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Should the new roads, airports be toll-free?

March 11, 2008 08:18 IST
No matter which route you take for your travel, you are forced to pay fee for the development of a road, a bridge, an airport or a flyover.  You may be offered more amenities but everything comes at a price, sometimes a steep price!

Hyderabad and Bangalore may boast of swanky airports but you have to pay more for travelling from these airports as they are set to impose a user development fee of Rs 750 from each domestic passenger and of Rs 950-Rs 1,000 from each international passenger.

Even years after roads, flyovers and bridges have been constructed, the toll collection goes on unabated taxing people every time they travel on the newly built roads.  Besides this, people end up wasting more time in traffic jams and mismanagement at toll booths.

What are your views on user development fees? Is this a huge burden on people? Or do you believe that we should contribute to building better infrastructure? Should the new roads, airports be toll-free?  Tell us your views.