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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » IN PICS: Now, plants for your personality types!

IN PICS: Now, plants for your personality types!

Last updated on: October 5, 2012 15:12 IST

Owning a plant can brighten your space and your mood. Disha Seth of finds the right plant for your personality type.

Plant lovers across the country are plenty. However, there are some who believe that plants are just not the right match for them. Well, if you fall under this category, then we have the solution for you.

We suggest you go green in style by picking a plant that reflects your personality and then making it the centre of attention in your living room, office or bedroom. 'Nurturing Green' has spread the concept of owning a pet plant far and wide with their extensive range of plants, which also make excellent gift options.

On their website, you can browse through these selections, which are classified on the basis of occasion, plant type, price and features. To make your job easier, we help you find the plant that best compliments your personality. No matter how careless, destructive, nurturing or paranoid you can be, we have a plant for you!

IN PICS: Now, plants for your personality types!

Image: The Pothos plant
Photographs: BFF/Wikimedia Creative Commons

For the Worrisome

Find yourself fretting over a few mundane details? Are your deadlines met a week in advance? Do you worry about the crevices of your cupboard being clean?

Do you cross check your letters at least five times? Well, there is a plant for you. The 'Pothos plant' is going to be your saviour. It's known to relieve stress and bring you a truck load of luck. Maybe this plant -- human combination will help you take it easy!


IN PICS: Now, plants for your personality types!

Image: The 'Lucky Bamboo'
Photographs: Bernard Ladenthin/Wikimedia Creative Commons

For the Couch Potato:

Plants have to be watered and given extreme attention, but the 'Lucky Bamboo' makes it easy for all the lazy individuals who have taken the effort of buying a plant to actually maintain it. It's tolerant and can adapt very well to temperature changes. Henceforth, you have a plant that is ready to be your couch buddy.


IN PICS: Now, plants for your personality types!

Image: The I-shape Bonsai
Photographs: Sage Ross/Wikimedia Creative Commons

For the Mirror Hogger:

Hour glass figure or size zero, every woman does stop to admire her reflection. But some women take every opportunity they can get, be it a one way glass, a door or even a car window.

Well, for these special ladies, we have a competitor. The 'I-shape Bonsai' stands out because of its shape and grabs everyone's attention. See any similarities ladies?

Tags: Bonsai

IN PICS: Now, plants for your personality types!

Image: Ficus Benjamina
Photographs: KENPEI/Wikimedia Creative Commons

For the Perfectionist

Need a plant to obsess over and cherish much like your wedding vows? 'Ficus Benjamin' is just like a demanding three-year-old. It needs constant watering and a caretaker who ensures the temperature variations do not have extreme effects on it.

IN PICS: Now, plants for your personality types!

Image: Anthurium
Photographs: Remember/Wikimedia Creative Commons

For the Artist

Creative, spaced out, careless and extremely talented describes most artists. The 'Anthurium' plant is just the perfect match for an individual with such calibre.

The 'flamingo' plant possesses the extra 'oomph' element. The purple flowers make the environment come alive, much like an artist's personality.

It requires minimum care, so you can jaunt of on your next adventure and follow your inspiration without a second thought.


IN PICS: Now, plants for your personality types!

Image: Juniper
Photographs: Kristian Peters/Wikimedia Creative Commons

For the Fitness Freak

It's hard to imagine a man watering plants and talking to his gym-buddies about the latest seeds he planted, but 'Juniper' will definitely change that mentality.

This is a plant for the tough ones; it portrays strength and athleticism and fills the room with testosterone.