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Should courier firms be stopped from carrying small packets?

February 15, 2006 01:24 IST

India's postal department plans to ban private courier companies from delivering letters below 500 gms.

The success of private courier companies has spelt huge loss of business for the postal department. Now, in a move to boost revenues, the government plans to dictate new norms for courier companies, which the courier firms feel is a step to monopolise the services handled by the courier companies.

If the New Postal Act comes into force, courier firms will be badly hit and thousands of people will be out of a job.

Do you think India Post is right in planning to stop courier companies from carrying small packets? Is it ethical to kill competition? Will this monopolisation of services benefit consumers? Will India Post be able to offer services at par with private courier companies?

Would you prefer postal services to the private courier? Should the government impose such bars on courier companies?

Tell us what you think!