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Which was the world's first postage stamp?
Of This and That

FIRST may be an acronym for 'For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology', the word has a weird magical power. Everyone is in the rat race to be first - be at school, in office or even home. Rediff Businees Desk brings to you a few world's first. Take the quiz and find out how much you know about them.

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1. Which was the world's first postage stamp?
a) Penny Black
b) 5-cent Franklin
c) 10 centimes bister

2. Who invented the Scotch Tape?
a) John A Borden
b) Harry Coover
c) Richard Drew

3. Who pioneered the world's first ambulance?
a) British
b) Americans
c) French

4. Who made the first rubber balloons?
a) Michael Faraday
b) Etienne Montgolfier
c) Neither

5. Who invented the world's first matchstick?
a) Johan Edvard Lundstrom
b) John Walker
c) Joshua Pusey

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