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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Love in 140 characters: 'You're the adrak in my chai'

Love in 140 characters: 'You're the adrak in my chai'

Last updated on: February 15, 2011 11:22 IST

Love in 140 characters: 'You're the adrak in my chai'


Here are the final set of responses to our contest inviting you to share your love story in not more than 140 characters. The contest is now closed.

We invited you to share your love story in not more than 140 characters and were flooded with responses!

Here is the final set of the many responses we've received so far. We aren't carrying responses that have exceeded 140 characters or those we found were not original.

Send in your love story in not more than 140 characters and you stand a chance to win gifts worth Rs 5,000!

Ashish Chaubey:
Story from Wedding to Bidai is my Love Story, which realizes my Imagination of Love   in form of My Wife Sunita.
Harapriya Padhiary:
Before I got my love,I always thought about that day(how it should
be,how I remember it).What a day!He proposed me on 8th feb(PROPOSE Day).
Suman Addepalli:
U Are the adrak in my chai
The namak in my Daal
Our Love has made 'US' of  U & I
And you're mera waala precious MAAL
Manish S Sharma:
V stud. in same school &college didnt even said hi to 1other,she got married w oth. guy,got divorced.met her in train fell in love got married
Raj Kumar:
Never seen each other, talk on phone, knowing about each other, understand the feelings, and fallen in love
Kiran Srivastava:
Argument, she breaks down, cries 'papa chahiye'. Confused, gav a tight hug, she returns a kiss on my cheek, smiles here lo, luv story begins
Akram Shaikh:
I proposed her but she denied. I sat home relaxed and still awaited for her reply.And within 7 days she said YES. I had confident in my Luv.
Sudhakar R:
Other girls lean on ur shoulder,u drink the same drink other girls used,all these matters very imp to me,will kill u if I see again, careful
Pamela Sinha Mathur:
2 yrs of friendship couldn't open our eyes; 2 hrs of Idea downtime did the trick! Now we r in for life, nurturing love through thin n thick!
Rajesh Rodricks sent these two
D Sun has no fixd Season, I 2 hav no fixd reason 4 loving U. My LUV is warm n radiates ur face @ d glow it brings makes my heart race.

Sum days r brighter,sum cloudy,sum cold bt U shal alwys feel my warmth even in bitterest of cold, as U shall b in D hearts of My Heart 4ver

Vikrem Rajagopal:
Wanted to go and tel NO as i was not interested in marr, went saw spoke and we r getting married,still dunno hw -ve became +ve
Priya Phanda:
When you get angry your cheeks become red, I want you to always smile because without it I will be dead.
Nekanti Chowdary:
Wished 2 live 4 100y.After meeting u,i wish 2 live in ur love 4 eternity

Illustraions: Uttam Ghosh


'I gave my heart, and found life'

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Arpit Phanda sent us these two:
We have shared a lot together
A Bond so strong, a hold so tight
For in you I have found, a love that is so right.

Since from I meet you, I began to see
What is TRUE LOVE & it exists in me,
You are my love so sweet & true
One in a million & that is only you

Kundan Sharma:
In this month of love, i found my love who became my soul mate and promise tol live together till the end with lots of love and happiness.
Ayush Banthia:
Na tum dur jana,
Na hum dur jayenge.
Hum apne wade nibhayenge.
Bahot acha lagega zindgi ka safar,
Tum waha se yaad karna hum yaha muskurayenge

Naresh Kumar:
In office she was like a cat
Always run after me as if I am a Rat,
Finally we both wants to get marry
And stay together like Tom & Jerry
Rakesh Kumar Jalla:
Never thought i would be dead deep in her love, But that's the power of my Divya.
Suresh M:
Wrng Num,Prtty Voice,cald back,bcame frnds,sent pics,1st kiss on phone,Felt bliss,Msging evry hour,590 days,Luv each othr madly,Not met yet
Parvez Husain:
A tap on sholder,a Bike lift-frnds are there as a gift,A SMS,a call- g/f & b/f startd roll.A Rng,two wing&they fly in sky as hsbnd and wife.
Nupur Agarwal:
The tenderness in his voice and elegance in his bearing told me I would like to be with this man again.
Forever, was what I realized later!
Chandrrakant Khatri:
We met, talked n started liking meeting n talking. Later started hating distance n realized we were made to love each other forever.
Pawan Phanda:
Parent wants me to marry you & makes you my wife; I thought you break my heart like cutting vegetable with knife, But you have made my life.
Shobana MV:
I gave my heart, and found life.
Our thoughts synched, and then our hearts.

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