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What rediff readers have to say

November 11, 2005 17:10 IST

This is an interesting article on Nalin. Two wealth management companies manage my portfolio presently and I would now like to talk with Nalin also. Can you please send me his contact details?
- Y G Kumar

I am a NRI, currently based in Singapore. Interesting article on Nalin Pascricha, and I'd be keen to get in touch with him and understand more about his trading practice, and how he can help somebody like me.
Look forward to your assistance in getting in touch with him.
- Manoj A

I am a frequent visitor on rediff...On the 11/11 I came across an article on Nalin Pasricha 'Your PC can help you make millions'.. I am an NRI living in Australia and am very much interested in knowing more about his product - Seismo.. and possibly being a client. I would really appreciate it if you could forward me his contact email or a webiste where I could get more info...
Thanking you
- Shaun

Your PC can help you make millions

I would like to get Mr. Nalin's assistance in trading in stocks.  I am right now working in Maldives. 
- Theriappan K.

Found the news about you very interesting. I am a NRI, interested to invest in stcoks in India. I have no previous experience of any sort with the stock market. I would be very willing to get into the market through you. Please write back with more details.
- Amlan

First of all a big thanks for publishing this article. I am an NRI and is with a job which does not let me to know about the stock market movement; and was in need for a person with software to take of my investment, obviously with share of profit.
I would like to contact Mr. Nalin Pasricha, any help from you? Keep up with your good work, God Bless.
- Sanjay Bhakat, UAE

I enjoyed your article on Nalin Pasricha. Is it possible for you to give his contaact details ?
- K Santhanam, Indonesia 

I would like to have more information in this type of trading.
Is it possible to start such trading with initial small investment and then depending on the returns, go further from there ??
In such a case what is the minimum amount required ?
I already have a demat a/c in india so that should be no problem.
Anything else that I should know as a first time investor ??
- Kavitha Anand

The model is based on simple black sholes models. I have been guessing how to find a sysytem like that, If its not sale where can i find it. It tells me to do systemetic trading but there is no way a reader can know how to do it.
- Vatsal Ramaiya

I beleive systematic trading is one of the tool is stock market but my experience says some time it do not work at all, instead random trading work more effectively. What is your opinion?
- Zamir Alvi

Any mathematical model can work for long term investment criterion only.There is absolutely no possibility to forecast trends for a few days.When for last 2.5 years  index is going only up, any fool can make money whatever way he or she trades.
- Prof R K Gupta Director, AIMT, Ambala India

Sounds like a fantasy.
- Deepak Singh

Kindly send us the contact details of Nalin Pasricha.  I would like to get in touch with him for further business opportunity.
- Madhukar Krishan

I am a Physicist who has dabbled with stock market data analyses using wavelet transforms, some time back. I keep interest in econophysics, a marriage of economy and physics. Have dreamt of making some money by hitting on some cool pattern and using smart logic. Havent managed to even close to that yet. But I am committed to it and will get actively into this area, no matter what. I believe that modeling economy as a complex system could lead to some interesting revelations of practical value.
I have been dealing with biological systems and come across various examples with power law that you mention in your article. I was delighted to see an article, which talks about an adventurous guy who puts
scientific research (Nature paper) to particle use. Thats smart. I will be glad if I could interact with Nalin Pasricha, perhaps sometime offline, to know more about his passion and to learn from him.
Good Article. Nice job, Rediff folks. Keep it up.
- Ganesh Bagler, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.

I have been trying to develop such a system myself.
I was about to give up when I read the article.
I was looking at day trading. I needed a system that collects data every minute. The plan was to use a combination of trend following indicators and oscillators.
I developed something using java that goes to the nse site and downloads quotes for the nifty fifty. However, I do not get data every minute because the nse site is overloaded most of the time. Besides downloading 50 pages every minute is too much for my bandwidth to handle.
- Roshan Fernandes

good attempt at salesmanship.
- G.D. Jasuja

May I have more info about the software you have developed? Also like to know whether it is being marketed?
- Mohan 

Though I am new to this field (Trading),I would really appreciate if you can help me out in this subject.
I have opened a DMAT & a Net Trading account but still not operated.
I am trading through my Dad's account.
I was really glad to read your article in & would like to know the various points or may be the tricks of Trading .
That is when to trade, or which one to buy, which sector will give more returns, which one not to buy .... etc
I too would like to be a TRADER rather than INVESTOR.
Hope you would respond to my mail.
My name is Umesh M.K. working as software engineer in one of the PLM/CAD based company in Pune.
Thanks for your help.
- Umesh

I was thrilled to read this article on regarding about you and your "automatic trading platform software" .  I am basically an investor with a philosophy of "Buy-Hold-Sell".  But after reading this article I am very curious and interested to know much more both regarding your tool and the strategy you follow.  

From this article, I have observed that you also do this for your clients.  Would you mind sharing with me the modalities and conditions to be your client?
- Narasimha Rao

I am a comparatively fresh entrant in the equity trading field and am trying to learn my way into equity trading. I am hearing about systematic trading for the first time. Can you elaborate on the same as I would be interested to know about  it.
- Nilesh  Dongre

I am interested in knowing more about above. Pls let me know at the earliiest.
- Samir Menon

Wow, wonderful article. You really came up with some options for me to ponder/explore. All along people have been saying trading is not a good way to make money and one should always invest for long term and I am caught in between the thoughts of making short term profits vs long term investments. This real life experience that you invaded shows there is no one good way to make money.
- R Dharmarajan 

Good Going. Please advise what scrips to be purchased now and how do you see the current market[Is it volatile]. I am holding the following scrips:
1.GE Shipping--700 Shares Purchased @ Rs.205/-
2.Zuari Industries---1000 Shares Purchased @ 116/-
What is your feedback on the above scrips.
- Satish Kulkarni
I am interested in Investing with Nalin Pasricha. where can i get his details?

What's this all about. Can you explain in detail. I am interested.
- K Sengupta

I am not involved in Stock Markets at all. But after reading your experience through your pc can hlep you make millions, I would like to know more about trading in stocks especially the method adopted by you, if you can throw open certain light please do so.
Thanking you,
- S.V.Subramanian

I have read the report and appreciate the same.  I am not a big investor and don't have huge money to invest.  Can invest upto Rs.100,000.00?
Is it possible to come in your client list and get the benefit which others are enjoying with your knowledge.  If yes then how?  I am working overseas.
- Bakshi

It was a pleasure reading the article 'Your PC can help you make millions' on  I must say you possess a unique quality of making money.
I m myself not a regular investor (as i dont have that many funds to part with), but i have booked reasonable profits and have lost few rupees along the way in my earlier ventures.  I would definitely like to have a long association with you in Stock trading.  Please let me know how can we start off with.
- Naresh N

I would surely like to hear from Nalin Pasricha about this. Can I have any reference to him. I would like to learn it from him.
- Ramasubramaniyan Srinivasan

I want to know how to start the dealings from computer at home from the beginning
- A.D.Mitra

HOW Do i subscribe to his system ? From which websites does Nalin's trading software draw data ?
- ketan pandya

I would like to have the contact number (or mail id ) of Nalin, if possible. Plus, where is he based?
- Amit Sehgal

Can I have his contact details.
- Joby George

It was quite interesting to read the article. i would like to have the software if it is for sale or would like to cantact Mr. Nalin Pasricha for trading in shares
i look forward to your reply.
- Mahendar Rathi

Great use of ICT.
I work for a consultancy firm helping super markets to procure fresh fruit and vegetables directly from Farmers. In the perishables, especially fresh fruit and vegetables  the price discovery is key to the increased income of millions of farmers. However the price modeling may not work in perishables as there are nor futures.
I make limited money owing to the kind of work I do. However, I would be happy to know the progress on a similar software for price discovery of commodities trading.  
Thanks and Regards
- Rajesh Sinha

My Name is Jayakumar and am a franchisee for Tata Indicom in Chennai. I came across your article in and would like to have more information on this. From here on how is it to be proceded pls let me know.

Hello Mr. Nalin Pasricha. This is Malcolm Alvares an Indian from Mumbai. I would like to speak to you and get some useful advice and tips while venturing in stocks as I have never done it before.
I hope I will receive a response from your end for further ongoing communications.
Thanks and awaiting yoru reply.
- Malcolm

I read your article on systematic trading. I must admit that I was quite interested. I myself am from the field of IT(not Income Tax), and had infact thought of creating such a software. But, unlike my friend Nalin, I like many others thought that timing the market and taming the bear was not possible.
I would like to get a few details from Nalin, if possible about what all is in the offering for someone who wants to get his services.
Thanking You,
yours faithfully,
- Sukrit Sehgal

I have read your wonderful article in rediffmail main page.Iam really fascinated. Kindly help me in systematic trading. I would like to come and get trained from you and have your software.
Iam a small investor and working in a private company .Please me guide how to do and inform me to have your appointment .
- Suryamohan Rao

Please tell me in detail
i would like to follow your idea.
- Dr.ismaeel

Can you let me know the software used by him ?
- K N Swaminathan

Let me the know the details & to contact him
- S Purusothaman

it nice to see your software along with you but it is very expensive for small invesors like me what do u suggest for very small investor  
Mahadev Kokkari

 This is Madhav from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I have read the article on "Systematic Trading" at I must say that am very impressed by Mr. Nalin's view about Systematic Trading. To introduce myself, am a Software Professional turned Entrepreneur 3 years ago. My knowledge on Finance is very little, but given my position and the responsibility I have to always look for ways and means to generate revenues using various methods (apart from what I do). Am an ardent fan of Systematic Trading, was always intrigued by its complexity. Would Mr. Nalin be kind enough to lend me some advice as to how one can make Systematic Trading a resource for generating revenues for my company.
- Madhav Murthy 

Is it possible for you or mr. nalin to make his  systematic trading software available to individuals like me on, say a subscription basis?shall appreciate a word from you in the matter.
- harikrishna brahmbhatt

The article was realy interesting. Can u pls help us out as to how to go about it. i should be obliged.
- Dushyant Chhaya 

The article in rediff was exciting. I am a young professional and after my investments in mutual funds and tax saving insurance products I've decided to take a plunge in to the booming stock market. I've given myself a time period of six months to understand the nuances of stock trading. After this I've decided to take a personal loan of around 2 Lakh and invest in stock market. Is this advisable or should I just stick on with mutual fund? What research has to be done in these six months to better understand the stock market?
- Rama Subramanian

Its a very enchanting and interesting story! I would like to know the details of this oppurtunity to invest.
- Vineet Sharma

I would like to discuss investment options with Nalin Pasricha.  Can I get his contact info? 
- M Subramaniam

Would you trade for an individual like me? What is the minimum corpus required? Can I get to discuss this with you personally?
Hope to hear from you.
- S George

I am interested in the SysTrading system.
- Arvind Kumar

I have a query... Does Nalin Pasricha service people with investment capacities as low as Rs. 5,000/- ????? Please lemme know...
- Atif Shaikh

I went through the article and found it both interesting and inspiring. I would like to know more about systematic trading. i am have never invested in Stock Market and so a little skepticle about investing. As a Novice can you tell me how can I invest and get started in the Stock Market. Also how will your software help me?
- Aditya kaushik

My name is Kamlesh Gidwani and would like to invest through Mr. Nalin Pasricha. Please help establish contact

I am very much glad to read this report. I am interested in knowing the complete details. Pl.let me know.
Thanks & Regards
- Susheel Bhel

It was interesting reading about Nalin and his method of making money. I am intrigued by the scientific method he uses.  I wonder if he does take up small portfolios of someone like me  a retired army officer with hardly any large sum of money to play around with?????  do let me know please.

With warm regards and best wishes
- Brig Suresh Nair

I read an article about Nalin Pasricha-Systematic trading.  I would like to know the contact details of Nalin pasricha. I am interested in doing shuch trade business. If you have details about this can mail me.
- Karthick Janakiram  

I found your article in Rediff web site very interesting. I would very much like to get in touch with Nalin Pasricha. 
Please provide me with details for me to contact him.
I am an NRI and am planning to return to India in a couple of months perhaps to set up my own business, and a power plant engineer by profession.
- L Kadambi

This is Anand Agarwal from Lucknow, I am a day trader only in Futures and doing trading through ICICI Direct. Com myself. From a long time I am looking for a software like you described in the article.
I am not a very big trader but u can say a medium trader and as u know that also lost some of my capital in market too.
So please let me know that in which way u can help me in this regard, means can I get the tips or I can do the trading through you, let me know.
- Anand Agarwal

Could you provide me with the contact details of Nalin Pasricha
- Varun

I was fascinated by the article and have had interest in this subject for a long time, but never got myself to do anything about it.
I am interested in investing through Nalin and would appreciate you providing me his email address to contact him.
- Yunus, Mohammad

I have put some money in the 5 shares and would like to know what i should do about the same. I am currently working and have put only a small amount into shares to get some additional income.
Below i am giving you the details :
Name no. of shares purchased at current rate
Moschip 300     47 38
Indian Acrylic 100     15 11.18
Gujarat Hotels 100      71 50.6
Teledata 50      54.6 23-24
Indo Kem Ltd 100      19.3
Thanks & Regards,
- Jyotika Chugh

Mailing to ask how Mr. Pasricha's system can be put to use by a small time  investor like myself? Would love to know if I can in any way personally and  immediately benefit from the expertise of such systems.
Would Love to hear from you,
- Mathew John

- Sapnil Dage

I have gone through the article, sounds great. But i would like to know how does it works and wht and how i have to do that.
I have a system and i am connected with net. is that enough or wht ealse desired, and what kind of time i have to devote to make a earning. 
If you care plz do reply me.
- Suvendu S

This is really interesting.  How do we proceed from here ?
- Ram

Dear nalin
i want to know more about this.
- Dev Dhoundiyal

 I would like to know more about investing in stock market as a Trader.
- Janakiraman

Read a article on you,it was phenomenal,im also into equity markets,i wud like to get in touch with u,can i hv nalins email id.
- Prashant 

Its really great to know ur story..Very much inspiring as at one point u've taken the risk of ur high profile job to start an independent entity of ur own..
I'm also interested to have such kind of initiative of my own after having over a decade of banking experience..
This kind of news do motivate others and at this juncture when Indian economy is booming this is the right time for such an opportunity to co-ordinate and collaborate with others forming a company  / firm and making this a global entity..
In case such an idea inspires you, I 'm ready to join to take this forward..
Best of Luck for all ur future plans..
Thanks & Regards
- Amar  Nayak

I am an employed professional and would like to invest in the shares. I am not entirely convinced by the kind of advice / guidance provided by various experts in magazines or newspapers.
I was very much delighted to read the article about you in Can you please guide me ?
If you want to know anything more from me, pl let me know.
- Janakiram Jayaraman

What is the minimum investment reqd to be able to trade through you. Thanks & Regards.
- M Suri

Thanks for the article and the information.
Mr Nalin, if I have to invest using your software and your analysis, what is the minimum amount of investment you would take up?
- Vinay Joshi

Well Nalin seems to be a smart guy with a Zeal to achieve what he has thought about.
Though he was down he still did not let it get to him and kep striving for what he believed and today he has made it.
Way to go Nalin learnt a lot from your story. Keep Going !!!
- Paurush .M. Sonkar

Could you send me more details about the way Nalin Pasricha trades and how
to contact him.
Thanks and regards,
- Harischandra Valisetty

Pretty impressive reading the article on
Would like to know if you could guide me to a couple of similar softwares available.
Also would like to know if you are selling the one developed by you and if yes then for how much ?
Maybe you should consider offering the software as an ASP (Application Service Provider) with an alliance with a software company or software analyst so people can benefit from the system developed by you and at the same time you end up making more money out of your idea ;-) makes sense ?
 Happy trading !
- Shabbir Haidermota

The Article on your software was Very Interesting. Is the Software for Sale?
Keep it up,
All the Best
- Shirish Karia

I am an amatuer investor. i would like to know more about your methods. i am niether a high net worth
investor or a big time trader. i would just like to know if ur methods work for me.
- Dr rajesh hegde

Can you send me his email id?
- Rahul Saraf

Could you plz provide contact details of Mr Nalin Pasricha ?
- Vikram Suryawanshi

Yes i would like to know more from Mr.Nalin Pasricha. Since i am new to all this concept in detail guideance is expected.
- Sunil Kagwate

I read about your systematic trading on rediff and am zapped. I am a small time investor wanting to invest my mother's small saving of Rs. 1.00 Lac. Could you help me please ?
Looking forward to a reply from your end.
Thanks and regards,

How can I approach you for investment?
Thanks & Regards,
- Narendra Prabhudesai

PLease let me know about your product and its details. I would be glad to look at it.
- Ravi Pagar

Good article!
Congrats Mr.Nalin
- Gangaraju

I have read Nalin's findings on the trends of stock market.
Iam a s/w engineer by profession, who has little understanding of stock market.
Need help to play 'safely' in the stock market.
Kindly reply.
- Arvind

My name is Brijesh Kale. I have invested some funds in equity, mutual, bonds etc. Most recently I have lost a substantial sum in equities & would seek ur advise for the future.
- Brijesh Kale

I'd like more info on this program that helps Stock Trading.
- raja lakshminarayan

I have Escort, Essar Oil Ltd and Tata Tele (Maha). i want to know abt Tata Tele because i have heard that this share will go above 200 within 2 yrs. i am confuse because since few days its go up .50 paisa and .50 paisa not run fast. please tell me abt this
- Pankaj Arora

I am thrilled with this story of Mr Nalin.
I will be very much interested to take some advice from him on his method of trading.
Kindly inform his contact e-mail.
Thanking you,
Sincerely yours
- Ranadip Banerjee

I am Harpreet Singh and I stay in Delhi. I just read the article " Your Pc can help you make millions" which told me how you made millions thru the net. To be honest I myself have to knowledge about stocks and all but want to still make good amount of money. Can u help me with this??
- Harpreet Singh

I read your article on about trading in financial instrument and getting good income growth. Please, let me know about the software and how the system works out
With great regards

Enjoyed reading your Article!
- Simon Fernandes

The article was quite informative and an eye opener. Can i have Mr Nalins contact No.  Also would like to know the softwares he uses and whether they are sold in the market.
- Abhijeet Mishra

it was quite interesting to read the article. i would like to have the software if it is for sale or would like to cantact Mr. Nalin Pasricha for trading in shares
i look forward to your reply.
- mahendra  rathi

I am a computer engineer from Bombay and 20 months work ex in TCS. I am majoring in finance and marketing. Like most young guys who saw the IT boom, infosys and wipro success stories unfold before their eyes, I too got lured to the big bad world of stocks.

I have been trading in stocks since I was in my second year of engineering (year 2000). To add more I am even doing my own equity research and desperately mailing across to my for some recognition

I believe that a good investor has to base his decisions both on fundamentals and technical. In fact some times my buy and sell decisions are even more driven by what the insiders and promoters trade for a company. Though Nalin is a trader or a speculator he may make short term profits but as markets mature and become more efficient all users of the software would pick up such stocks and thus systematic trading may not remain as niche a segment as it is today. Opprtunities would more and more readily be exhausted in the markets. Nalin seems to have realized this and is thus focusing on upgrading the logic so as to detect more rarer picks from the plethora of stocks.

My perspective on this can run into pages and pages, but I should end here with just a few statements. For technical and fundamental analyses to succeed for a short term trader he must realize the timing of announcements expected from a company say a merger or dividend etc. Also his fundamental valuation should factor that in at the same time his software should be equipped for that. Though I have never bought or sold stocks through software I feel we could devise an intelligent software where u set say 100-200 stocks u want to trade. Set up a google alert that would track that company daily and then if it sees any keyword like merger, dividend, expansion etc. it should figure that in and make a choice. I feel this would be the next generation of systematic trading!
- Jay Mehta

Le me know the details of this Software ...
- Prashant Pachisia

'm a novice in this arena. Are there any tutorials on the net to start
learning about the stock market trading from the scratch?
With regards
- R. Venkat Prasanna

I liked the article by rediff on your interesting discovery. I have just started making some bucks and Im interested to invest in stocks. I will be obliged if you can give your contact details for me to become your client.
Awaiting your reply.
- Anurag Gupta

I was quite impressed by the facts and figures and would like to know if a non-finance person like me can learn about Systematic Investment somewhere and how to go about it.
- Saurav Kumar Das

I would like to have Nalin Pasricha's contact number.
- Jenny  Rajan

Great article in today's news. would love to have more info about how to meet the gentleman who has cracked the system to make money from the up's and down's in the share market.
- Nikhil Jagmohan Panchamiya

Yes I would love to hear more from him. I myself is systematic Trader for more than 1 year. I too trade only in Derivatives but with little success especially when the market starts sliding down. I would like to share my experiences & know more about him & his services.
Thanks & Regards,
- Parag Gadre

I read about your success story which is definitely a hard earned life of success. I would like to invest in
stocks and also would like to earn good returns on my investments.
Can i anyhow meet you and discuss with you the prospects in person and can finalise on the terms and
conditions on which we can work together. i would definitely would like to meet you.
I hope you wont disappoint me and hoping for a positive response from your side.
- Harmeet Singh

i want to invest in stock market. pl guide me. 
- chitty babuge

it is quite interesting to read the story on back testing and systematic trading which has been done with lot of research. i like to know and participate in this game.
Will u respond favourably? If so email the details pl.
with regards
- subash chandira

It was really inspiring to read that article. I am a avid stock investor and would like to head your way in the near future.
How can we become a part of your fraternity?
- Chirdeep Rastogi

Can I get some valuable tips for day trading as well as the cash trading. Thanks in advance for your help.
- Sekhar.R.G.

It is a very fantastic article, can have the mail id of Nalin please.
- Meherjee


I had read your article on and i was amazed the way you trade...I also had a very good interest in the stock market trading but I feel that a prior market experience should be there...because on of my friends father has even made many bucks from it also..but moreover he has also much losses that fear always come in mind...and i am just get confused also where to by Profession i am s software engineer working in a good company named Synapse Communications based at Noida....

could you please tell me...what is the right direction to approach ..and which are the best companies where a person should invest....or are there any calculations except that what you have mentioned....

I applaud for the work you had made by struggling enough...all the best to you....

and one thing more..could you also do small tradings for me....I am not a very big investor but i can manage small amount per month for stock trading purposes....Will you guide me....and How to proceed...

- Jaspal Mehta

I came across the following article on rediff:
About myself, my name is Leeds working as an Executive in a BPO  from Mumbai. I was wondering how I could avail of your services and benefits.
I am not too familiar with the stock market and trading but surely want to invest and learn about the same.
Any information you can provide or details about the services offered by you would be great.
- Leeds

Nalin I read ure article and found it very interesting. While I was reading it thought of a proposal. In India we have many people like me who are interested in investing either in stocks or mutual funds but have no basic understanding of the same and hence avoid taking risks or end up getting into wrong hands where finally we either make or break our investments. So was wondering if we could think of a tutorial for the laymen a short term course kind of a thing which equips them with all the knowledge and the tools required to make Smart decisions in handling their investments. And why you, u guessed it becoz u work Smart and not hard and thats what I also aptly believe in, no wonder I want to call this project the Smart Save tutorial.
We will be teaching the basics to all corporate teams who can enrol so that they can invest wisely and know what this industry is all about. Intersted to join hands with me? Let me know.
Waiting for your reply in this regard!
- Himanth 

Its great to read the article about trading.  i would be happy if you provde me some tips for example of PE ration and other things.
- Nikhil Neema

I would like to know more about systematic trading and also contact Nalin the person mentioned in this article.
- Ravindra Rao

Your article on sytematic trading is fabulous. I am interested to know more. I am a trader in market who
always lost money in day trading and gained money in investing.
Let me know how can I get in touch with you.
- kalla kalyan

I have an amazing idea that can help make your product reach its hieghts an ment money out of it. But i wud like to share this withyou in person.
- prem singh

The system described in brief : Buy when price falls 3 consecutive days and Sell when price rises 5 consecutive days, has been tried by me in past. Initially, in mock trading and then in real. I did make reasonable money but in a big fall like the one in the beginning of the current fiscal, I lost much of it. Is there another system which you have tried?
- Satish Joshi

I m changing my job from mumbai to pune. I was working with this company for the past 18 months and now I want to withdraw my PF amount.
Can i do it.
I do not want to transfer my PF account to another company that i am joining.
Pls suggest
Thanks & Regards
- Kaustubh Jaiswal

I would like to know more about this if Mr. Parischa is kind enough to respond.Pl .let me know the contact details at your earliest
Kind regds
- unny

Read about you & your trade practice.
I am interested.
- S KAdhikari

Your PC can help you make millions