The diaspora impact on a changing India
January 07, 2010
Shyamal Majumdar: How India can get the best researchers
January 06, 2010
Abheek Barua: Do forecasters ever get it right?
Subir Roy: Lessons from recession and the road ahead
S S Kumar: Myths on tackling cyber threats busted
January 05, 2010
A K Bhattacharya: Budget: Which way will the FM turn?
Leslie D''Monte: Cloud computing: Good opportunity for Indian IT firms
K Subrahmanyam: India's real partner is the US, not China
BS Bureau: Japan's yo-yo ties with India
January 04, 2010
Martin Feldstein: Is gold a good hedge?
Gurcharan Das: Relax, capitalism is not the problem
Mahesh Vyas: Investment boom to boost India Inc's prowess
Rajni Bakshi: Making money no more the true measure of success
December 31, 2009
Arvind Singhal: Time to do a reality check for businesses
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay: Flip-flop over GST continues
: The incredible rise of India Inc
Barun Roy: From Copenhagen to Mexico: The cycle continues
December 30, 2009
Praful Bidwai: The great betrayal at Copenhagen
BS Bureau: Water woes: Is it self-made?
December 29, 2009
Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India: PM on how to build a poverty-free India
December 28, 2009
Business Standard: Tax reform needs careful implementation
Madan Sabnavis: Don't ignore External Commercial Borrowings
: How India can be a successful economy
: A new act to make mining community-friendly
December 24, 2009
Shankar Acharya: Healthcare is terrible in India, but Tamil Nadu shines
Business Standard: Bengaluru airport and take-off troubles
Shyamal Majumdar: Forget big bang, focus on small
December 23, 2009
BS Bureau: The fourth 'G' of 3G
Subir Roy: Coping well with Copenhagen climate
Arvind Subramanian: Tax reforms for higher growth
December 22, 2009
A K Bhattacharya: Mamata may have embarrassed Lalu, but. . .
December 21, 2009
Sreelatha Menon: Will mothers get paid to take care of kids?
T N Ninan: How skewed is data on India's poverty?
December 18, 2009
Shankar Acharya: Where are the jobs?
December 17, 2009
Nitin Desai: The Copenhagen climate circus
Barun Roy: Why we must 'speed up' India
Dr Subramanian Swamy: An Indian tribute: Paul Samuelson, Guru
December 16, 2009
Abheek Barua: Lessons from Dubai crisis
December 15, 2009
Ajai Shukla: India: Global hub for warship-building
Dani Rodrik: A rising renminbi can hurt China seriously
A V Rajwade: Why billionaires get involved in frauds
Pratip Kar: What good corporate governance is all about
December 14, 2009
Ajit Balakrishnan: How I learnt what education is all about
December 11, 2009
Subir Roy: What Bengaluru must learn from San Francisco
Business Standard: The cost of land
December 10, 2009
Kanika Datta: 'Foreign hands' in Indian business
December 09, 2009
Sanjeev Sanyal: Why Indian slums are not places of hopelessness
Subir Roy: Road ahead from Copenhagen
December 08, 2009
Surjit S Bhalla: Copenhagen: Why China-India alliance will break up
December 07, 2009
Kumkum Sen: Single person to constitute a Company
K V Sridhar: The resurgence of brand mascots
Sanjaya Baru: It's time for a 'Look Further East Policy'
: 14 days to avert an approaching calamity
Kirit Parikh: How India can cut its energy needs by 20%!
BS Bureau: It's the right climate for change
December 04, 2009
Madhukar Sabnavis: The secret behind successful marketing
T V R Shenoy: Should India rescue Dubai?
December 03, 2009
BS Bureau: Exports: All about cushioning the fall
BS Bureau: Mobile banking: What the RBI is doing
Barun Roy: Why globalism is the new villain
Arvind Singhal: Modern retail may spell doom for old markets
Shyam Ponappa: How to revolutionise broadband in India
December 02, 2009
Himanshu Thakkar: Agriculture growth figures: Wishful thinking or gimmickry?
A K Bhattacharya: How will history remember this decade?
Abheek Barua: The biggest risk for financial markets
December 01, 2009
Surjit S Bhalla: Climate change: The story of mere promises
Ashok K Lahiri: Concerns on China's trade boom
November 30, 2009
Vikram Sood and Nandita Sood-Perret: Act now, before Mumbai, Kolkata drown!
Craig Fernandes: The good, bad & the ugly of music downloads
: Dubai crisis: Don't panic, but hedge your bets
Jairam Ramesh: I have been advocating flexibility: Jairam Ramesh
Frank Sieren & Andreas Sieren: Of US, economics, and the rising power of China
Business Standard: Roads, flyover, yes. . . but what about pedestrians?
: The rise of renminbi
Sunil Jain: Spectrum: The govt faces big trouble
T N Ninan: Delhi flourishes, as Mumbai loses sheen
November 27, 2009
Jamal Mecklai: Has RBI been diversifying out of dollars?
November 23, 2009
Ashok K Lahiri: 5 reasons behind the rise of China
T N Ninan: What India needs to do to transform the economy
November 20, 2009
Jaimini Bhagwati: More standard ratings, less moody ones
BS Bureau: Tata's tata to Tata
Sunita Narain: Of Naxals and rich land of the poor
Shobhana Subramanian: Who'll finance 'affordable' housing?
November 19, 2009
Nitin Desai: G-20: A new global oligarchy
Bhupesh Bhandari: The reign of rural retail
Arvind Singhal: Women workforce: A revolution in the making
November 17, 2009
T N Ninan: No protests over reforms policies! Hmmm. . .
November 16, 2009
Biswajit Dhar: Making the Asean FTA work
November 13, 2009
S S Kumar: The cost of living in India
Subir Roy: A 'memorable' journey in the Duronto
November 12, 2009
Anoop Singh: Asia's post-crisis challenges
Shyamal Majumdar: When MBAs aspire to become clerks
November 11, 2009
Sanjeev Sanyal: Rebuilding Mumbai for the 21st century
Subir Roy: Meeting the urban challenge effectively
November 09, 2009
Tarun Das: What the CII achieved in 25 years
November 06, 2009
Sudhir Bisht: Jaipur oil mishap: IOC chairman must be fired
November 04, 2009
Sanjaya Baru: Time to get our fiscal act together
November 03, 2009
Surinder Sud: Carbon dioxide can actually be good for farming
M Govinda Rao: Stimulus: It's important to time the exit right
November 02, 2009
Subir Gokarn: 2010: An economic odyssey
Sunil Jain: Telecom scam: Noose tightens around Raja?
Devangshu Datta: Dealing with a weak dollar
October 29, 2009
Shyamal Majumdar: How flexible benefit plans can help employees
October 28, 2009
Subir Roy: Time for us to sound the food alarm
October 27, 2009
Yaga Venugopal Reddy: What next for India's financial sector?
October 26, 2009
Praful Bidwai: Opening the door to Bt brinjal, a step towards disaster
T N Ninan: Two headaches, one solution
ND Batra: China's economic diplomacy
Sunil Jain: Can Manmohan ditch Raja?
Abheek Barua: What if RBI Governor hikes interest rates tomorrow?
Ram Prasad Sahu: Recovery in realty mart: Will it last?
October 23, 2009
Shobhana Subramanian: Realty: What're the builders so worried about?
October 22, 2009
Pallavi Aiyar: Of climate change and constructing a winning narrative
October 15, 2009
Kanika Datta: Of growth and obsolescence
October 13, 2009
Dani Rodrik: The myth of rising protectionism
October 12, 2009
Sunanda K Datta-Ray: An insecure future for India's unskilled workers
Pradipta Mukherjee & Kanika Datta: How to resolve the financial crisis at IITs, IIMs
Pratip Kar: Vulgarity in executive compensation? A point of view
October 09, 2009
Lakshmi Iyer: Why gold is a good investment option
Harsh V Pant: India's strategy to fight global warming
Sunita Narain: How to regulate the regulator?
Akash Prakash: Growth to collapse if stimulus packages withdrawn
October 08, 2009
Arvind Singhal: India's huge education deficit
Shankar Acharya: 6 reasons why you will remember September
October 07, 2009
D Subbarao: Economy: India's 5 major concerns
BS Bureau: Why tirade against CEO salary is unfair
Sanjaya Baru: India's stake in the dollar's future
October 06, 2009
S S Kumar: A cure for India's traffic mess
October 05, 2009
Business Standard: Exports continue to plunge, but...
Sunil Jain: Is India's telecom sector in deep trouble?
Sreelatha Menon: How a social audit makes people accountable
October 01, 2009
Subir Roy: What the IITs really need
September 30, 2009
A V Rajwade: The US model: Don't follow it blindly!
Sunanda K Datta-Ray: Curbing costly CEOs!
T N Ninan: Climate change talks are more about politics
: The beginning of an electric car revolution
September 29, 2009
BS Bureau: The G-20 arrives!
BS Bureau: Swiss banks' proposal not good enough
BS Bureau: India needs a proper privacy law
September 28, 2009
BS Bureau: Only 123 corrupt officials in India?
September 25, 2009
Bhupesh Bhandari: Headhunters back on the prowl; jobs boom
Shobhana Subramanian: Should portfolio pricing replace MRP?
September 24, 2009
Arvind Singhal: India's new class of entrepreneurs
Pratik Kadakia & Jeffry Jacob: Raising India's 'pulse' rate
Shankar Acharya: Policy continuity at the Reserve Bank
September 23, 2009
A K Bhattacharya: The dangers of Mr Sibal's plan
Pranab Bardhan: Why land acquisition issue needs a quick solution
September 22, 2009
Martin Feldstein: The G-20's empty promises
September 21, 2009
T N Ninan: Why poverty and inequality are rising in India
Arjun Rajgopal & Kartik Ganapathy: Infrastructure: Opt for the Swiss Challenge
September 18, 2009
Sadanand Menon: Of hunger and its eradication
September 16, 2009
Rajesh Kumar, Outlook Money: How green are the shoots?
September 15, 2009
Nilanjana S Roy: Should Google own the world's words?
: The fear of a PSU called Jet Airways
September 14, 2009
Abheek Barua: Preparing for recovery
September 10, 2009
B S Prakash: What makes Indian companies excel abroad?
Latha Jishnu: Why the city gas distribution is in a mess
Business Standard: Will G20 summit offer more for emerging nations?
Business Standard: The essence of rural job scheme
September 09, 2009
Rajeev Malik: The real story about the drought
Business Standard: The job at hand for India
September 07, 2009
Pranab Bardhan: How unequal a country is India?
Renu Kohli: Industrial growth you can bank upon
September 04, 2009
Shyam Ponappa: How to make broadband succeed in India
Kanika Datta: Of advertising, news and big business
September 01, 2009
S S Kumar: How to make Indian babus more productive
M Govinda Rao: Can we afford the draft direct taxes code?
Surajeet Das Gupta: Air India flies into another storm
August 31, 2009
Sunanda K Datta-Ray: Air India, your humble airline
August 28, 2009
Shobhana Subramanian: Retail sector's new mantra
Arvind Singhal: India's big agriculture challenge
Shankar Acharya: Why the Direct Taxes Code is flawed
August 27, 2009
S S Kumar: Accountability is what India lacks the most
August 26, 2009
Arvind Subramanian: The G-20: An idea from India
M J Antony: Debt collection pangs: Borrowers vs creditors
August 24, 2009
Devangshu Datta: How valuations of oil PSUs can rise
August 20, 2009
Nouriel Roubini: How real is the economic recovery?
August 18, 2009
D Ravi Kanth: Now, China facing the heat of global trade
August 17, 2009
S S Kumar: 3-step plan to counter cyber attacks
Sreelatha Menon: Land Acquisition Act: No help to farmers
August 14, 2009
Shobhana Subramanian: When expressways take their toll
August 13, 2009
Arvind Singhal: Roti, mobile, gaadi aur necklace
Sunil Jain: Money, a solution to India's infrastructure woes?
Pratip Kar: Why India's aviation sector is in crisis
August 11, 2009
Business Standard: Independent experts should be truly independent
Latha Jishnu: The remarkable saga of Narendra Jadhav
Dani Rodrik: What the new Fed chairman should do
August 10, 2009
Business Standard: 'Money lies in the mass market'
Sreelatha Menon: Where is the food for all?
Rajeev Malik: Good idea, bad timing
T N Ninan: Can India deal with the drought?
Rahul Chhaparwal: No revival in credit demand
: Drought: How govt bungling can hurt India's economy
August 07, 2009
Praful Bidwai: When corporations capture the state
Harsh V Pant: 3 sticky issues that hamper Indo-US ties
August 06, 2009
Business Standard: Beginning of an economic recovery?
Vijay Mukhi: Don't be secretive about cyber crime
August 05, 2009
Business Standard: It's time Mr Deora got a new portfolio
August 04, 2009
Pallavi Aiyar: Where Marx comes alive
August 03, 2009
Sunil Jain: Dirty games that India's telecom ministry plays
Business Standard: A word of advice for India's private airlines
July 30, 2009
Business Standard: Why India should go ahead with Asean FTA
July 29, 2009
T V R Shenoy: Don't tax common man to bail out Air India
July 28, 2009
Sunil Jain: BSNL-MTNL merger: Don't dial it, please
Subir Gokarn: The interest rate pendulum
A V Rajwade: Finance capital: The new dominant minority
July 27, 2009
Mahesh Vyas: The plans are man's, the odds are God's
July 24, 2009
Mahesh Vijapurkar: Email: For God's sake, use it!
Sumita Kale: The Fed is in the red
Akash Prakash: Why India will do a China
July 21, 2009
Govindraj Ethiraj: Is Air India an airline?
Suman Bery: How to assess our financial vulnerability
Shobhana Subramanian: Jerry Rao's mission: Affordable housing
A K Bhattacharya: Budget to be passed without much scrutiny
July 20, 2009
Ramakrishnan Manoj: What if our ATM network is hacked?
Nouriel Roubini: 5 ways joblessness threatens the economy
A V Rajwade: Labouring over the rupee
Sunil Jain: Time to go, Mr Sreedharan
Devangshu Datta: The Budget's impact on markets
July 17, 2009
A N Shanbhag & Sandeep Shanbhag: For RNOR, foreign income is tax-free in India
July 15, 2009
Business Standard: Rising unemployment poses threat to US recovery
July 14, 2009
Business Standard: India's daunting urban challenge
July 13, 2009
Pratip Kar: Valuable lessons for Air India's revival
Chaitanya Kalbag: Deficit sets alarm bells ringing
Sreelatha Menon: Good demand for certified wood
July 10, 2009
Pradip Baijal: 'Let's not stall energy security'
Sunil Jain: Have reforms changed India's corporate structure?
July 09, 2009
S Srinath: Is the dollar's supremacy coming to an end?
Peeyush Bajpai & Laveesh Bhandari: The dark side of the ID database
July 08, 2009
Subir Roy: Money alone can't buy inclusive growth
BS Reporter: Budget's revenue numbers: Cautious & optimistic
July 06, 2009
BS Reporter: Budget: The best vs the good
July 05, 2009
Harsh Roongta: SBI surges ahead with smart rate cuts
July 04, 2009
Pallavi Aiyar: Is the First World the new Third World?
July 03, 2009
Shyam Ponappa: A rational spectrum allocation policy
Shobhana Subramanian: Houses @ Rs 7 lakh: Dream or reality?
June 30, 2009
Surinder Sud: Agri problems? Opt for rain-proofing farming
June 29, 2009
Sunil Jain: Gas woes: Let's do the math
T N C Rajagopalan: What exporters need to understand...
June 25, 2009
Pallavi Aiyar: Wake up, India! Don't ignore EU
June 23, 2009
Nouriel Roubini: Financial gain, economic pain
Mahesh Vyas: SEZs aren't delivering. Time to scrap them?
June 22, 2009
Nishith M Desai: Why foreign investors are scared
Devangshu Datta: China's Great (Fire)Wall
Sunil Jain: Choking on gas
T N Ninan: Sunny Indians and dangers of optimism
June 15, 2009
T N Ninan: How can the common man own a house?
Subir Gokarn: Budgeting for the mandate
June 11, 2009
Raj Sharma: How to invest in a recession
Sanjeev Sanyal: Small-town India holds the key
Shyamal Majumdar: Top performers get good pay hikes
June 10, 2009
John Briscoe: Reforming the World Bank - Not so easy!
Subir Roy: The 2020 challenge before IT-BPO
Suman Bery: Economic diplomacy: Mantra for new govt
June 09, 2009
Govindraj Ethiraj: Keeping the financial doors half open
A K Bhattacharya: Why extending retirees' tenure is unfair
June 08, 2009
Rajiv Kumar: India & WTO: A rethink needed
Devangshu Datta: 'Search' a big business opportunity
Ashwani Windlass: A licence raj mindset on spectrum
June 05, 2009
Bhupesh Bhandari: Malvinder Singh's Ranbaxy report card
Madhukar Sabnavis: The magic of the Zoozoos
Sunita Narain: Needed: Reforms for the poor
June 04, 2009
Shyam Ponappa: Why India needs a broadband stimulus
June 03, 2009
A K Bhattacharya: Divestment - What can go wrong with UPA's plan
Business Standard: The promises are encouraging; now for action
R Gopalakrishnan: Employee discontent and economic recovery
June 02, 2009
M Govinda Rao: Tightrope walk for the finance minister
June 01, 2009
V Sridhar & Kala Seetharam Sridhar: Education: India must learn from China
Devangshu Datta: Power sector reform: India's biggest problem
May 29, 2009
Sumita Kale: Women's unhappiness = Increased unemployment
May 28, 2009
Kanika Datta: The good, the bad and the <I>aam aadmi</I>
Shyamal Majumdar: Meltdown: Is the worst behind us?
May 27, 2009
Subir Roy: The new UPA govt: Hope for a new agenda?
Arvind Subramanian: To be or wannabe a superpower?
May 26, 2009
Govindraj Ethiraj: The ministers that really matter
Deepak Lal: Tasks for an emerging superpower
May 25, 2009
Abheek Barua: Sell America, buy India?
May 22, 2009
Sunita Narain: Swine Flu: The real pandemic
May 21, 2009
BS Reporter: Stock markets' rise: A happy surprise!
May 18, 2009
Mukul Pal: The application of three systems
Business Standard: Polls: Good governance wins
Arun Kumar: Now, the spotlight is on Press Notes
Somasekhar Sundaresan: 'New govt has an enormous task'
Arun Kumar: Now, the spotlight is on Press Notes
May 15, 2009
Sumita Kale: Is speculation good or bad?
Jaimini Bhagwati: Tax havens and banking secrecy
May 14, 2009
Kanika Datta: Markets: A game between traders and common men
May 13, 2009
Subir Roy: IT-BPO: Is it the end of a dream run?
Kishore Singh: Artists must demand their resale rights
May 12, 2009
BS Reporter: Gender budgeting? A failed attempt
Govindraj Ethiraj: Y V Reddy on global turbulence
Dani Rodrik: Are we moving towards a de-globalised world?
May 11, 2009
A V Rajwade: Replacing the US dollar: A lengthy affair
Pradip Baijal: A steel famine on the horizon
Abheek Barua: Economic recovery? Aren't we being too optimistic?
TNC Rajagopalan: Foreign trade becomes environment conscious
May 08, 2009
Akash Prakash: Why market rally will last longer
BS Bureau: Buying land overseas makes sense
Shobhana Subramanian: Retail biz: Need to develop strong value proposition
Sunita Narain: The challenge of the chulha
May 07, 2009
Arvind Singhal: Need to make the textile sector fashionable
Shyam Ponappa: RBI: A call to action
Sunil Jain: Telecom nirvana: Will MNP help?
May 06, 2009
A K Bhattacharya: The buck must stop at EC's door
: Economic priorities for the new government
May 05, 2009
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar: What media investors want
Frank Sieren & Andreas Sieren: Of global stakes and China's dogged persistence
Vandana Gombar: Fake experts, faulty forecasts
Mahesh Vijapurkar: Of Borge's death and why fear is the key
May 04, 2009
Gourav Gupta: Bank profitability set to fall
Sunil Jain: Dialling trouble in telecom
Latha Jishnu: The big city-gas dream
BS Bureau: New pension scheme: Good over the long term
Parthasarathi Shome: Dangers and foibles of tax reform
Business Standard: The shrinking trade deficit
May 01, 2009
Madhukar Sabnavis: Indians are less rational than marketers think
April 30, 2009
Kanika Datta: The 'Ford' test of CEO success
BS Reporter: Swine flu: How to deal with it
April 29, 2009
Govindraj Ethiraj: The sun shines on green shoots
Business Standard Bureau: In the Nano's headlights
April 28, 2009
A K Bhattacharya: Are MP funds well-spent?
April 27, 2009
Abheek Barua: What the Credit Policy really said
Ranju Sarkar: Why independent directors are quitting in droves
Kumkum Sen: The whys, whats and wherefores of QIPs
Sunil Jain: Black money: Can BJP bring it back?
T N Ninan: How to deal with scams
Sunanda K Datta-Ray: Showcasing Gujarat, abroad
Ajay Dua: 'India can safely expect a 6% GDP growth'
April 24, 2009
P Venkata Narasaiah: A not-so-young job-seeker's tale
April 22, 2009
: How real are the figures on black money abroad?
April 22, 2009
: How real are the figures on black money abroad?
April 22, 2009
: How real are the figures on black money abroad?
April 16, 2009
Dharmakirti Joshi & Manoranjan Pattanayak: How to deal with India's fiscal deficit
Sunil Jain: Don't blame the global crisis
Business Standard Bureau: Why it will be tough to get back funds in Swiss accounts
April 15, 2009
Subir Roy: Indian banks spectacular compared to global peers
Nouriel Roubini: End of economic gloom?
April 14, 2009
A K Bhattacharya: Satyam: Will Raju go to trial quickly?
April 13, 2009
Sunil Jain: Orissa versus Rest of India
Pratip Kar: Patterns in governance failures
Dani Rodrik: An IMF we can love?
M R Mayya: Corporate frauds: A shocking revelation
April 07, 2009
M Govinda Rao: Reviving the world economy - G20 and beyond
April 01, 2009
Devesh Kapur & Arvind Subramanian: The G-20 and IMF reform
March 31, 2009
Govindraj Ethiraj: 'These award-winning private banks'
D Ravi Kanth: The G-20's empty cupboard
March 28, 2009
Latha Jishnu: Of economic crisis and the brazen deceits of the rich
T N Ninan: Big bucks? Authors too are getting them
March 27, 2009
Kunal Kumar Kundu: Why Europe may see more economic pain
Shyam G Menon: Of Nano, jingoism and the right question
March 26, 2009
Barun Roy: Indonesia: The new Asian business hub?
Arvind Singhal: India needs a marketing stimulus
Martin Feldstein: China's recovery and global growth
March 25, 2009
Rajeev Srinivasan: UPA will cost India economic superstardom
March 23, 2009
Mukesh Butani: Will the slowdown impact tax collections?
L V V Iyer: Beyond corporate frauds
March 20, 2009
BS Reporter: Global warming: Carbon trading not enough
Madhav Raghavan: Meltdown mantra: Shock and alter
BS Reporter: It's a season for bad ideas
Jaimini Bhagwati: Meltdown: A story of financial alchemy?
March 19, 2009
Sunil Jain: This growth isn't crashing
Shyamal Majumdar: The boiled frog syndrome
Nitin Desai: The road to recovery
Alok Mittal: VC funds available for tech start-ups
Kanika Datta: Health is exclusive wealth
March 18, 2009
M J Antony: Accident compensation has a multiplier effect
March 17, 2009
Robert J Shiller: Will G-20 win the confidence game?
Govindraj Ethiraj: Is the ESOP dream run over?
D Ravi Kanth: Hope and despair at the G-20
March 16, 2009
Rahul Roy: How the audit profession can heal itself
BS Bureau: The world is not flat
Abheek Barua: An embarrassed forecaster's apology
A V Rajwade: Can regulators effectively supervise banks?
Vinayak Chatterjee: 'Infrastructure spend must be disclosed'
Chand Mehra: Is investing in gold risky?
March 14, 2009
Dani Rodrik: Blame economists, not economics
March 10, 2009
Subir Gokarn: There is growth amidst turbulence
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar: Myths in cable TV pricing
March 07, 2009
Rajeev Srinivasan: The end of the immigration boom
March 06, 2009
Titli Basu: Japan aims at green leadership
Bishal Thapa and Mahua Acharya: Climate change: New dawn or same old song?
Madhukar Sabnavis: The need for culture-sensitive marketing
Joydeep Ghosh: Ajit Jain: Berkshire's next Oracle?
March 04, 2009
Kunal Kumar Kundu: Indian economy: Nothing much to cheer
D Ravi Kanth: When policy makers behave like religious militants
Surjit S Bhalla: Getting back to 'Hindu' growth
March 03, 2009
Shobhana Subramanian: It pays to be a listed company
Akash Prakash: Crunch time: Let's make the most of it
M Govinda Rao: Of stimulus packages and fiscal conundrums
March 02, 2009
Sunita Narain: Slowdown hangs heavy on us, when to exhale?
Anjuli Bhargava: Yet another bailout
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