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Top 6 technology trends for 2005

Agencies | December 02, 2004 18:59 IST

Here are some of the top technology trends that will dominate the world of technology in 2005. The trends were listed by the Red Herring magazine on Thursday.

These trends cover a wide range of technological advancements in many different arenas, from the medical field to home entertainment.

Some of the top technology trends include:

1. The end of Moore's Law: Have computer chips run into a wall? Recent evidence suggests that the great leaps forward in computing power may become smaller hops.

Semiconductor makers appear to have hit a limit in how much more power they can squeeze out of computer chips, say the editors of Red Herring magazine.

Moore's Law, the rule that predicts new computer chips will be developed with twice the power of their predecessors every 18 months, may be running into an even higher authority -- the laws of physics.

2. Medical devices that do more than save your life. Gadgets that go inside your body go beyond the stents that prevent heart attacks. Some devices aim to prevent depression, relieve back pain, and even paint your esophagus to reduce acid reflux.

3. Videos, photos and music on your cell phone. Faster cellular networks will make it easier for you to send the pictures you snap with your phone. Korea and Japan are ahead of everybody else, with the United States trailing far behind in so-called 3G or third generation networks.

The US carriers will start deploying faster cellular data networks in 2005 because they finally understand that this is the best way they can get more revenue out of customers.

4. Mini fuel cells. You'll have fewer reasons to swear at dead batteries in 2005. Tiny fuel cells will finally make their first commercial appearance next year. Your laptop will run for days instead of hours and your cell phone will take calls for weeks without a recharge.

Industry analysts say the much anticipated -- and often delayed -- micro fuel cells could sell 100 million units by 2008.

5. Internet telephony. VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) will become a household word in 2005. The technology that sends phone calls over the Internet will continue to grow, delivering good quality conversations at prices the regular phone companies have trouble matching.

With several VoIP vendors offering telephone numbers anywhere in the world, no one will know where you're calling from.

6. The digital living room. The American living room will be a more intense battleground in 2005; this time it will be the traditional consumer electronic vendors versus the PC and software companies.

Sony, Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett-Packard are vying for control of your set top box, in hopes they'll have a better chance to sell you more stuff.

Red Herring has also named the 100 most innovative companies of 2004. Both lists appear in the upcoming issue of Red Herring, which will be available on newsstands December 6.

"Our research indicates that companies will need a highly focussed innovation process to benefit from the trends in 2005," said Joel Dreyfuss, editor-in-chief of Red Herring, in a media release.

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