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January 10, 2003
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Dual citizenship: 'Sweet danger' or 'progressive action'?

We asked our readers if they thought that granting dual citizenship to Persons of Indian Origin would be beneficial.

The response this generated was overwhelming: some was laced with patriotism, some spiked with resentment.

"It will be a great dishonor to the true patriots still remaining in this land," exclaim a section of the readers.

"The wealth, experience and talent of NRIs and PIO can now be tapped to make India a stronger economy," say others.

Here we reproduce some of the responses:

Thu Jan 9 17:28:25 2003
Name: Kishore
Your Views: No Dual citizenship please. It will be a great dishonour to the true patriots still remaining in this land.

Thu Jan 9 17:39:51 2003
Name: Viren Shah
Your Views: It will provide the sense of security to Indian Diaspora and also NRI investing in India will feel more safe about the money and property rights. Apart from this this will remove all the headache of VISA before making any trip to India so NRI can visit their motherland without any restriction at any time. Definitely, it will help them in making more frequent trips to India and this will create better awareness in NRI about the Day to Day happenings in India.

Thu Jan 9 17:40:34 2003
Name: Nitesh S. Shetty
Your Views: Dual citizenship is a sweet danger as any NRI can cross the border with simply a passport.It can pose a serious security threat.And in any case its a typical case wherein the person earns and pays taxes for some foreign country and gets the facility of this country too.!!Ridiculous.Any person having real love for this country doesnt need dual citizenship to "FEEL" his love for his homeTown.Scrap it.

Thu Jan 9 17:43:03 2003
Name: Rahul Dixit
Your Views: what vajpayee is doing is just organising extravaganza.why does not he try to feed the people of india who r dying of hunger.wouldn;t it be nice to have those smiling face around rather than squandering crores of rupees on this nonsense. i myself an nri from mongolia and do not need this dual citizenship as i am proud to be an indian. vajpayee should think twice as pakistan eyes on us!

Thu Jan 9 17:50:37 2003
Name: Shankar Srinivasan
Your Views: I am an Indian resident in the UK since 1998. I am a Permanent Resident here and can apply for citizenship in March this year. One of the considerations me and my wife has been the loss of Indian citizenship. From our point of view it is an emotional factor .... of not wanting to give up Indian citizenship. Now that dual citizenship has happened, we would have no qualms about becoming British Citizens. Shankar Srinivasan Reading, UK

Thu Jan 9 17:57:37 2003
Name: sushil upadhyay
Your Views: Very good thing done by a good government. Why can't one call him self a Full Proof Indian , if he has taken Canadain or anyother country's citizenship. Issue of Security ! Well it can be dealt if this issue is implemented with Care.

Thu Jan 9 18:01:26 2003
Your Views: It is not correct to say that dual citizenship alone will be bring imperil to the nation and even without that I find things are already bad. There are many Pakistanis, Bangladeshis are staying in India without any fear due to the faulty administration of the state governments like West Bengal, MP etc. As long politics overrides the priorities of national interest any thing is bad. Thanks to communists, congress etc who are only interested in their parties wielding the power at any cost and not of nation.

Thu Jan 9 18:01:51 2003
Name: jay
Your Views: NRI and PIO deserve more then this.

Thu Jan 9 18:02:48 2003
Name: pramod jain
Your Views: no.dual citizanship should not provide at any cost.As india presently facing a lot of threats for other countries at this stage it is really very harmful for the our neighbour always tried to interfeare in our internal affairs.if we give them an open invitaion to them then what is the region they should not accept our neghibour use these type of technique for enter our nation. at this stage if we give a dual citizanship then it is harmful for our has more negative affacts then positive. so i strongly recommanded that it shold no provided dual citizanship at any cost.

Thu Jan 9 18:03:12 2003
Name: mahesh
Your Views: I think fears of the nefarious use of citizenship are legitimate. Steps must be taken to scrutinize applications to the extent that it eliminates bad elements but at the same time does not slow down the application fulfillment process. This action will benefit India and the PIOs. I don't see any overwhelming benefits of dual citizenship other than the elimination of visas and being able to move back to India with less hassle if one chooses to.

Thu Jan 9 18:03:57 2003
Name: Bhaskar
Your Views: Ofcourse it is.I donīt have to worry too much of the obligations i have for my motherland even when am living far away.

Thu Jan 9 18:10:42 2003
Name: parul
Your Views: there is no harm in celebratin' PBV and givin' the dual itizenship to the people livin' abroad .As the PM has asked the people 2 b faithful to thier country of origin but let us assume a case that our neighbours aslo starts awarding this this awards b starts askin' fr the same faithfulness durin' th e time of an emergency then wt r goin 2 b the consequences?

Thu Jan 9 18:12:16 2003
Name: Sunil
Your Views: Today morning, I was talking to a so called "POI " in London. From the common man's perspective present situation of POI's is not so encouraging. Business is falling, their socio-economic ties with Indian Friends and families have already deteriorated, next generation is heavily confused. Social and cultural values in their own families are already degraded. They are not willingly accepted in today's western society. This trend is fast changing, earlier Asian's were accepted in western society for various reasons, now the trend is reverse. After detailed discussion, I found that POI's duel citizenship status would be misused. Indians in poverty will continue to be in poverty, these Desi lads will snatch away the daily bread of thousands of poor/ sincere and straightforward Indian Nationals.

Thu Jan 9 18:13:38 2003
Name: Srinivas Raju
Your Views: Why should we give citizenship to somebody who has said no to India and gone to a foreign country for a better life? I don't understand what benefit we'll get from such people!!! Instead, as our PM said they should be loyal to their host countries which will do good for them and the host country.

Thu Jan 9 18:14:42 2003
Name: Santosh
Your Views: Yes, dual citizenship is benefits to the country in the sense the PIO believe that they are the part of India at present and future also

Thu Jan 9 18:15:07 2003
Name: Vijay
Your Views: Yes, If not for anything, this helps us emotionally. When we are taking other countries citizenship we can be equal with other countries like pakistan where they have dual citizenship

Thu Jan 9 18:18:54 2003
Name: Amlesh Kanekar
Your Views: 1.Dual citizenship is beneficial for those of us who live overseas, yet want to retain our Indian citizenship. 2.Granting dual citizenship to Indians in only 7 countries is the kind of enigmatic decision that only Indian governments can take. This won't hold up if challenged in the Supreme Court. If they have genuine concerns regarding some countries, allow for ALL countries with some exceptions. 3.The fear of national security being imperiled by dual citizenship is a childish view.The government has not bothered to explain HOW this is the case. 4.Misuse of dual citizenship: Constitutional rights can be and are misused. Do they plan to take these away too? Or allow these for citizens in only a few states within the country?

Thu Jan 9 18:19:40 2003
Name: vijay
Your Views: I think this is a great idea. This will improve the brain-drain situation in India. Most of the NRI's want to come back and this can only benefit India.

Thu Jan 9 18:21:01 2003
Name: Joyce Joseph
Your Views: Sir It is a laudable step taken by the govt. of India.It will be beneficial at any count. It is a step to lead India to prosperity.

Thu Jan 9 18:21:47 2003
Name: keshava murthy
Your Views: The dual citizenship is no meaning and it will not help in any manner for the economical development of country. It may attract the international criminals to have it and create more problems in both the nation. I feel it wrong move better stop this . keshavamurthy

Thu Jan 9 18:27:39 2003
Name: jaspal singh
Your Views: It is far more benificial than harmful to let nri's have dual citizenship. Many countries have dual and even multiple citizenships like switzerland.India stands to gain not only monitarily but intelectual nri's in different fields will also like to put in their contribution.

Thu Jan 9 18:27:51 2003
Name: Seshu Pabbisetty
Your Views: Very happy to hear the PM's announcement. We are very grateful to Sri Vajpayee and feel relieved the separation from our Mother India. Hope USA is one of the 7 countries. Quite a few of us have been looking forward for the dual citizen for a long long time. With the dual citizenship we will see more social effort towards removal of illetracy and increase of philonthraphic activities, especially from the USA citizens. In terms of nation's security we could learn from the countries that have given dual citizenship. In fact, the dual citizenship holders might help improve the national security with their wisdom and resources on hand. Looking forward for the next step: How to get it? Jai Bharat Mata.

Thu Jan 9 18:27:55 2003
Name: sam
Your Views: Dear Sir, From my view i think that the idea of dual citizenship is warmly advisable for countries like INDIA.With this issue being introduced into the indian legislature the chance for our mother INDIA to become a developed nation is very near. I read in one article stated as 'we don't need your richnes but rather we need your global experience' this made me to feel that my mother INDIA needs the global professional experience from NRI's all over the world for it to develop.This is certainly going to happen and in a span of 5 years we will develop in a manner as we would have never imagined. sam

Thu Jan 9 18:29:01 2003
Name: Shikha.
Your Views: Security is a concern. Thats true. But why to extend any extra benefit to a band of selfish people. They were not there to share our hardships and they never would be. So, why should we extend invitation to share our good times, if at all they come, with us. We have done, good or bad, till now and we would do the same without them too. To me they are nowhere different from a muslim invader or an english plunderer or an american opportunist, all of them are interested in money. And if at all they need some, poor thing like cultural, metal, social support etc, they should be reminded that no one can have the best of both worlds. In fact I am totally against any such celebration like pravasi diwas or similar bull-shit. In fact the government should take steps to discourage weak minded but otherwise brainy people to leave India. It is on the indian business too to use them, as most of them are excellent worker. With a little extra money they can help our nation prosper. In conclusion, I would say that I am totally against all this bullshit. Forget them who chose to forget you. Thanks.

Thu Jan 9 18:30:13 2003
Name: Rajendra Patel
Your Views: Dual citizenship will provide opportunity for NRI to retire or stay longer in India without any legality problem. NRI can buy property or make investment without any restrictions. So far national security is concern, NRI Indain passport will be the tool to track them down. It is a WIN WIN oppertunity for NRI as well as motherland.

Thu Jan 9 18:31:46 2003
Name: Chanukya Rajagopala
Your Views: Yes, it is beneficial.From my experiences of being a Normally resident Indian,i have seen from close proximity as to the troubles we have to face with the government machinery. Now i am a NRI, i can imagine how difficult it would be for me if i became a citizen of a different country. The red tapism and bureaucratic hurdles and the legal system would be one hurdle after another for any sort of thing i may take up in India, be it business, purchase of land etc etc. I have heard of foreigners tell me of stories of misery with the system in India. THis dual citizenship will be so helpful for people like me. So Likeminded People, Please get this sorted. We would be saved a lot of trouble.

Thu Jan 9 18:32:50 2003
Name: Visweswar Rao Chamarthy
Your Views: Yes, I believe in Dual Citizenship. Because, i feel it will help NRI in investing their money for the development of their motherland without any fears. It will also send good signals for all those Indians who are living in other countries, yes, the GOI is caring for them. Its Good. I welcome it and pray that this proposal will do good for all.

Thu Jan 9 18:32:57 2003
Name: Om Prakash
Your Views: As per the govt rulings as on 9th of Jan-2003, i would like to bring in about the negative points, which would rather effect our country or u would say the treat to our country. Firstly, Think of the PERVEZ MUSHARAF becoming an Indian, as he can also be an NRI, as he is born in India, would the govt. give him citizen ship. Even if the Govt., gives him citizen ship, then he would be under watch, which every body knows. My next point is that would they maintain the huge data of the NRI's who would demand for, they are unable to maintain the immigrants from the near by countries, what would they do about them. The govt., is looking in terms of money, which as per the speech of the PM, we understand that they want to give the benefit to get in more of foreign exchange. This is completely wrong on the part of the Indian Govt. Let them be were as it, and be called NRI's. Om Prakash

Thu Jan 9 18:52:20 2003
Name: Prasanna Chitturi
Your Views: For most of us NRIs with no nefarious activities, Indian citizenship is an honor that we will cherish. I can't see why a terrorist needs an Indian passport to be more dangerous. In any case, the granting of Indian citizenship to NRIs/PIOs should be a privilege bestowed by India through the Indian government. It should not be a right. The only right NRIs/PIOs should have is the right to apply for it. Once granted, as with any privilege, it can and should be withdrawn when the privilege is abused.

Thu Jan 9 18:52:58 2003
Name: Saurab
Your Views: I would Suggest Global Citizenship to share with the World, everyone's thoughts and worldwide Business. Make this world, ONE.....

Thu Jan 9 18:54:17 2003
Name: rama
Your Views: dual citizenship is very important for many NRI. Until now I did not opt to take US Citizenship as I did not want to lose my Indian Citizenship.

Thu Jan 9 18:56:38 2003
Name: C Krishnan
Your Views: This is a good move and will not pose any security threat if implemented properly. As it is there are reports that there are several illegal immigrants staying in India. This is the real danger. Government must issue Identity Cards to all its Citizens after a foolproof identification process and border control tightened to prevent illegal entry.

Thu Jan 9 18:57:16 2003
Name: Manish Goyal
Your Views: Dual citizenship doesn't peril national security but it brings lot of NRI's to invest in India

Thu Jan 9 18:57:50 2003
Name: pramod arora
Your Views: yes it is beneficial and this policy will attract much more prospects for the individual and the country itself. I support this act. Thanks

Thu Jan 9 19:03:52 2003
Name: mr r patel
Your Views: this is a stupid question but ofcourse it is. it allows me to travel to india as a indian and i think visa free is the best thing about it. i have always been frustrated when i am sitting in the indian embassy waiting for my turn to obtain a visa. a visa I should not need as i was born in india, i hate the fact i have to sit with other nationals waiting and then paying 100 pounds for my birth right!!! good one PM thank god for the NDA!!!

Thu Jan 9 19:06:38 2003
Name: Arun
Your Views: Dual citizenship will a lot. Its sad that people think India's security can be harmed by few individuals!. I dont think our security is so fragile as few people can actually threaten it. For such nefarious activities, crimals forge passports!. With more and more Indians living outside and more and more Indians visiting, dual citizenship makes it easy for travel. Only time will how many these 'dual' citizens will actually use Indian Education system, vote in Indian elections and STAY in India(after staying decades outside desh). Thanks, Arun

Thu Jan 9 19:08:58 2003
Name: Raaj
Your Views: Dual Citizenship is a step towrds right direction. People of Indian irigin need to keep the bond with India. This will help to norture the better bond, more investment into India and better relations with all the parties. People with criminal records and from countries such as Pakistan etc.concerning the Terrorism etc. should NOT be granted dual citizenship. Arjun Canada

Thu Jan 9 19:16:01 2003
Name: arpan
Your Views: i think this move may arise grave concerns for india on the security front, india at present has experienced the worst of terrorist attacks. Since securities at the indian airports isnt beefed yet and is no where near international standards, it may be a cake walk for the terrorists organisations to expedite their acitivities. So before taking such move india needs to fortify itself to prevent any kind of mishap.

Thu Jan 9 19:16:39 2003
Name: Simran
Your Views: Certainly beneficial. Especially for Indians living in the US or UK, since they have to take up the foreign Citizenship after certain years, its very sad that they would have to do it at the cost of Indian citizenship. For me its a matter of Patriotism, I should not me forced to give up my National citizenship forcibly by circumstances. It would be very sad if I would require a visa to attend my country of birth. If dual citizenship is allowed and used righteously it would be a fine balance between Patriotism and forceful circumstances.

Thu Jan 9 19:17:06 2003
Name: Vittal Venkataraman
Your Views: We, the Non Resident Indians living in USA uphold indian values and culture and in some sense are more patriotic than the Indians living in India. The question of security concerns doesnot arise in the case of most people. Israel, the country affected by terrorism for a long time, has dual citizenship. Above all, the Indians can feel proud of living as Bharathiya the whole life, no matter where they live. Some NRIs, such as myself did not want to apply for US Citizenship, since we did not want to lose our Indian Citizenship. Dual citizenship opens up the possbility of being Indian, while acquiring US Citizenship. NRIs living in the US can influence policy/ business decisions at even state level and bring more jobs and opportunities for the fellow indians back home. They can do this with more clout only with US Citizenship. I do realize that security is one of the questions, involving some elements. This will have to be addressed exactly the way we are approaching currently, by being proactive.

Thu Jan 9 19:17:16 2003
Name: wangfenhun Meitei
Your Views: This is a very good idea,and specially for those who are living in states like Manipur where there are certain restriction being imposed by the Central Government like if any foreigner visits India,he needs to take another special kind of permission called "Restricted Area Permit" as if he is going inside a restriced nuclear plant!!This means that if any one of us from a state like Manipur is to take a citizenship of another country,than that should mean that he should be taking another special permission of the RAP from the Indian embassy apart from the visa which itself is a tiresome process.This is really ridiculous if someone needs to take special permission to visit his homeland,village and that too permitting his stay for only for a short period of three to four days(RAP restricts one's days of stay to few days only).Things become worst for those who have got foreigners as their spouses.So in my humble opinion,better late than never,it is a very wise idea to launch a dual citizenship policy.When the people of the country itself don't get satisfy with the policy of the government,when it fails to convice and understand its citizens,the security concern hardly make any sense.

Thu Jan 9 19:19:57 2003
Name: ams
Your Views: long overdue

Thu Jan 9 19:21:03 2003
Name: Saga
Your Views: The dual citizenship is an advantage or rather a boon to the NRIs.The NRIs leave their country to make progress or to help their families in distress.So it is for a good cause that they leave their country.And misuse of this should be governed carefully.There are good benefits of the dual citizenship.They help an NRI who wishes to settle back in his country after a few years of his accomplishments in the foreign country.I really appreciate this decision by the prime minister.

Thu Jan 9 19:28:16 2003
Name: srini
Your Views: Yes it will.I can own a property in India with out hassles. PRev I not even think about buying a property.

Thu Jan 9 19:28:25 2003
Your Views: This was an occasion, where we should have remembered our past pravasi bharatiyas who had contributed to our freedom struggle. Eminent among them were the members of the Ghadar party in USA and most prominent among them was Mr. Tarakchand.

Thu Jan 9 19:30:45 2003
Name: Srinivas
Your Views: Definately..we R loosing so many resources by single citizenship..

Thu Jan 9 19:33:24 2003
Name: SS
Your Views: I think dual citizenship is one of the best things India can do to keep the NRI's options always open. Helping them freely spend h/her time between both the countries of h/her interest.Of course what is more important is that India should have a strong extradition law in place (unlike now) with the country she is offering dual citizenship. This will help prevent anti-social elements from using the dual citizenship for nefarious gains.

Thu Jan 9 19:38:46 2003
Your Views: I believe there is no benefit in granting Dual citizenship, let us not forget that most of them are foreign citizens, at the point of sounding rude I would like to point out that these people had abandoned India, when it needed their talents the most,i.e., post Independence. There was minimal investment from those succesful & rich during the licence Raj, and now after the opening of the Indian economy they want dual citizenship so they can exploit any sops given to Indian business . I am not against them,nor do I hate them, we should be proud of their achievements in raising the image of INDIANS worldwide as achievers. But giving them back citizenship of our country, which they voluntarily abandoned is unfair to those Indians who had the same opportunities abroad but did not accept due to thir love & dreams for the future India .

Thu Jan 9 19:39:44 2003
Name: Rohit Raina
Your Views: In my opinion, this is one of the best things what Govt. of India is proposing to do. Its very important that our mother country INDIA, takes right advantage of People of Indian Origin settled in Developed Nations. We as People of Indian Origin firnly believe that with our kind of experience and global exposure we certainly can contribute to the growth and further prosperity of our mother nation. I only hope that this time atleast the GOI keeps its promise and provides duel citizenship to its rightful ownesr without any buerucratic hassles. Certainly there should be caution and not everyone should be provided the dual citizenship.

Thu Jan 9 19:41:04 2003
Name: Bumble Bee
Your Views: Ofcourse Dual Citizenship is beneficial.It will get a lot more investment into India. One another thing it will do, is keep the level of loyalty from its migrating citizens, which currently diminishes over the years. I also strongly agree with the policy of the Indian government of certain countires as it will become unsafe otherwise

Thu Jan 9 19:42:33 2003
Your Views: i think its good step by govt. but i think now all country started making money i dont know its economically benificial to NRI or not? and one more thing is Nation security. its verry easy to enter in to Nation. I think first step for Govt. of India is they have to provide ID card and find out illeagal visitors first. than they have to start dual citizenship .

Thu Jan 9 19:43:39 2003
Name: Chirag Shah
Your Views: We all NRI will be benifs from this first step of Considering us as part of them and in return we should give all our rich support of vision,ideas ,experience alongwith monetary support to help our brothers and sisters in India and our motherland There must be done by us to protect our motherland by corrupted politicians , burocrates and media alonwith terrorism,environment,uneducation. We should turn our weak point of large population in strong point by some indigenious way. There is an urgent need to organise joint committee from village wise upto country level with NRI's and Local social organisation to boost up the gaininig from NRIS with all communication infrastructure set-up. The only need at this moment is that each goverment(State and central) must be corruption free and willing to develop india in a big way. JAY HIND VANDE MATARAM

Thu Jan 9 19:45:03 2003
Name: ratan k.k
Your Views: It would be step in right direction only for those who have true love for India. Some of us have really forgotten if they have links with India after they received their indentity papers from the adopted country, or whose children hate to be called NRIs. So for those dual citizenship would be useful when they encounter some kind of discreminations in the adopted country, or god forbid any revolt against foreigners of Indian origin by the citizens of those counries. Personally I am in favour of taking up the dual citizenship. Ratan K.K

Thu Jan 9 19:45:15 2003
Name: mrshah
Your Views: i think its not benificial to NRI. but its very benificial to Govt of India. its nothing but malpractise.

Thu Jan 9 19:46:49 2003
Name: Amitabh Bachchan
Your Views: No.There won't be any benefits of dual citizenship because NRIs would be getting pot-holed roads littered with filth,unscheduled powercuts,dirty water,noise,dust,abject corruption and incompetent but pompouus politicians in the baragin.

Thu Jan 9 19:48:36 2003
Name: Suresh Ahluwalia
Your Views: Sir, The announcement of Daul Citizenship for NRI's/PIO's of selected 7 countries would tend to be discriminatory in the sense that some are the favoured lot and others are not. Furthermore, what exactly does the grant of Dual Citizenship entail? That would only be known when full details are available on the passing of such a bill. Any speculations about the benefits or drawbacks of such a proposal are meaningless at this point of time.

Thu Jan 9 19:49:48 2003
Name: Manish Vaja
Your Views: Yes, It is benifical to both party, India as state and NRI. I think 90% of NRI has strong bond for their country. The fact, is there is no law. Italy can have dual citizen, why can't India have dual citizen. Any Italian can be congress president in India. Why NRI can't have dual citizen? NRI's are not asking for Congress presidentship. Congress can select next president from USA/UK/RUSIA, based on whos is Rahul Gandhi's future life partner. Why can't Indian constitute allow, natural born indian to have dual citizen ship. NRI are askin for their fundamental right. Manish

Thu Jan 9 19:49:59 2003
Name: mithil telang
Your Views: hello brothers and sisters. the pravasi bharatiya day is a grand vision of our prime minister atal bihari vajpayee and a great start to bring all the indians on one platform. i thank the prime minister for that. the dual citizenship is a great start for binding together all the indians. i donot think that it would lead to bad results. on the other hand the patriotism among all the indians would rise and all the nefarious anti india activities would decrease. and i truely believe that the NRI's should also get all the previliges that a normal indian gets. once again i thank the indian government and congratulate it with all my heart and wish that this 3 day extravaganza gettin all the important and the most powerful indians together be a grand grand success. yours truly mithil.

Thu Jan 9 19:52:48 2003
Name: Srinivasan Kartikeya
Your Views: The main issue is to create a positive image, a friendly investment climate to attract capital. Granting dual citizenship may help, but the focus of the initiative lies in lowering the rhetoric from numerous politicians who love to air their comments, in converting the Indian consulates to focus on commercial issues, providing information on the net, responding to requests professionally and having a workable policy everyone can trust. The fact that India is not the best investment destination is due to high cost of power, poor infrastructure at the ports, wild swings in law and order situation, inflexible labor laws, the high cost of capital, the abnormal time required to get a business started and excessive interference from Sales Tax, Excise duty and other agencies. Corruption, at all levels, remains a big factor to be addressed. No foreign investor likes to gift millions and yet be unsure of a result. Lowering of customs duties is at present protecting the few 'historical' industrialists who have monopolised the business and industry in India. The cost of all this - often times poor quality of goods and services at a higher than deserving cost. Come on India....

Thu Jan 9 19:53:07 2003
Name: mohamed nazish
Your Views: dear sir, my name is mohamed nazish and i am an indian passport holder and we are waiting to get thing happen as it should be given to those nri residing outside india as for examamole i am working in republic of yemen and i am married to a yemeni girl and may be in future i will get a yemeni passport so it is always good for us to have a dual passport as whenver we come to india we can stay there as long as we wnat as we feel that we can stay for long time ,but missuing the dual citizen ship by anybody should be given a good punishement by the indian government and also i like to know something as my wife had received a multiple entry 5 year visa to india ,but what if she wants to stay more with me in india so what should i do will the indian government give her a indian citizenship being she is a wife of an indian and will the government allow her to hold her yemeni passport at the same time,pls do let me know this thanks and best regards mohamed nazish

Thu Jan 9 19:54:45 2003
Name: RV
Your Views: It is absolutely the right step for GOI. Dual citizenship is not new, many countries already have it. The people qualifying for Dual citizenship are most likely those emigrated from India by themselves or those who can trace the lineage of emigration accurately. This is actually a win-win for both India and the NRI/PIOs. India benefits from not only the monetary investments but also the social, intellectual and ideological diversity brought on by the PIO/NRIs. Our country desperately needs such diversity to become a thriving democracy like the U.S. These dual citizens could become the catalysts for change and propel India faster towards growth and prosperity.

Thu Jan 9 19:55:51 2003
Name: Kumar Saravanan
Your Views: Dual Citizenship will help the country immensely in the long term. Skeptics should look at the countries which are allowing Dual Citizenship. With equal rights for them and their offsprings, the overseas Indians will bring the latest technologies, business knowledge and Investment into this country. Also there are thousands of Indians living abroad continue to be Permanent residents only because they don't want to loose their Indian citizenship. With this new law, they can become a citizen of the resident country and participate in the political process also. By doing so they will have more voice to represent India's case in International disputes and border and social issues. They will be good ambassadors of india. As we are living in a networked world, dual citizenship is the first step towards bringing our World into one Country with out man made boundaries and reckless wars which bring nothing but destruction to mankind.

Thu Jan 9 19:56:24 2003
Name: jagan mohan
Your Views: It will give lots of flexibility to NRIs. People like us who are settled in countries like Canada for last 30 years, are avoiding taking Canadian Citizenship just because we love our indian citizenship and don't want to give it up. Now we can be a Canadian, still keeping our loyalty to India

Thu Jan 9 20:01:44 2003
Name: Suneil
Your Views: Neferious activities? Oh well who could be those people? Well mostly Indian muslims with multiple names and passports. This racket can be busted with few ever lasting changes in the structure of passport issuance and delivery. Secondly govt. can set up a huge computer with huge database with every detail of a NRI. Thirdly all this information made available to the port of entry destinations and to the security apparatus of the country. Actually this way it would be very easy to manage and nab people of ill intent.

Thu Jan 9 20:04:54 2003
Name: vinod
Your Views: This is a STUPID thing. The NRIs are not patriotic to their home land or their adopted land. All they care about is money and benefits. This will only lead to abuse of both countries. The NRIs tend to lead a life of dual emotions without any real convictions. It is all escapism to suit their needs. The false world and sense of security they have does NOT exist.

Thu Jan 9 20:05:57 2003

Your Views: Dual Citizenship idea is pathetic. it is like mocking people. Citizenship is to swear by a nation. You cannot stand by two nations. Lets not make a mockery of citizenships or Indian citizens.

Thu Jan 9 20:09:11 2003
Name: Sreenu Pamidi
Your Views: I believe it is excellent idea. Well it is always risky as far as Security is concerned but i believe Dual Citizenship will help country in many ways. It is Government duty to give Dual Citizenship wisely on case by case basis by chekcing their back grounds...

Thu Jan 9 20:12:59 2003
Name: sharath
Your Views: It is definitely beneficial.. This is a great step forward by indian government. The wealth, experience talent of NRI and PIO has to be tapped in the right way to make India a better economy.

Thu Jan 9 20:13:58 2003
Name: pranav pratap singh
Your Views: The declaration of granting dual citizenship by the prime minister was welcomed by the audience. But it is just an emotional matter. It makes no difference in real life whether you have a PIO card or dual citizenship

Thu Jan 9 20:14:00 2003
Name: Shanthan Reddy
Your Views: It is the worst decision taken by any Indian government till today since independence. All for a few dollars the current government is willing to put the security of the country at stake. If somebody chose to be a citizen of another country, so be it. The most that could have been done was to offer some kind of a greencard like facility instead of citizenship. This will also cause an influx of foriegn funds into the country and eventually result in a higher inflation, not to mention the grave security risks if it were to be misused. I sincerely hope that we and our coming generations don't regret this decision in the future, just as we do on the stance of Nehru on Kashmir and the current scenario.

Thu Jan 9 20:14:47 2003
Name: srisubu
Your Views: Dual citizienship is a great plus for all those kids now born for Indian Parents and PIO Parents. They can now persue their education in a prestigious Institutions like IIT's, IIM's, REC's, Medical Schools etc., as an Indian citizen rather than getting the admission under NRI quota. I guess they can also write UPSC and become IAS, IPS etc. But there should be a law for all those kids to spend certain amount of years in India after graduation (But I am Skeptical about how to implement this).

Thu Jan 9 20:14:52 2003
Name: shailesh
Your Views: yes ! why not

Thu Jan 9 20:15:11 2003
Name: Dr D.K.Bhatia
Your Views: The dual citizenship is a concept which should be pursued in the sense that conditions should be attached after due verification of the antecedents of the person concerned. If that is done the dual citizenship will be another step forward in the globalisation.If globalisation is good in the economic area it is definetely good in the area of easy movement of our own people.

Thu Jan 9 20:18:56 2003
Name: Pavan
Your Views: What use is a dual citizenship if money earned abroad is considered 'foreign source' ? I am talking in the context of donating to a charity, a legitimate one that is. Can't a PIO card holder or a person holding dual citizenship donate to a charitable society in India without a FCRA permission?

Thu Jan 9 20:20:35 2003
Name: Narendra
Your Views: Dual citizenship would help a lot of NRIs and People of Indian origin in various countries like Carribbean, UK, US to associate themselves with India. They may be living in different countries, but they are Indians. And NRIs have been playing an important role in India's progress. I don't think its going to trouble national security. Its comic to think like that. Because our India's security is troubled by insiders and traitors within our country.

Thu Jan 9 20:21:23 2003
Name: Khem Harrinarine
Your Views: Dual citizenship is a symbolic but important gesture. China seeks to strength its citizens abroad because it knows the value of such connections. Finally, New Delhi has seen the light.....

Thu Jan 9 20:22:46 2003
Name: Shivi Sawhney
Your Views: yes, it is very beneficial as i live in canada and i m not taking canadian citizen cuz i dont want to lose my indian citizenship. afterall its my country and i cant lose the citizenship of my country and same thing applies to my family too,they r doing the same thing....i'm very thankful tht the govt. of india looked into this and made so many people living here happy. thanks jai hind

Thu Jan 9 20:23:59 2003
Name: Ramanathan Se

Email: se
Your Views: Dual citizenship will provide the overseas Indians an opportunity to interact with India in business and social matters without any bureaucratic intervention or delays. We do will see some people who will try to misuse it and we have to setup ways to tackle with it. India has also shown to the world that it is on its path to become a developed nation as most developed nations in the world allow dual citizenship. Ram

Thu Jan 9 20:28:35 2003
Name: S Singh
Your Views: There is no doubt in my mind that granting of dual citizenship is beneficial for both parties - PIOs and India. Ofcourse there are pros and cons for everything but in this case I don't really see a con. As far as its usage to imperil national security is concerned, India has threats from other sources which are far more greater than whatever will result from granting of dual citizenship. Most of western countries have this facitlity and to date I have not seen any real national threat caused to anyone of them because of this. It makes economic sense too as NRIs/PIOs are source of significant amount of forex in India. It is time India recognized the importance and contribution of its citizens living abroad. I don't think most people realize that Father of Nation was technically an NRI/PIO. India owes its independence to one of its son living abroad, so then how can it be so insensitive to their needs and feelings. India has always been very near and dear to Indians living abroad and this is definetly a step in right directions. As far as opposition is concerned, it will always be there but then some people are born to cry. We should pay no heed to such loosers. Jai Hind

Thu Jan 9 20:28:48 2003
Name: chauhan s s
Your Views: check the credential of the person thoroughly and give him dual citizenship

Thu Jan 9 20:31:14 2003
Name: Jay Nambiar
Your Views: Yes. It will give NRI's feel more responsible for the country. That means more involvement, and more resources they send back to India.As far as safety is concerned, as long as the law is clear in allowing dual citizenship to only certain countries that are percieved as our Friends, it should be OK. And a very good monitoring system at port of entry.

Thu Jan 9 20:36:46 2003
Name: India_loyal
Your Views: Yes , I beleive it would certainly benefit. There are threats to anything and every thing you can think of in todays world, but as long as we are aware of those threats & constructive measures are made to avoid any misuse, dual citizenship should be beneficial!!

Thu Jan 9 20:42:14 2003
Name: Samir Das
Your Views: I do not see how dual citizenship per se will imperil the nation's security; hopefully, the police records in two countries will provide the necessary safeguards before passports are issued. Also apart from emotional there are some positive benefits in terms of economic issues which benefit both the individual and the countries.

Thu Jan 9 20:42:25 2003
Name: biju nair kaippally
Your Views: yes, the movements of dual citizens should be monitored by a separate govt. officials

Thu Jan 9 20:43:46 2003
Name: Bharatiya
Your Views: Whats the use it Bro...first tell me what are its benefits..??

Thu Jan 9 20:47:01 2003
Name: sunil
Your Views: What about that floating PIO half of whose relatives are in Pakistan and other half in India. Some of them can be involved in espionage activities in the future.

Thu Jan 9 20:50:44 2003
Your Views: Ofcourse it is benefitial. We NRIs and Indian origin people cant nvest in India the way even Non Resident Pakistanis do. Who is the loser. It is India. Everyone knows how much money NRI's bring to India when they travel. This would be multiplied over and over if we couldnt invest in businesses or property. This is the law of the new millenium. A step forward for sure.

Thu Jan 9 20:55:54 2003
Name: Sunil Prajapati
Your Views: Yes

Thu Jan 9 21:02:06 2003
Name: N
Your Views: Yes, very much. specially for those who go to other country on non-immigrant visa for job and come back to there country and if they have child born in that country then it really helps to give a child citizenship of India, as we come back to india in few years time. it is really helpful and solves lots of problem and confusion.

Thu Jan 9 21:02:12 2003
Name: Chandresh Sanghavi
Your Views: Yes, it is really beneficial.. The major benefit is that a person with Dual citizenship will not need Indian visa for his/her frequent visit.. The other benefits excluding the right of voting seems not bad too.. The whole credit should go to Mr Singhvi..

Thu Jan 9 21:03:15 2003
Name: Rahul Marwaha
Your Views: I think dual citizenship should be given as soon as possible. But at the same time I recommend that some kind of background check should be there to see if the person is harmless. Nation's security should be the top most priority. But yes dual citizenship has got many benefits a person can help the nation in many ways by learning new technologies from developed world and implementing those ideas in India.

Thu Jan 9 21:14:27 2003
Name: Singaporean NRI
Your Views: The report says dual citizenship to be granted to citizens of Singapore. This must be a mistake because Singapore does not recognize dual citizenship and as per my understanding dual citizenship can only be granted based on reciprocal arrangement. Anyone care to explain this ?

Thu Jan 9 21:24:48 2003
Your Views: In any relationship there is good with the bad . Similarly , i think it will be good to start with a positive note and try to improve the pitfalls as we progress . Govt of India has to continously monitor and give a direction to this exercise at regular intervals in order to make this effort a long term success and in doing so will bring out a more dynamic and vibrant economy which is stronger than ever before and which serves both the indians and the NRIs interests together. I think we should not bother much on its misuse as it should be sufficiently covered under the current policy . All that is required is to make a SINCERE , HONEST AND COMMITTED APPROACH from all the member participants with a view to make it a success both in short and Long term.

Thu Jan 9 21:45:12 2003
Name: Sachin Chhibber
Your Views: Personally I will welcome such a move. But I am not sure why there should be any reluctance on this issue. First people are worried it will give a boost to terrorists. I fail to understand why is that. Can only a NRI be a terrorist ? And even if some NRI wants to do anti national activity, he does not need a passport to do that. In fact a terrorist will be at an disadvantage with Indian passport as now he can be tried in India and all indian laws will be applicable instead of foreign pressure to release its citizen. They do not want these new second rate citizen to fight elections. I guess now these second rate citizen can be Army general but not a municipal corporator. Doesn't it seem like politicians are worried their carrer is at stake if some educated indian with money enters politics what will happen to them. FYI. most people already know even in US, dual citizen does not bar you from any election barring the condition US president has to be natural born citizen not meaning born in US. While I hope these new citizenship does not create a class of second rate citizen. Thanks for reading the message.

Thu Jan 9 22:08:43 2003
Name: keyur anjaria
Your Views: yes i feel dual citizenship will prove to be extremelyuhelpful for the indian NRI's residing abraod as the hassles for getting permits and visas to enter india will not be neede. the indian fraternity can hold onto their indian passport and Thus the sense of belonging will continue tobe there. they shall have the right to exercise their constitutional rights incl the right to franchise.

Thu Jan 9 22:19:00 2003
Name: Abdul Rafi
Your Views: Double citizenship is very beneficial. There are many indians who are indian @ heart! How can you deny them dual citizenship? They care for India...for God's sake!

Thu Jan 9 22:24:08 2003

Thu Jan 9 22:27:50 2003
Name: Vinu Kumar
Your Views: Sir, Being an NRI, myself I would like thank our Prime Minister and Govt. for this opportunity. In humble opinion - Yes it is very much beneficial to the NRI's - Who love their motherland and due to better living conditions adopted to live outside India. Of course we'll find some people misusing this facilities and fear of security etc. made our Govt. to deny this from 50 years. We need to guard ourself with this people. Definitely this will be helpful in development of our country and also this will help NRI's. Thanks

Thu Jan 9 22:29:18 2003
Name: al
Your Views: For those who are sentimental of losing their Indian citizenship when becoming a citizen of another country this probably is a boon. You will see a number of people at least in the US applying for their citizenship if this becomes a reality. I am really not sure of the benefits other than the fact that NRI's can travel freely or stay as long as they want in India without any restrictions

Thu Jan 9 22:29:46 2003
Name: jfk
Your Views: its very beneficial...

Thu Jan 9 22:40:28 2003
Name: happy guy
Your Views: Even though we live in a foreign country for several years, our fundemental way of life still remains to be Indian. This is valid atleast for the first generation. The Indian culture is so rich and has so much to give, one realizes it only when he is away. The attachment to the mother land is far greater in the adopted land than what it was when living in the mother land. The dual citizenship is a wonderful New Year gift to all the people of Indian origin who are contributing to their adopted land. Let us pledge to give back to the mother land whatever possible to make India a great nation in the new century. We thank the Indian government and the people behind in making this important decision. Jai Hind!

Thu Jan 9 22:44:29 2003
Name: Shuba Ganapathy
Your Views: The concept Dual citizenship is widely appreciated by Indians abroad. With this, they need not become aliens to their homeland just because they accepted a citizenship in another country. It also eliminates a lot of visa procedures which is now in place and actually eases the work of the Govt. Additional scrutiny can be put in place while granting the dual citizenship and at the port of entry for fears of misuse. Its true that Indians who live abroad know thier roots with the same level of enthusiasm and patriotism. To sum up, this scheme is a boon to the Indians abroad.

Thu Jan 9 22:44:57 2003
Name: Sameer
Your Views: This provision will enable PIO to express their emotional ties to India and make it easier to avail of various services like education and Investments. With regards to the fear of misuse of dual citizenship, the administration should apply the same checks as done while issuing passports. Making sure there are no criminal records and the background is clean. Fearing misuse will suppress the advantages of the healthy contributions that can be made by genuinely interested people.

Thu Jan 9 22:50:06 2003
Name: mahesh
Your Views: I wonder what is the point in asking this question. Obviously it is too great to believe that indian govt. finally adopted this worldwide well championed feature. Including me I know lot of people did not go for US citizenship simply because of emotional reason even though it was really big disadvantage. Now the doors are really open to have the best of both the worlds for US NRIS. I am going to apply the citizenship and I hope there is no hurdle to the bill getting passed. Thanks Bajpaiji and whoever contributed to this wonderful cause.

Thu Jan 9 22:51:09 2003
Name: sulakshana G
Your Views: Thanks for an opportunity. this is something very amazing to all of us who live and work abroad and in the process to continue here we have to take citizenship but thatdoesn't mean to loose connection with home home is home whether you are at abroad or at homeland. so dualcitizenship will definetely help to thiose who wish to comeback or visit home whenever possible and this something verymuch appreciated. we all deserve this though we live abroad our hearts are always with motherland India.

Thu Jan 9 22:51:57 2003
Name: Gnanadesikan Cheliam
Your Views: I welcome this move. We, PIO will feel home on coming to India.

Thu Jan 9 23:00:18 2003
Name: Ramesh Pudhucode
Your Views: It provides the emotional link

Thu Jan 9 23:00:49 2003
Name: Sreeji Gopinathan
Your Views: Dual citizenship is a very useful concept for legitimate people. It will simplify the lives of NRIs not just in travel betwen India and their country of residence but also for business travel to other countries and career advancement. Ofourse there are downsides for every positive step. The risks need to be evaluated and proper controls need to be put in place to deal with it. The government should show strong commitment and leadership in punishing and deterring any misuse

Thu Jan 9 23:14:37 2003
Name: s.narayan
Your Views: like anything & everything else, this subject of dual citizenship can too be constructively used or abused. for me it is very useful, as an n.r.i, it shall encourage me to invest more in india.

Thu Jan 9 23:15:22 2003
Name: sweetraj
Your Views: Ni definitely i think that a dual citizenship will really help.We are in US even then we are 100% indians and proud to be Indians. Why is it that if we become someone else our INDIAN CITIZENSHIP SHOULD BE NOT TAKEN AT when the time comes to reap and harvest and give our best the Indian govt takes our citizenship and says Just BE OUT AN DTHAT IS NOT AT ALL GOOD. WE WHEN COME TO FOREIGN LAND S FEEL CULTURALLY EMOTIONALLY MORE STRONG AND FEEL SO PROUD,. SO THE IDEA OF DUAL CITIZENSHIP IS GREAT . KEEP IT UP.

Thu Jan 9 23:27:44 2003
Name: rajkapoor
Your Views: yes it is very beneficial.

Fri Jan 10 00:02:39 2003
Name: Mani Mudi
Your Views: It is good.

Fri Jan 10 00:07:26 2003
Name: Vinay D
Your Views: The dual citizenship does not bestow any special rights to the holder. Considering the beaurocracy record of India it will not be og great benefit to PIO's in USA. Indian Government had earlier come up with PIO Cards in 1999 and later reduced the fees from $1000 to $310 The government should reduce the cost further to $100-150 instead of dual citizenship bid.

Fri Jan 10 00:24:35 2003
Name: Manoj Shah
Your Views: This is definitely step in right direction.

Fri Jan 10 00:25:54 2003
Name: murali
Your Views: good

Fri Jan 10 00:33:17 2003
Name: George Chakko
Your Views: Sure yes. Most beneficiaries of dual citizenship (ds) would be PIO's having citizenship of countries of their domicile. There are,however,persons like me, who even after 32 years of stay in Europe still haven't sacrificed Indian nationality, in spite of strong advice from many sides (Indian and European, including one from a former Indian Ambassador while in service)and the temptation to do so for practical business reasons,also of benefit to India. In my particular case the reasons are: a)An unyielding pride as an inheritor of a great, most marvellous and oldest living culture of the world and a heritage of world's deepest mystical philosophy. b)Freedom and security and satisfaction to do and carry out one's aspirations on one's own soil uninhibited,even while abroad, subject to finances earned or organised abroad, no matter what horrendous practical obstacles prevail in Mathrubhumi, coupled with the wish to return home when very old. Home is home. In the reverse direction, a dc approved could encourage people like me to take up a second citizenship in the country of domicile in Europe and enjoy all the practical benefits flowing from it. Jai Bharat Mata! Vienna, Austria.

Fri Jan 10 00:47:26 2003
Name: Gautam Sarkar
Your Views: Sure!! no more standing in line in the embassies to deal with the incompetent staff. Yes hopefully no more long lines in the airports as well, dealing with the stupid arrogant idiots working for the immigration services.

Fri Jan 10 01:32:34 2003
Name: Ramesh Karra
Your Views: I think it would be really beneficial to india and NRIs

Fri Jan 10 01:34:05 2003
Name: jogareddy.c
Your Views: this is the best opportunity and best time for NRIs.because peoples of non resident chinese to invest there home country invest billions of dollars. so thats why china is far better in attracting foregn exchange and country developing fast.but our country also speed up files .

Fri Jan 10 01:36:23 2003
Name: Venkatesh Jagadeeshwara
Your Views: This will only increase the divide between Rich and poor. Until now, people who are not citizens of India were not allowed to buy properties in India. Now with the introduction of Dual citizenship they will be able to buy the properties. The people who are selling these know only too well that NRI's are rich and can pay any price so the prices of land will go up making it harder for an ordinary person to own a piece of land.

Fri Jan 10 01:48:00 2003
Name: Rahul
Your Views: It is too early to know the full implication. On one hand it is beneficial to Indians who have to take citizenship of other countries for various reasons, but feel bad about losing Indian citizenship. On the other hand it may open up a can of worms. In my opinion, PIO is sufficient for most of the people. Rahul

Fri Jan 10 02:12:18 2003
Name: Dhaval Shah
Your Views: Eventhough we are NRIs we still have roots in our country. For some it is exemplified as an ancestral home. For our children, it enables to understand us and themselves by understanding where we come from and who we were. That answers who we are and what we might choose to be. Similiarly the Indians back home needs to understand us and can broaden their world view through us. We help in bringing fresh ideas, new oppurtunities. They help us in providing the roots. Dual Citizenship helps everybody. The argument that dual citizenship imperils nation's security is bogus and such an argument is a traversity on intelligence. Dual citizenship or not there are already enough criminals in India itself and they suffice to imperil its security many times over. And what is the stupid point of "nefarious activity" anything to do with dual citizenship? Even if there is a conjecture, it is at best pathetic.

Fri Jan 10 02:14:45 2003
Name: sunil
Your Views: every issue has two sides and this PIO/dual citizenship is not an exception. on the heads-up, i think it will definitely make inter-country travel a boon and cut-down lot of visa hassles, bureaucratic red-tape etc etc. so next time when i go to India from Canada, armed with a PIO card, i am sure it will be with peace of mind & nobody to question the validity of my visa. on the tails-up side, i would like to see that the govt of India ensure control over the issue of PIO cards and see that the card cannot be counterfeited. terrorist states / organizations could benefit from it. one more suggestion: the PIO card should have a bar code scanning all the info of the person concerned viz. fingerprint info, eye color/retinal scan, criminal record to-date, other vital stats etc. this will ensure almost a foolproof info on the person. an other thing: if possible, this PIO card bar code info should be scannable at almost all international airports (of the 7 countries named for PIO card) at entry/exit point. though this all seems far-fetched, believe me, it is possible. for this to work, India will have to build its computerization infrastructure for security. Amen to that!! i am positive!!

Fri Jan 10 02:38:01 2003
Name: Sudarshan
Your Views: Definitely. People who are (reluctant to go back to India because of green card status isses) and (eligible for US citizenship) can use this feature. They can still be a citizen of India and accept a US citizenship. They will move to India and or invest in India because of the rights the RETAIN.

Fri Jan 10 03:12:38 2003
Name: PRI
Your Views: I am very happy with the govt's decision to give dual citizenship. It gives me the sense of strong bonds with my motherland. Yes, it can imperil national security in the sense that the govt needs to be very careful what kind of folks will get an Indian passport and for what use. Each case needs to be examined before citizenship is granted as I am sure the govt does not want anti-India elements getting a passport. People change after living away for so long and one can never be sure as to what things have influenced an individual.

Fri Jan 10 04:04:15 2003
Name: Sankara Raman
Your Views: I think it is a very good idea to implement this selectively as it is being done now. When most of the western countries have this system why should not India? We obviously need to be very cautious in issuing visas leave alone dual citizenships to people from Pakistan. Sankara Raman

Fri Jan 10 04:04:16 2003
Name: Vijay
Your Views: Yes, dual citizenship is useful to people living aborad. Though the primary benefit is not needing a visa to enter India, the biggest benefit is an emotional one that is not easy to quantify. By becoming citizen of two countries, one can be emotionally attached to India, while having all the rights in another country. Considering that a lot of people living outside India, esp. in the US, are well educated and have access to some resources, given the opportunity to vote, they could play a vital role in the development of India and the political process, which everyone needs immediate amends in terms of the quality of legislators that are elected to office. This will hopefully change the focus of Indian politics from petty and unproductive issues like religion and caste to real issues like the economy, population control, pollution control and education. I know this is wishful thinking, but there is no doubt that India could use some new thought processes.

Fri Jan 10 06:22:32 2003
Name: Kamal Shroff
Your Views: This is the day I have been waiting for. I am delighted to know that we can be dual citizens (USA& India). We can visit India and start clinics for children to develop intellectually by providing needed professional counselling services, consultation to students' parents and Behavior therapies. We can undertake Research Projects to see where we are at present and where we need to go. I hope we can bring new perspective to old problems. I hope Dual citizenship matter comes into existence without any problems in the very very near future.

Fri Jan 10 06:25:13 2003
Name: Kamal Shroff,Ph. D. Psychologist
Your Views: Dual citizenship will not hurt India. In my opinion , it will enrich India

Fri Jan 10 07:12:22 2003
Name: Sreerama Shetty
Email: sreerama.shetty@uthct
Your Views: It is wonderful that our govt. decided to offer dual citizenship to PIO. I am sure it will benifit our nation finacially and also see more support for India from outside because they become part of us.

Fri Jan 10 07:14:21 2003
Name: sweetsanjay
Your Views: Definitely. By Dual citizenship, we mean an indivisual will be treated as an American (and not an Indian) in America, and as an Indian (and not an American), while in India. It will work out fine. PIOs can retain their links to their motherland, and enjoy the privileges of being considered the citizen of the country providing them employment.

Fri Jan 10 07:15:14 2003
Name: Amit
Your Views: yes it will be lot. Today lot of people cannot return back because of not having it. And lot of people who want to live in foreign country and like to have all the benefits return back because of this issue. I think it will flexibility to people and make easy for them to make a decision. At least we don't have the fear that we can never return in or country and have same status.

Fri Jan 10 07:25:47 2003
Name: Anil T
Your Views: I think in the case of India, dual citizenship cannot be source for national security. India has a serious problem of identification mechanism for all its citizens today. We do not know how many Bangladeshis are in India. For that matter, majority of Indians do not have any form ID card. All dual citizens by default will fall in the category of "ID'ed" citizens. Hence, I do not believe they will pose a security risk. None the less, in the larger gambit of security and economics - we have seen Indians settled in US as well as Europe try to patent (should I say "steal") Indian knowledge - basmati patent, vaasthu patent etc. So, some safeguards and proper mechanisms are essential.

Fri Jan 10 07:30:15 2003
Name: Sri
Your Views: This should have been done long long back. And govt is doing a good job in giving it only to a select group of countries.. Hence the misuse by nefarious elements is minimized by this.

Fri Jan 10 07:40:19 2003
Name: Dipthi
Your Views: There sure will be misuse of dual citizenship but due to few bad people others shouldn't loose the opportunity to get it. I live in US. And I don't want to give up my Indian citizenship.

Fri Jan 10 07:43:12 2003
Name: Vamsi
Your Views: I don't see a big deal. This is for the better of Indians. Many countries in the world allow it and are doing good. It's also good to see that Middle Eastern and SAARC neighbors aren't allowed this privilege. That should take care of terrorist motives. The average NRI can now claim that he is an Indian Citizen. This is great.

Fri Jan 10 07:47:09 2003
Name: Vivek Shankar
Your Views: I think it shall help india to maintain touch with the sucessful NRIs/PIOs and tap their talent.This iss step to involve the sucessful NRIs/PIOs in India's growth. Of course security issues need to be adressed.Only NRIs/PIOs from select countries should be initially allowed to have the dual citizenship.IF the experiment suceeds ,then one can consider extension a wide scale.

Fri Jan 10 08:13:01 2003
Name: Pradip
Your Views: I do believe that there is some danger involved in granting the dual citizenship. The only way to minimize the security threat is to screen thouroughly the applicant before granting the Indian citizenship. On the other hand, as for me, and millions of others, this is an emotional issue. This will provide the NRIs ample opportunities to invest and to embark upon projects of some significance that would put India on a much faster track to achive her goal of becoming an advanced nation. The NRIs' children also should be able to get an admission (on merit, of course) to the prestigious institutes in India. The NRIs would feel wanted by the government as well as the people and that would strengthen the ties. Many NRIs dream of returning to India for good to enjoy their retirement and that in itself, would bring a tremendous investment to India.

Fri Jan 10 08:19:52 2003
Name: Gopal Srinath
Your Views: Many NRIs always have the hope of returning to India. This will guarantee that and right of the former Indian citizen to come back to India and stay for over 180 days without getting AIDS testing etc. It is useful in that case. I think 10 yr visa holders still cannot stay over 6 months at a time and if staying over 6 months mst register w/ police for every different place they visit, which is a pain.

Fri Jan 10 08:24:24 2003
Name: Raghu
Your Views: Dual Citizenship in my view is NOT NEEDED. I dont exactly understand the reason as to why the Government is running behind this, when they have lot of other burning issues. These people gave up their Indian Citizenship in the first place for getting into other countries to make money, luxury, etc. I am not saying everyone will be bad, if these people want to do good to their X Country may be the Government should make some new provisions in visas that give these people long tenure(even free of cost) or if these people want to invest in business in India may be new rules in financial investment can be made. The MOST important according to me these dual citizen people should NOT be allowed to CONTEST ELECTIONS. These People have more worldly knowledge may be they can bring about a change in the country, but the government should make sure that they dont hijack the country. Shouldnt the Government rather spend its time in bringing a law that says only a Indian Born in India can occupy high Political and Bureaucratic posts. I have heard things like BRAIN DRAIN happening in India, DUAL CITIZENSHIP will not stop it.

Fri Jan 10 08:36:00 2003
Name: mel gibson
Your Views: definitely!. to take shelter in india during bad times(such as now). can go back when things improve without scrambling for visa.

Fri Jan 10 09:12:33 2003
Name: TM
Your Views: yes it is useful. And there is no compromise on security. In the Indian passport now there is a column where it mentions the type of passport (like ORD for ordinary etc.). There it can simply say dual and the bearer would then upon entering India have to produce also the other passport (like US, UK or other country). And if the whole thing is on a computer database criminals can easily be caught.

Fri Jan 10 09:34:57 2003
Name: Sudhakar Rajapu
Your Views: We already have lot of problems with foreign mercenaries & terrorists. How do we make sure such miscreants and underworlds don't get the dual citizenship? Even if there were measures to check these unwelcome people, they can always find loopholes in our beaurocracy. Even ordinary people, Why should some one get Indian citizenship when he/she opted to drop their Indian Citizenship to become a citizen of another country? I think a PIO card or something like a green card should be enough. Even if citizenship is given, it should be given only after a period of 10-15 years, during which his contribution to India should be measured. -Sudhakar R.

Fri Jan 10 09:44:21 2003
Name: Aditya Mishra
Your Views: I still do not know what extra benefit dual citizenship offers over PIO card. Will there be an extra fee for getting dual citizenship or all PIO card holders become dual citizen automatically?

Fri Jan 10 10:04:01 2003
Name: Jailesebes
Your Views: Yes , Yo need to be the citizen of the country where you belong to reap benifit there . But definitely your soul is with india ,so I know many people in a dilemma of surrendering ones passport . for the second generation it will be a reminder . Also I was touched by the affection SA indians show towards india .. So I also hope people like SA indians who were forced to migrate from india also gets the dual citizenship

Fri Jan 10 11:00:00 2003
Name: Ram Talgeri
Your Views: I think it is a very good move, provided the NRIs reciprocate by investing in India like overseas Chinese Diaspora.

Fri Jan 10 11:09:28 2003
Name: abhinav
Your Views: well, the main problem that could arise with this thing is security, but there are other problems that have to be taken care of before the government seriously thinks of such a project. there are definately benefits coming out of the dual citizenship thing. if one is not very sure of it then better ask the indians who have to stay in long queues once they get back to india. it will give them a sense of belonging. it is true that indians abroad have traditionally shown a higher occurence of patriotism, but the dual citizenship could infuse in them a better awareness of the nation's problems, which they could identify as their problem.

Fri Jan 10 11:10:44 2003
Name: prashant
Your Views: Dual citizenship is certainly beneficial for us because many of us are not working abroad in the view of settling here permanently.We would certainly love to go back to India and lead a peaceful and quite life there. The main aim of coming abroad is to learn the other cultures. It helps us to continue our activities in India.

Fri Jan 10 11:20:41 2003
Name: Ali
Your Views: It si beneficial bcos we want NRIs to invest their money (read forign curency) in India. They will invest in the real estate and other markets, the core sector of the economy. And this will help us acheive the 8% growth target set.

Fri Jan 10 11:22:47 2003
Name: Pooja Ahluwalia
Your Views: Yes it is useful. I want to fight in karate tournament in India, but I was not allowed. I am karate champion here, and I want to defeat karate champions in India, so if I have dual citizenship I can be karate champion of India and USA

Fri Jan 10 11:27:20 2003
Name: Rahul
Your Views: It is beneficial. But policy shud be made so as no one can take advantage of the same and shud be free of loopholes.

Fri Jan 10 11:29:11 2003
Name: Rahul Dutta
Your Views: There is no doubt in my mind that dual Citizenship will greatly benefit the Indian Diaspora as well as India by bringing them closer. Being NRIs, this is a very positive development for me and my family, something that I really thank the Indian governmemt for.

Fri Jan 10 11:29:55 2003
Name: prasad
Your Views: how does one deal with conflict of interest?

Fri Jan 10 11:31:30 2003
Name: Manish Agrawal
Your Views: Ofcourse It will definately benfit the NRI's, there family, society and a Country as whole. Every NRI has a Indian heart and now he/she is also provided with a Legal document as well which will add to his/her moral, commitment and remind him/her duty as a Indian for his/her Country. We NRI heartily Welcome the Policy of Indian Govt. and its ambitious Plan to Develop India as super Power house, developed Country with strong and roburst Economy for FDI and its own people to get the basic and essential need of every Individual Indian country man. I take great pleasure to call myself a Indian. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.. Namaskar. Manish Agrawal from Singapore

Fri Jan 10 11:32:06 2003
Name: Jameel Ahmad
Your Views: Its beneficial and required and a oprogressive step.PIO when come to their own country and stand up in foreigner Q it hurts from inside.Now they can get rid off from this.At emotinal level also its a good step.

Fri Jan 10 11:32:19 2003
Name: srinivas chowdary
Your Views: Yeah Definitely if it implemented successfully

Fri Jan 10 11:33:41 2003
Name: shiv shankar bagh
Your Views: i am very thankful to vajpayee decision of dual citizenship for NRI and very cooperation from outerworld.

Fri Jan 10 11:36:56 2003
Name: Vijay
Your Views: Dual Citizenship is only beneficial. There should, however, be proper rules enforced for awarding dual citizenship and it should be restricted ie not be handed out to all and sundry.

Fri Jan 10 11:39:54 2003
Name: Subhomoy Mukherjee
Your Views: I am strongly in favour of giving dual citizenship to NRIs. Lot of NRI who are very successful abroad in their own professional world are keen to do something beneficial for their motherland. But as they don't have their citizenship they are in a state of big trees without roots. This is a major mental shock. So giving them indian citizenship will not only motivate them but they will also feel that they have always have a root. This step should be taken atleast 10 years back but "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER". We will surely see some positive outcome of this decision very soon.

Fri Jan 10 11:41:38 2003
Name: Vinod M Jose
Your Views: I strongly support Dual Citizenship. What is wrong in giving Citizenship to Indians?... And I don't believe that, in todays world if some one want to do any illegal activities they will look for citizenship or anything like that. People do it now also without any thing this sort. Dual citizenship will never make this more easy than existing. Dual citizenship is the way to claim back our intellectul wealth that we have given to other countries. People will be more intersted to work in India but still holding a chance to back if they are not satisfied with Indian atmosphere. Also this makes easy for other NRIs to invest and hold properties in India ( I think), which will make a good inflow of investments to our country. I Request Indian Govt. Not to delay this any more.....

Fri Jan 10 11:44:02 2003
Name: Pranav Sodha
Your Views: I think this is good in such case but why our govt. take this step. why cant there govt. not giving dual citizenship.

Fri Jan 10 11:55:56 2003
Name: Riki Krishnan
Your Views: Dual citizenship is the most horrific validity given to people who sometimes prefer their mother country and make money in an other.We as Indian should not allow them to enter as they would try to spoil the very ligusitic pattern and life of an ordinary men and women. If they ever come, officers of both the IB,MEA and the local police have to have check on them for two years and also know whether why and for what reason their are coming back. So the government policy should be revieved as these people could be threat to India's security. Dual citizenship is of no use! Its problematic. The Governement can renew the money sent by Indian natioanls as it can be increase our foregin trade.

Fri Jan 10 11:57:06 2003
Name: adeel
Your Views: I think it was a step in the right direction by the Vajpayee goverment to allow people of indian origin to have dual citizenship.

Fri Jan 10 11:58:40 2003
Name: Rahul Dave
Your Views: Is this a mango trick for spinning money? And is it for the nation or for the BJP? Is it some kind of image making exercise before elections 2004? What do elected representatives think of themselves in India? The carrot goes to the NRI and stick always to the genuine residents! It is a shame that even after 55 years of independence our country has 80% GDP going towards debt related payments (source: S&P sovereign ratings news). Such a dilapidated balance sheet of the country can't be revitalised thru NRI money. These people wouldn't invest unless they see highest returns and moreover they don't have the kind of money which our country needs even in one single year thru FDI. The need of the hour is to reduce expenditure in Governing and Govern for reduced expenditure i.e. hive the mass off the bureacracy. Have less people to administer and tighten anti-corruption measures. "May be we should empower real shareholders to the democaracy (the people who cast vote) to remove any elected MP/MLA from office even before the term is completed, if the majority is not happy with the performance".

Fri Jan 10 12:02:31 2003
Your Views: Dual citizen ship given by beloved Prime Shri Vajpayee garu is not at all beneficial. A citizen of India is to be given to only those people who study, work for their country. If you ask me dual citizenship makes people more freedom to create violations of rules and regulations. Create more unwanted confusions in the existing law and order. The problem of bangladesh people migrating in the border is is some millions who do not know whether they are indians or bangladesis. Please solve the problem prevailing in the country and then try to solve the problem which will arise in the mere future by this new policy. It is the country and the people who are the ultimate sufferers. Leaders will change tomorrows. People wont change.

Fri Jan 10 12:02:47 2003
Name: Mohit
Your Views: First of all the misconception that the Indian government has created in the minds of a common man, that the status that the government wishes to give to some of the NRIs of the Indian origin is of dual nationality and not of dual citizenship,because the right to vote is not included. Dual nationality , as compared to dual citizenship , looks to be a quantity not so tempting to opt for. So benefits flowing from it are not so bulky. But at the same time dual nationality status in comparison to dual citizenship status really brings some constraints into existence on these foreign Indians where primarily the role play of foreign countries in the democracy of India is restricted. So dual nationality can be brought into existence without much of a hurly-burly commenting on its empowerment.This is what I feel.

Fri Jan 10 12:02:52 2003
Your Views: Dual citizen ship given by beloved Prime Shri Vajpayee garu is not at all beneficial. A citizen of India is to be given to only those people who study, work for their country. If you ask me dual citizenship makes people more freedom to create violations of rules and regulations. Create more unwanted confusions in the existing law and order. The problem of bangladesh people migrating in the border is is some millions who do not know whether they are indians or bangladesis. Please solve the problem prevailing in the country and then try to solve the problem which will arise in the mere future by this new policy. It is the country and the people who are the ultimate sufferers. Leaders will change tomorrows. People wont change.

Fri Jan 10 12:10:09 2003
Name: B D Prasad
Your Views: Dual Citizenship will involve some of the anti-Bharat NRIs to use the facility to conspire easily everything against our motherland with the financial help of the nations that are not happy with the present Govts stand on secularism. PRASAAD

Fri Jan 10 12:12:28 2003
Name: prashant
Your Views: yes,i fully agree with this statement.because there are circumstances when you enjoy the citizenship of 2 different countries in legal cases.and they prove 2 be benificial for the citizen.

Fri Jan 10 12:12:31 2003
Name: prashant
Your Views: yes,i fully agree with this statement.because there are circumstances when you enjoy the citizenship of 2 different countries in legal cases.and they prove 2 be benificial for the citizen.

Fri Jan 10 12:12:43 2003
Name: rajeev
Your Views: We in India pay Taxes,they don't.We here get meagre interest on bank deposits,They get a privilaged interest in NRI a/c's. And now theycan travel without visa to our country,but no country will allow us entry without a visa. AS IF IT IS NOT ENOUGH... They r now going to get reservations in colleges,what next ..Reservations in Summer Jobs.An NRI PM / President. Guess we should all become NRI's.

Fri Jan 10 12:18:55 2003
Name: Raj
Your Views: I welcome the PM's announcement on dual citizenship. This status will encourage NRIs to freely invest in India and I think it's a win-win situation for both the individual and the country. I do not think it would imperil the nation's security because I believe there will be some stringent screening before this status is awarded to an individual. Moreover by eliminating countries like pakistan from the list, the PM has ensured that rogue elements don't get this facility. I think, along with dual citizenship, if there is an extradition treaty in place with all the listed countries then there is no reason to worry.

Fri Jan 10 12:19:08 2003
Name: sanjay
Your Views: It is just great. Must for future economy. It was much needed. just see China, they did it much before ours and reaping huge benefit.

Fri Jan 10 12:24:21 2003
Name: Sameer D.Chandan
Your Views: I definitely think that there must be misuse of Duel citizenship. We Indians are masters of misusing Law provisions. e.g Mr.Ram Jetmalani.Very sorry for expressing this as a proud Hindu - Indian citizen We shud think about pblems created by Pakistani & Bangla migrants. I think they will eligible for this duel-citizenship.Think about nation security. from Tax revenue it may be benefitial, for foreign Investment may help forex inflow, but at what cost. Sameer

Fri Jan 10 12:25:19 2003

Fri Jan 10 12:27:54 2003
Name: suhas
Your Views: YES...YES...YES

Fri Jan 10 12:30:21 2003
Name: santosh lalwani
Your Views: yes, dual citizenship is the right move to bind all indians who left their native places. this will reflect unity and prosperity in the economic figures of country. Its also better way to attract the ex IITians and iim grads . they must realize with this some kind of responsibilty for nation and poors.

Fri Jan 10 12:32:03 2003
Name: veeru
Your Views: Our government is taking the caste system to dual citizenship if only residents of certain countries are allowed. Are Indians who live in non-mentioned countries Harijans?

Fri Jan 10 12:33:34 2003
Name: K.Mahalingam
Your Views: The United States Of America having been the vociferous prroponent of Free Nation with unrestricted visa formalities has burnt its finger in 9/11 aggression on it. As it is setting its visa procedure.the Govt. of India is taking aretrogade step in givinf duel citizenship. BJP is interested in power more than the NATION.

Fri Jan 10 12:34:06 2003
Name: Richard Hardwick
Your Views: Apologies - I am not an Indian! However, I do think that the "selective" nature of this dual citizenship offer reinforces the view that India remains, as ever, inward-looking and remote from the concerns of the "real" world. The base discrimination inherent in offering dual citizenship to those who are citizens of a very few countries is particularly galling and insensitive. Presumably all those Indians acually BORN in India before partition (but who, by dint of historical circumstance, are now wicked Pakistanis, Bangladeshis et al), will NOT be welcomed into this exclusive club - in great contrast to those fortunate few who now happen to live in the "right" country, and whether or not they have even visited India will matter not in the slightest, come the day they put in their claim for dual citizenship. Basically, the whole plan stinks - but good old Mother India (as so often) does not seem to realise how such discriminatory policies back fire on her. And why? Because every decision in India appears to be motivated by short-term political gain, unfortunately - and the announcement by the current Prime Minister is no exception.

Fri Jan 10 12:36:40 2003
Your Views: If the aim is to increase FDI deposits i dont think it will be very successful. Emotions dont necesaarily materialise into real money. I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

Fri Jan 10 12:38:59 2003
Name: Andre Previn
Your Views: Dual Citizenship will certainly benefit political parties in India as all foreign political campaign contributions can now be shown as received from Indian citizens. What it will do for the remaining (second class) citizens of this country is anybody's guess. The honourable Prime Minister has specifically said that he does not want the NRI's money. We can only hope that the rest of his party thinks so too.

Fri Jan 10 12:40:28 2003
Name: radhamadhav
Your Views: Bull shit, Encourage people to do some good for there home land, u mean to say people who stay in other country,should leave there citizen ship of there mother land there is no way. Dual citizenship is a gift. it should be given to all genuine citizens of India who r there in other countries

Fri Jan 10 12:42:58 2003
Name: R Vinod
Your Views: well talking about dual citizenship one could only say that we actually trying to accomodate dual individuality in per the saying goes,no two kings can rule a province, one could say that one who has an identity of one country should only have the tag of that country and no other case this dual citizenship is executed the most happiest persons on the earth would be the criminals who definitely look out for a loop hole,giving a wide scope for bilateral differences. i think it isn't necessary to award dual citizenship.

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