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Where did world's first paper money appear?


How much money does a person need? Well, there is no definite answer. However, the following queries do have. Take the Rediff business quiz and find out how much you know about money - coins and paper.

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1. What is a coin with a minting error called?
b) VAM
c) Apiked head

2. What is the study of coins called?
a) Philately
b) Numismatics
c) Psephology

3. In which country did the world's first paper money appear?
a) China
b) The Netherlands
c) Canada

4. Which of these currencies signify a weight in grains?
a) Euro
b) Koku
c) Drachma

5. Which is India's oldest mint?
a) The Bombay mint
b) The Calcutta mint
c) The Hyderabd mint

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