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DROOL! Five BEST places in Delhi to have a burger

Last updated on: August 31, 2013 15:23 IST

DROOL! Five BEST places in Delhi to have a burger


Harnoor Channi-Tiwari

Someone somewhere decided to put a juicy patty between two soft buns and call the thing a burger. The world has been drooling ever since. Harnoor Channi-Tiwary lists out the absolutely best places in Delhi to have one!

Few weeks ago, Mark Post of Maastricht University in the Netherlands produced the world's first lab-grown burger.

The five-ounce burger was basically made up of billions of lab-grown cells as part of a project funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

A result of an experiment in which scientists are working on new ways to 'grow' meat in laboratories as against raising livestock, the burger cost about $332,000 to be produced and rather sadly didn't meet the expectations of the folks who got a first tasting of it recently in London.

While this was happening, closer home, Harnoor Channi-Tiwary decided it might be a good idea to go on a burger hunt in New Delhi. And while we weren't surprised with some of the names in the list (Hard Rock Cafe in particular) we couldn't help want to head out to some of the others listed here.

We could go on. But we'd rather not.

Read on and start drooling:

Image: The world doesn't seem to have enough of the burger
Photographs: Max Slowik/Wikimedia Creative Commons


DROOL! Five BEST places in Delhi to have a burger

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Few things can compete with the satisfaction of biting into a perfect burger. It sounds like a simple dish, yet very few can master the intricacies of reaching the perfection of the perfect burger -- an elusive fantasy.

A soft bun, freshly baked if possible and slightly toasted so that it holds form. A juicy patty within, cooked to medium well, dripping with its own juices. Add ons as per taste -- lettuce, bacon, slices of tomato, jalapenos...the possibilities are endless. And drizzled with just the right amount of sauce, whether it is a garlic aioli or barbeque sauce or honey mustard.

The search for the perfect burger took us far and wide within the capital city. We tried street stalls and visited the fancy fine dining restaurants. But very few could even come close to the deliciousness described above. Below are the final contenders of the Best Burger in Delhi:

The Blue Door Cafe

A new entrant in the food scene of the city but entered how. Located in the central lane at Khan Market, opposite Smoke House Deli, The Blue Door Cafe (TBDC) can easily be found by identifying, you guessed it, a big blue door.

The newly renovated interiors of the indoor dining area and the little sit out for the rare good weather days in Delhi, make for a pleasing visit.

But it is not the interiors or the location you come here for. You come here as an ode to your taste buds. For them to be teased, tantalized and enthralled. The burger section of the menu is fairly extensive but our pick is The Blue Door Cafe Hamburger.

A pork patty grilled just perfectly with a melting slice of cheddar cheese is encased with strips of crispy smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of grilled pineapple.

This goodness comes drizzled with mayonnaise and a secret sauce. The burger comes with a generous side of golden French fries and a house salad. This is one burger you must not miss.

Price: Rs.455++

Image: The Blue Door Cafe Hamburger
Photographs: Courtesy The Blue Door Cafe

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DROOL! Five BEST places in Delhi to have a burger

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Hard Rock Cafe

This is a no brainer for the frequent travellers. HRC is known worldwide for their legendary beef burgers. The 10oz patties, spiced just right are a sure bet. The popular Legendary 10oz burger is the way to go at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Besides the mandatory bacon, patty, lettuce, cheddar and tomatoes, this also has crispy fried onion rings to give it an edge.

A humungous portion, it is a great idea to chill with a friend and share it. HRC, located in the DLF Place Mall at Saket has ample space and thus it is usually not a problem to get a table. Have a couple of drinks, listen to some music (often live music) and enjoy your evening.

Price: Rs 375++

Image: Hard Rock Cafe's Legendary 10oz burger
Photographs: Courtesy: Hard Rock Cafe

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DROOL! Five BEST places in Delhi to have a burger

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Fork you 

If we are talking about food in Delhi, how can Haus Khas Village not be represented here?

Though the no-children policy leaves most families baffled (it being a steakhouse and burger joint), this speciality restaurant does offer something unique to the burger enthusiast. And that is a Build-Your-Own-Burger.

Who can resist the playfulness of having full control over every aspect of your burger? One can choose everything from the bun to the size of the patty, toppings, sauce, cheese and sides.

The tenderloin patty comes highly recommended with the regulars of cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and barbeque sauce. If you do not want to bother making all these choices, they do offer an extensive burger menu as well.

Price: Rs 495 (non-veg) and Rs 395 (veg)

Image: Chicken Burger by Fork You Steak House and Burger Bar
Photographs: Courtesy Fork You Steak House and Burger Bar

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DROOL! Five BEST places in Delhi to have a burger

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Cafe Delhi Heights

If staying within the Delhi borders is not much of a concern, make the trek over to Ambience Mall in Gurgaon and try the Juicy Lucy at Cafe Delhi Heights. And a word of advice, don't eat for a few hours before you go here, you'll need the appetite.

This massive burger has a peppery lamb patty and is loaded with crispy greens which give it a satisfying crunch. The burger doesn't come with bacon but it is a good idea to choose these from the add-on section. Delicious in every bite.

Price: Rs 475

The Qube

Usually it is for good reason that restaurants in five star hotels are not included in such lists. This is because their price structures make them elitist and thus unaffordable for the regular patron. But with the way eating out has become exorbitantly expensive in NCR, stand alone restaurants often charge as much if not more.

Thus, The Qube also finds itself a contender for the best burger in town. The coffee shop in The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri, The Qube is essentially a multi-cuisine restaurant. But the most talked about order here is the Angus Steak Burger for which they import the meat, Black Angus chuck, no less.

The bun used is a brioche which helps keeps the burger in place as you bite in. They also offer you a choice of grape mustard relish (our pick for something different) or chunky tomato and unlike other restaurant, the cheese can be selected as well (cheddar, blue or emmental).

Most foodies, albeit the ones who can afford it, rate the burger here as the best in town.

Price: Rs 1299++

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary is the founder of Journey My Way (, a personalised travel advisory firm.

Image: Spicy, grilled and juicy burger from Cafe Delhi Heights
Photographs: Courtesy Cafe Delhi Heights

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