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Angad, the Rs 99,000 tractor

Ghaziabad-based SAS Motors Limited has developed a tractor priced at just Rs 99,000, which is less than half of what the cheapest tractor available in the market now costs.

The company says that Angad, the 22 HP tractor, will reduce fuel costs by 25 per cent.

SAS Motors said the tractor will also help farmers save up to 60 per cent on maintenance and it can be assembled at the tehsil level and repaired by any cycle mechanic.

The company also plans to introduce a range of tractors, farm implements, and rural transportation vehicles.

Coupled with the low-cost financing that SAS Motors has sought from the government, a farmer will need to pay an instalment of only Rs 1,500 per month to replace age-old bullock driven ploughs with an Angad tractor.

SAS Motors said that once operational, the initiative is likely to generate big employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for thousands of trained yet unemployed 'agricultural engineers' in the form of sales and services dealerships across the country.

The 22 HP Angad 240-D tractor uses a direct injection fuel-efficient horizontal diesel engine with catalytic converter. It is designed to suit a large variety of implements, crops, and soil conditions.

The company's self-propelled Angad 150 Power Tiller comes with a 15 HP engine and can be attached to diverse range of agricultural equipments and is equipped with a rotavator. It is priced at Rs 65,000. The Angad Rotary Cultivator (Rotavator) can perform the functions of a disc harrow and a plough in a swift single motion. It is offered as a standard accessory with Angad 240 D tractor at a price of Rs 15,000.

The Rs 99,000 tractor. Photograph: SAS Motors

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