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Sex bill: Is it protecting our children?

Last updated on: February 2, 2011 13:11 IST

Readers express their anger and dismay over a proposed bill -- Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Bill 2010 -- that seeks to legalise non-penetrative sex with kids their age.

In this second set of responses one reader wants to know: How will this bill protect our children?

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Online PetitionTue Feb 1 14:16:40 2011
Petition:Twelve years old are too young to decide what is right and what is wrong for them, especially when it comes to sexual acts. This could create lot of problems for Indian parents. Some older boys could force or blackmail the 12 year old girls. Penetrative sex is not very far off from oral sex. Some youngsters might get tempted to go all the way and end up committing a crime.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 14:17:17 2011
Petition:The bill is good.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 14:17:28 2011
Name:Behram S Nagarwalla
City:Ahmednagar Maharashtra
Petition:My coments are based on experience as Sec..District probation & After care Association Ahmednagar,where in, we constantly receive runaway marriage girls below 18 whose husbands are,booked for statury rape,hear again the age of concent for sex is 15,which is not properly quantified in the JJAct,though the legal marriage age is 18.Hence a case of rape cannot stand if concensual sex is proved,but causes untold missery to the male. In these situations all stake holders loose track of one imp principle which is CHILDREN NEVER RUN AWAY FROM HOMES THEY RUN AWAY FROM PEOPLE implying that it is not only the parents/ gaurdian who need to look within but also,the JJACT & the IPC on rape. where the gril is above 15.Though it is essential to decriminalise,all juvinile crime& not only those relating to sex, as no punisment is intended orprescribed in the JJACTit is essential to take cognisance of the same & aproperly constituted dedicated,JJB,could providecounseling,as no coognisance,could lead to deterioration in the moral fiber,& exploitation of the female juvinile, but the corent status does need to be changed as at present the onus of sexul exploration would ly only on the male child where as it should be on both,& there fore cognisance is essential,however the JJact needs to be amended,to provide for quicker redressal,for such crimes to include measures,for correction & action by JJB[which is intended in the Act]before admission of FIR .The PP has an imp' role to play hearThe age difference of 2/3 is well thaught but in my openion should be blanket 3 for bothgroups.HENCE though decrimalisation is essential cognisance is IMP.for which the working of the JJB needs to be altered which calls for ammendment of the ACT in this respect SO ido not completly agree with their stand.,if requisit ammendments to th JJACT are not simultaneously thaught off.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 14:29:27 2011
Name:Akshatha Rajesh
Petition:This is horrendous. As such, our culture / tradition is loosing its significance. I'm dead sure that the next generation kids will not have a clue about Indian culture .... God bless them !!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 14:43:30 2011
Petition:WE should not encourage.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 14:46:14 2011
Name:Mangesh Mhatre
Petition:If a boy catches a girl & does a "Non penetrative Sex" with her, without her consent. He later threatens her to state that it was with her consent, (which is very natural if a boy is from prominent family of society - Leader, Thakur, Panchayat member of village etc.) Then in that case, with a new law, that boy will go out unscathed, but that girl will be ruined for life. Also most probably the boy will get bolder & do the same thing with more girls, once he is let go. Such probability MUST be taken into consideration. Is this law is being framed to save unruly kids of Leaders?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:12:56 2011
Name:vishal kakwani
Petition:This is not in our Cultural , I think we are blindly following the western world , but we should try to preserve our culture , even though nowadays youngsters are impatient and they try it at a very early age , but we should try to explain them and let them focus on there carrier education etc. , this is just rubbish , in my opinion each and every person , should take due care of there teen age children in the family , and try to explain them whats right , as these type of liberal thoughts will have a disastrous effect on the generation next , even though we are the creators of Kamasutra , if it has to be enjoyed , we should have patience.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:13:07 2011
City:Bangalore City
Petition:1. Age 12 being referred to is not quite correct. It should go with the age of puberty of the girl because that is when, in Indian culture, the mother of the girl "alerts" the daughter. 2. Very certainly, the provision - when legalised - will turn into an advertisement for relationship of 'the new kind'. This, in a way may also result in 'newer' teen- related problems, because, as is wont, this bill is unlikely to be preceded by relevant 'education' of the 'gullible' 3. 1 and 2 above indicate the need for a national debate involving parents and teachers before the Bill is taken up by law-makers.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:18:02 2011
Petition:utter foolishness. those who are in the metro cities always have a limitation in thinking, i think so. india is not delhi or mumbai, chennai, or kolkatta. there are people still believe in traditional beliefs, family values, etc., such a bill must not be passed at any cost. it will only assist a few upper class.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:19:04 2011
Petition:To put it simly, it is PERVERSE. What about the emotional implications on child ? How badly it is going to affect the growth of the victim child into a healthy Adult. It is horrendous to do any thing that provides cover for such henious acts.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:20:17 2011
Name:Dr.Satish Baddela
Petition:how can we educate them about the difference between Penetrative and Non-penetrative sex. is it really possible to stop these youngsters at one point during the so called consensual sex.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:21:04 2011
Petition:i am completely AGAINST such a bill and so are , many others that i know of. i firmly believe, in the name of Decriminalising , you cannot n should not keep sexual acts of n between children or anyone else for that matter, out of the notice of parents, guardians..other suitable authority.. its a fact that 12 yrs a child is just NOT mature enough to know ..or make any decisions with regards to sexuality. it is certainly NOT an age to give consent whether knowingly or unknowingly to penetrative or non penetrative sex. this entire bill infact is prepostrous n obnoxious to say the least. pl tell the eminent authority to concentrate on other serious issues which certainly need to urgently addressed .

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:21:32 2011
Name:sathis Kumar
Petition:I am against legalising penetrative or non penetrative sex.We indians still hold values.we are unable to reconcile to the western culture of free sex and live in .Let this bill benipped in the bud

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:21:58 2011
Name:Vishal Gaur
Petition:Certainly a step in the right direction, no 2 ways about it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:22:03 2011
Name:Dinesh k
Petition:I strongly oppose the bill. It says that it is OK for a 14 year old boy to seduce a 12 year old girl (or vice versa). As long as penetration does not happen, it is OK to find them naked together. As a parent you loose your right to take action on such incidence. We all know that exposure to sex for teens and pre-teens differs widely across society, and it is a matter of individual choice of parents. Through this bill parent are deprived of their choices regarding the exposure to sex for their kids. It legalises the act of sexual exploitation of your child by someone who has got more exposure and have not learnt the ways to control the urge. I found it in bad taste.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:23:02 2011
Name:Vishal Gaur
Petition:Certainly a step in the right direction, no 2 ways about it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:24:24 2011
Petition:Consensual or non-consensual sex cannot start before the age of 18. If sex can start at 12, why not 10, or why not 5 and so on. 18 is the maturity age for women and actually the intellectual maturity age in India is 21. So let us consider consensual sex at 18 or 21. Certainly not at 12. It is sick and western.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:24:42 2011
Name:santanu parida
City:New Delhi
Petition:Its a sad for our Nation and Culture.This bill will surely encourage the teenagers to offence Crime backed by Sex as by the age of 12, we cannot define the if the mind is ready to give consent if it si penetrative or non-penetrative sex. By that time an Teenager should look at the growth of his / her carreer and this bill will divert the mindset attracting to foreplay the loofalls. We should not follow the Western culture to develops our self as many western developed countries following our culture and this will be a black spot to our Indian culture.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:27:42 2011
Name:Jasjiv Singh
Petition:I think if we keep the sexual part out of this and concentrate only on the law, then it makes sense. Clearly, the proposed law is not encouraging any sexual activities in pre-teens. It only wants to safeguard a probably victim of something more heinous than actually is.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:30:23 2011
Petition:In my View, We should actually enchorage child marriages to safe guard from this western culture other wise this generation is doing non-sense like a dogs and forgetting ethics of indian culture. If we had done the marriage in young age and if they understand clearly about the sex, they dont do all the non-sense which are happening in the schools and colleges itself. This is my personla view.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:33:03 2011
Name:Chandrasekhara Prasad
Petition:The age of 12 years is too tender to decide for giving consent in any form of sex. It is not good for tropical region people and should be condemned in true sense.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:34:44 2011
Petition:just open the way to increase the teen sex.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:37:02 2011
Petition:I support the proposed amendment. This is a fair proposal.We know 12 is a good age to feel this natural urge. Law must not create unnecesasry criminals and allow system to use it for their gains. No penetrative sex is good enough restriction.. law need to go beyond this.. we know it is prevelent...between jija ... sali, dewar bhabi.....boy freind and girl freind...let them feel this natural change a enjoy it with limted restriction....

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:38:09 2011
Petition:This is really absurd. Once a boy and girl involve in sextual activities, they cannot get silent witout penetration. This will lead to havoc situation.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:39:13 2011
Petition:This is not acceptable. It will encourage the sexual activities of children and destroy the culture and climate of our community

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:39:17 2011
Petition:The amendments to the law will give a free hand (legal power ) to youngsters for indulging in physical sex activities, who had some sort of fear till now. The society should oppose such amendments for the safe and healthy future of youngsters.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:42:09 2011
Name:Narendra K Nayak
Petition:Atrocious. Put your girl child in the place of one of the two kids in question and ask yourself if you approve of it. If you do, please get out of my country!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:44:13 2011
City:New Delhi
Petition:These kind of laws would paralyse the Indian culture. The law may concern that particular issue, but I strongly ask that what would the children of 12 or 14 would do with non-penetrating sex? Is it some kind of sport which they would enjoy? And if such a couple is cought, they would just mention the bill and be freed. Ridiculous. Has the govt. and judiciary gone insane? We are not "animals". There is an age for everything. This kind of laws are just a shelter for the young culprits. Then why should there be a penalty for theft? Atleast they are doing that for their living. Sex is not done for living; it can earn bread for people in brothel, not at home. I request the to pass this on and the govt. to check the issue. "Videsh ki nakal karne mein kahin hum khatm na ho jaayen...."

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:45:04 2011
Name:Nikhilesh Mandavgane
Petition:Sex always ends up in penetration. It is foolish to expect a 12 year old couple old couple just to hug each other and leave it at that. This is India, not any western country. I simply reject even this 'thought', whosoever it has come from, as a parent as well as an Indian.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:45:29 2011
Name:Kishore Annadanam
Petition:No, any type of sexual activities are not good for children under 18 years, as it'll be still un-matured mindset.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:46:15 2011
Petition:Its good to reduce the age bar for women for an intercourse at an age aroung 12 years. If a women develops metabolism which forces her urge to have intercourse then nothing should be stoped to enjoy this act. Howerver, unprotective sex should be forbiden. Also most important, young girls should not be forced nor should be induced to enter into prostitution. There are growing cases where young girls out of pleasure or for money enter prostitution!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:46:17 2011
Name:CA Shirishkumar ZIngade
Petition:It is really preposterous to encourage a 12 year old into sexual activities. Even assuming the intention as stated by Aparna Bhat is to "decriminalise sexual exploration by two children" what is the guarantee that the same would be restricted to non-penetrative sex only. Really it is not the way to experiment with the young minds about sex. The thought is really above the thinking of General Indian mentality and should be curbed

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:47:39 2011
Name:Pramod Kulkarni
Petition:Its just like giving permission to teen agers to have sex. its different whether its penetrative or non penetrative. how can government be so irresponsible in such a serious matter. If this become a law a culprict can not be brought to law for the simple reason that this is a minor issue and was a non penetrative act. it should definately not be the part of a law or act.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:47:44 2011
Name:SM Hussain
Petition:I think that it is a good decision to reduce the consensual age for all sexual activities to 12. This will free the concerned from all exploitation by adults with questionable intentions.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:48:01 2011
Petition:we are on the way of america

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:50:05 2011
Name:Rakesh K Milwani
Petition:I am in full agreement with the proposals. Children today have much more exposure to media portraying sexual advances than we had in our times. Today even television soaps portray sexual advances, some times in very crude manner. if that is justified, then the contents of bill are fully justified

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:55:32 2011
Petition:It is a positive move....... why the children at the age of 12 do not think of applicable laws before committing any act or indulging in sex. they are influenced by many factors and their age is not enough to assess the consequences of criminality of act committed. in view of this innocence and keeping their future in mind this move will definetely a positive and more so reflect the liberal thinking of the society. appeal to parents is imbibe good values and guide children in building their lives rather than depending on coercive laws which ultimately helps no one. may all support this

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:55:45 2011
Petition:This is not an advisable thing as this will be disastrous for he socity as thiswill lead to youngsters intelging in sexual activities without any fear.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:56:21 2011
Petition:WHERE ARE WE GOING? It is sheer madness even to think of such a change.If you want to minimise the criminal cases better you depend on the complainant parents'decision.In any case it will be disastrous to declare that children be allowed to grope!!Then why complain about adults doing the same? There should be a clear ban on some stupid creatures like this rising to positions where they can damage the society in this manner.I suspect that they are able to do so through not really moral means.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 15:59:02 2011
Name:Mubashir Ahmed
Petition:It is shameful that this kind of law is going to be executed in Indian society, which is one of the civilised society in the world. The tragedy is that our political leaders want to demoralise the Indian society by enacting these kind of laws. This law will promote sex among children. Therefore, this law should not be implemented.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:00:12 2011
Petition:Who will ensure this? How will a parter will be able to measure how much .........?? Nonsence.....

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:00:22 2011
Petition:It is not law. It is only a 'Flaw'. Penetrative or non-penetrative, both are in their control,even before. The so called law is only an invitation to all to indulge in Sex, as recreation. Clubs for the purpose will expload. Persons indulging will only have to have a badge depicting their age / DOB. Is that the so called law is going to aid the decease AID.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:02:03 2011
Name:dr ajay shukla
Petition:sex is not such a bad thing , we need to open up our minds & think . the more u suppress a desire the stronger it comes back.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:02:56 2011
Name:saurabh fatehpuriya
Petition:this is a nice step.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:03:17 2011
Petition:Whatever may be the reason irrespective of age the sex offenders should be punished. By bringing this type of bill for age group 12-14, the children can think that this age group can also participate in the sex. Such idea should not come in their mind. Hence I totally disagree to bring such an act.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:05:58 2011
Name:Sudershan Shukla
Petition:This is totally silly. Once you permit sex without penetration , you are inviting trouble my dear! The rush of hormones can not be controlled by any youngster. What follows next will be penetration with consent or rape. Criminalization is the only way of deterrence, to avoid disaster. Do not lure children into this trap.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:08:06 2011
Name:Ram Kumar Sengar
Petition:Such amendments to the law will only serve to encourage youngsters' sexual activities. Why the hell these crap are Destroying this Nation???????/ Why they always want to act as the western nation are doing????????

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:08:37 2011
Petition:I am with Mr. Mangal - This Bill is Disastrous and society spoiler "

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:12:11 2011
Name:y v ramana murty
Petition:i respectfully disagree with the proposed legislation. india is an uneducated country and this type of experiments would lead to disastrous consequences.This would also divert the attention of the children from concentating on their education and studies.In the long run the careers of the children would be adversly affected.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:12:31 2011
City:panchkula Haryana
Petition:I think ,while it is importnt, that Children in secondary Education shouldbedeftly made to learn bout Reproduction Biology, and , shown scientific information abouttheirsexual Reality, it shouldavoid Prurient indulgence by school instructors, there. Later they can be subjected to discussionsin school meetingsabout their own sexuality. . itis only ifthis is doneperversions in decriminalizing Non-penetrative Sex intimacies could be allowed.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:12:38 2011
Name:rashid jamil
Petition:Instead of encouraging sex education at school and making children aware about the consequences of sex whether protected or unprotected at an early age and dissuading them, this or these bills will encourage kids, perverts, paedophiles. This is some kind of joke the Government is playing. Better still the Government should make sex at all ages and between all ages legal, Problem solved!!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:14:20 2011
Petition:it is semms to be good. we need to give more freedom and responsibilty to the youngesters.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:14:52 2011
Name:Vijay Padiyar
Petition:Govt. has no role to be monitoring consensual sexual activity between two people, be they kids or adults. Nowadays 10-12 year old kids are as mature as we were at the age of 16-18. So the rules have to keep pace with the changing society. I am not sure if specifying the age difference is really required. That would amount to over-regulation and would not really be practically sensible. The whole point should be to verify whether the sexual activity was consensual or not. Because even a 12 year old boy can take advantage of a 12 year old girl. And conversely, a 12 year old girl can fall in love with an 18 year old boy. So the emphasis should be on decriminalising pre-teen or teen sex, and giving priority to the girl's opinion and forensic/circumstantial evidence while deciding whether a sexual act was consensual or not, irrespective of the age of the boy. Regards Vijay Padiyar

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:15:19 2011
Name:Vijay Padiyar
Petition:Govt. has no role to be monitoring consensual sexual activity between two people, be they kids or adults. Nowadays 10-12 year old kids are as mature as we were at the age of 16-18. So the rules have to keep pace with the changing society. I am not sure if specifying the age difference is really required. That would amount to over-regulation and would not really be practically sensible. The whole point should be to verify whether the sexual activity was consensual or not. Because even a 12 year old boy can take advantage of a 12 year old girl. And conversely, a 12 year old girl can fall in love with an 18 year old boy. So the emphasis should be on decriminalising pre-teen or teen sex, and giving priority to the girl's opinion and forensic/circumstantial evidence while deciding whether a sexual act was consensual or not, irrespective of the age of the boy. Regards Vijay Padiyar

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:17:14 2011
Petition:This is inappropriate. Most things in India start with the assumption that they will be taken at face value. Devious minds work differently. You will find an increase in rape cases being written off or contested and bail and acquittal granted under this loophole.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:17:35 2011
Name:PS Kumar
Petition:I would like to hear personally from the daughters, grand daughters of persons from Judiciary, PM ,its cabinet ministers, all state ministers, all principlals and of course parents. Whether it is penetrative/just touching,,it is shame on part of the victim and judiciary must think it as rape. This act will open pandora box for the girls,their parents and it will be extremily difficult to prove whether it is penetrative or just touch/fingering.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:19:57 2011
Petition:Pls keep the original culture as it is and try to maintain the same. Many western people are now adopting indian culture. Such kind of laws will encourage the teens.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:21:32 2011
Name:Sachin P. Maher
Petition:By decrimilising the consesual sex you can not avoid the social responsibility. Childrens should be made aware of disorders rahter giving them the misinformation. The health of society will remain intect if the future of society i.e. childrens are healthy from mind. Otherwise we are also next Europe and USA where single mother concept is booming. Sab Ko Sanmati de Bhagwan

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:22:09 2011
Name:R N Datta
Petition:Such amendments to the Bill will definitely encourage youngsters' sexual activities. Hence, the minimum age limit should be 18 for girls and 21 for boys.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:27:39 2011
Petition:12 years is not at all an age to think about sex. This proposed amendment will only make them think that they are legally permitted to indulge in sex.& hence mislead the youngsters at the age when they are supposed to concentrating on their studies / future. It is high time that we INDIANS stop apeing the WEST & allow the young minds to flourish.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:31:28 2011
Name:Suresh Heblikar
Petition: I think this Bill is unnecessary.Children know how to behave at different ages They learn from many sources-parents,teachers,brothers & sisters,uncles,aunts etc, and the outside world. If the 12 year olds come to know through this Bill that there is nothing wrong in being sexually active then more attention and time they will spend on such activities. Moreover a conventional taboo as we find in India works better than the idea of bringing a Bill. On one hand India is encouraging late marriages to curb the rise in population and on the other there is this talk of the Bill which is certainly going to increase the teen sexual intimacies and aggression.There are enough provocations already on these matters, lets not compound them further.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:36:29 2011
Name:Suresh Heblikar
Petition: I think this Bill is unnecessary.Children know how to behave at different ages They learn from many sources-parents,teachers,brothers & sisters,uncles,aunts etc, and the outside world. If the 12 year olds come to know through this Bill that there is nothing wrong in being sexually active then more attention and time they will spend on such activities. Moreover a conventional taboo as we find in India works better than the idea of bringing a Bill. On one hand India is encouraging late marriages to curb the rise in population and on the other there is this talk of the Bill which is certainly going to increase the teen sexual intimacies and aggression.There are enough provocations already on these matters, lets not compound them further.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:39:54 2011
Name:r balasubramanian
Petition:instead of corrupting the young minds and ruining their entire life, let us inculcate our culture and the way of life to be lived for a happy life. Let the government not indulge in corrupting the young minds with such bills which will detrimental to the youngsters as also their parents. All these gimmicks are ephemeral and the youngsters should not fall in to this trap as they have a very long way to live and achieve in their lives. balas, bang

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:42:52 2011
Petition:The idea of consensual non-penetrative sex is stupidity. It serves no-purpose. Are we asking the children to differentiate between the penetrative & non-penetrative sex? If the idea is about the protection of children from sexual offences, then there is no point in differentiating between penetrative & non-penetrative sex. Also, we need to ask the question - what purpose does it solve by reducing the age for non-penetrative sex? In general, the minimum age for the consensual sex should be around 14years, & lets us refrain from differentiating.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:54:31 2011
City:New Delhi
Petition:this will be a blunder due to following reasons, 1. How will you define the consensual at the age of 12 to 14, 2. this will ruein the society and law will be handicap. 3. this may lead to further increase the populatuion and health problem for the female population which we are already fighting and couldn't stop the child / early mariage. Hence, this should be stopped immediately, if possible even the present age of 18 years be enhanced further.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 16:57:44 2011
Petition:I think the said sub-section on decriminalising sex among under-aged is much too widened imagination. In view of the already busted thoughts among the early teens by electronic media (TV/ Internet etc.) on sex, our society needs to be little more conservative. And, talking of the non-penetrative sex is too high a through. I don't understand who will restrict the teens from not going to penetration from non-penetrative stage. Also, I would request the Ministry of Women and Child Development to do little more studies on teens pregnancies in UK and other industrial societies and decide if we need to burden our poorly developed society and national economy with the same.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 17:06:30 2011
Name:Saroj Sahu
Petition:It seems the law makers are hell bent to put the children in such a fix that they grow up guilty and will not question anybody about anything. The govt has made many such blunders in the past where by they enabled the children of 18 to marry, thats some time later. When they gave voting rights to 18 yrs children, that was showing blue films to educate about sex, for which all the scoundrels are first polluting the college campuses and then demarcating their constituencies. The people who have such notion are not having any children, less than 12 yrs of age that I am sure of. I don't understand one thing, have this law makers attended schools. Have they seen bullies? Have they seen bullies eating other children's Tiffin, water, beating them black and blue, making gangs, harassing girls? and they not complaining fearing retribution. The biggest thing here is non-penetrative sex, it includes sucking, licking, masturbating, and numerous other types of sex but excludes only vaginal or anal sex. What will happen to the children living in the roads, mental asylums, orphanages, hostels etc, etc---- Now Everybody will get a chance on them and that will be lawful. I am ashamed to be a citizen of such a country where law makers has a heart to think like this. I think India is trying to be the official sex capital of the universe, of which they are the un official part. What about the RTE act where the govt. has made it mandatory for all the private schools to take 25 % children s from the poor communities, now the children has to suck their way up or the law makers children will beat them black and blue. AND What about the sorry state of the birth certificates offices, now the dhaba owners has 6- 10 birth certificates and they show that for the child they have at that time, now brothels will open and they will put those certificates after framing them. I am helpless India for India is such a big country and there is always somebody who serves the lawmaker and 49% in this country is not a number or percentage because 51% is democratic. I don t understand law makers or their fancy language, where they try to be specific but it is always the other way round, all the laws hurts the people who take it in the face value. Please publish my E-mail Id : I will be happy to answer all queries.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 17:10:02 2011
Petition:i want to see what we are doing to make human beings more responsible by inculcating value based education in them. we have to decide what we want in our children . educative human beings who can help others and take our country forward os our children learning sex and indulging in sex and enjoying their life.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 17:36:23 2011
Name:L Subrahmanyam
Petition:I do not agree with the idea of Ms.Aparna Bhatt.. While her point is not totally absurd, there is every possibility of misusing such legislation by some notorious children. To address her grievance, the existing law can be suitably amended to reduce the severity of the punishment and to treat such offender s as juvenile delinquents in true spirit.I disagree withRaaj Mangal too. The age of twelve may not be the age to give conscent,but a clear line can be drawn between the consensual and non- consensual acts of same aged children.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 17:36:45 2011
Name:Priya Sushesh
Petition:I feel that this would tend to decrease the parent's right to stop them from doing anything foolish. If this is allowed, this will definitely encourage sexual activities among minors and again as they are too young to know the limits, this ultimately encourages child pregnancies.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 17:40:31 2011
Petition:I don't agree this. Children's mind will not be in a state to accept it even it is non-penetrative. Please save our children. Don't pass this bill.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 17:57:26 2011
Petition:I think this is a welcome step. India should become more progressive state and remove the laws that harass ordinary citizens

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:04:34 2011
Name:V V S Prasad
Petition:How this will protect Children?It is shame full,that this kind bills are even being thought of.The less said the better.This Govt cannot provide food, clothes and shelter but they can do these kind of things. Will their secular vote bank agree for this?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:23:40 2011
Petition:Hi, The current & sad state of realities surrounding us may justify the new suggestions but it will be a back door invitation for children to further explore such fantasies. It will be very unfortunate for the Indian society and the moral & cultural fabric of this once upon a time wise country will be further torn to shreds.. Children are getting mature at younger age and this will only further their misplaced cause. Pl stop this for the better future of our children and this country. Avinash

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:38:28 2011
Name:Kiran Garaga
Petition:Is this a joke. I mean i dont understand this. i have a question Why the age of 12 and not below that. do they mean that the body and mind develops and understand only at the age of 12??? And what is this penetrative and non-penetrative sex. Looks like they are concerned only about the girl getting pregnant and not bothered about the values with which children are brought up. WOW. Do they have daughters and if yes will they agree to their daughters following the same rule. i would love to hear that. Where is the education in this. young people are not stupid. they are very intelligent and they can differentiate the right from the wrong. give them the chance to choose and decide for themselves. Educate the boys and the girls together. stop differentiating between them. Involve the parents in the education so the children and look out for their parents for advice. Please do not kill the little remaining unadultrated culture that we have. Why dont they concentrate on the different types of media that send wrong messages about sex and sexuality of a boy and a girl.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:39:54 2011
Name:Ananth P Rao
Petition:Will politicians or bureaucrats who are proposing this bill permit their children or grand children to involve in such acts at the age of 12?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:44:00 2011
Petition:Instead of controlling Population growth rate, inflation rate, corruption, growing poverty, high illetracy, growing communal hatred and many more this government seems more concerned about defining penetrative and non penetrative sex....... what a bull shit when a child is of age 12 he/she would be in 7th or 8th standard let them experience sex of any form what a fun this amendment will bring.....iss god save the future of this country

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:48:34 2011
Petition: is it ok to corrupt kids if they are 12 or less.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:52:36 2011
Name:Shaikh Moinuddin
Petition:I think such amendments definitely will not discourage the children from indulging in sex activities. Amendment should be such that they are discouraged from any sex activities.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:53:31 2011
Name:N Chaudhuri
Petition:Let's understand one thing - when two children engage in sexual activities they don't think of whether it's legal to do so. Left to themselves they will do what they want. The only way to prevent them from making 'wrong' choices is to tell them, teach them better, equip them with life skills. Now, coming back to the bill - the spirit of this bill appears to be right - that when two 'kids' experiment with sex let it be 'de-criminalised'as far as possible so long as it is consensual and between ''kids''. Of course, this bill cannot cover those incidents where the consensual sex between the kids is instigated by an adult eg., pornography with children. Therefore, if the spirit of this bill is indeed what Ms Aparna Bhatt says, then it is on the right track. Let's not lead ourselves into thinking that a bill can protect kids from ''experiementing'' with sex!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 18:59:10 2011
Name:Sekar Senthatti
City:Cary. NC, USA
Petition:Hi, It is very sensitive topic for both parents and children. If (some) childrens indulge in such sex activity what would parents tell them? It is moral or immoral to have sex? Or one should not have sex with 12 but 14 years old? Instead of passing such law, which smart kids will know that such law would give them leverage to indulge in sex activity, it should teach them right from wrong or send them for counselling or advise them of right moment to choose their partner or get stabilizied in their life before they get into sexual activity. This is what I feel as right thing to do as a father. For even the judge could be a father or mother! -sekar

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:05:33 2011
Petition:If Raaj Mangal thinks 12 year old are naive and not in a maturity to give consent, they are probably not in a maturity to know what is penetrative sex. So, he should not bother much.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:08:09 2011
Name:Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma
Petition:I would like to say that if someone aroused so much after foreplay and if he or she has not get the climax then what it is all about non-penetrative sexual activity. I think the age should to raised to 15 years, so that at that age even many boys/girls can understand the importance of sex. But in India, there are nil NGOs and other social workers who are doing something in sex education. If our children doesn't get the knowledge of sex, then what this bill for. I think this will encourage the our children to have more sexual activities and may rape cases be increase. After that it will discourage and the boy/girl can loose the confidence in them. Well, there are many websites about sex(XXX) but non of the site give importance to sexual knowledge, and non of them provide good activities and importance of sex. Thanks

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:11:30 2011
Petition:while i understand the motive behind it, still wouldn't agree with it. just ensure that you have a clause in the judicial system which says that, in case of a case filed for minor activities, let the children be warned and punished in the form of community service.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:14:24 2011
Name:TN Ramachandran Nair
Petition:Certainly not a progressive piece of legislation. The issue is to make the children aware of the lurking danger of advancements being made on them by sex thirsty human wolves and how to protect them from falling into such traps. This objective cannot be achieved by the proposed legislation.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:17:44 2011
Petition:These people have completely lost their minds. They have gone crazy. Sexual activities at the age of 12?? what the hell these idiots are thinking? This bill should not be passed and the people who are proposing this should be put behind bars. Disgusting idea of these stinking perverts.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:26:49 2011
Petition:This is the most stupid law that will be ever passed. A country like India where corruption runs the show, will have people manipulating this law and taking advantage of it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:34:03 2011
Name:Dr Pramod Kumar
Petition:I vehemently oppose this bill. It legitimises the experiments of a few rich people. What about Paedophiles, they will find excuses...and youngsters are getting encouraged to have sexual activities. As if Bollywood and Tv wasn't enough......

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:35:35 2011
Petition:Its impossible to arrive to a conclusion with just few lines of information. If the above lines are considered as the bill then its a matter of concern. Just to decriminalize the minor issues freedom is given beyond the control of parent. The child is legally protected for non penetrative sex. Which mean parent cannot question the act. Most importantly 12 year old child cannot be considered to have a stable mind. The taste of non penetrative sex will obviously lead to penetrative sex, which will be a big concern. Instead regularise Juvenile Juestice Board. Streamli

Sex bill: Is it protecting our children?

Last updated on: February 2, 2011 13:11 IST

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:47:20 2011
Name:Deepak Rakshit
Petition:It is good to save guard the children from any sexual offences, but 12 years is too low. It could be on my openion 14 to 16 years of age. It is at this age childrens starts learning the beging of human physiology and lot questions starts to gather in their mind.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 19:53:29 2011
Petition:India need another 30-50 years to implement such laws, we cannot blindly follow wetern countries. The contraversy of our law is even the matured have consensual sex, police may hunt for them by charging immoral trafic. All these are bullshits.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:00:34 2011
Petition:If 12 years kids can make consents then it should be voting age too. This bill is stupid and non sense... the cases should be strictly dealt with and moderate penalties should be levied to both parents.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:05:15 2011
Petition:Sex for Teens..!?! Atrocious ! Where is India heading to...Aping the WEST ?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:06:11 2011
Petition:CONSENSUAL? HTH is a TWELVE year old capable of informed consent? Are they kidding me? This is liscencing sexual abuse.So now its ok for CHILDREN to perform oral sex and other sexual acts as long as there's no PENETRATION? WTH is on these panels and WTH are they thinking? Suggestions like these make me ashamed of being an Indian.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:14:25 2011
Petition:Is this what is 'progressive'? Or is it an indication how low our values have fallen to? What is the point in passing such a bill? To think that the bill was even drafted by a woman makes it even more ridiculous. Let us say goodbye to all our moral values and watch children explore each other? RIDICULOUS! Someone please put some sense into these people.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:16:44 2011
Name:Laxmishankar Yadav
Petition:this is an age for education, building talents for one's future. Non-penertation sexual always arose the penetrating sexual desire. sexual activity always divert teenagers or children from their future goals. if the bills passed, this will affect moslty the middle segment group where they use this age to build talent for their future. this should not be legalised anyhow, else it has a direct impact on the future of India.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:29:59 2011
Petition:Age to get Drunk --- 25 years Age to get the driving Licence-- 18 years Age to get the licence to smoke--18 yrs Age to get Married -- 18yrs Age to have penetrative Sex ----16 yrs Age to have non penetrative sex --12 yrs why the govt is setting so many age restrictions for everything and how will they reach on the decision that this is the right age to do this particular thing . I think we should have to categories for all above mentioned thing 18+ you can do every thing 18- you are kid ; do even try these thing or do it under the supervision of 18+ crap age deadline!!!!!!!!1

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:32:22 2011
City:North Carolina
Petition:I am not surprised by the move but what i am surprised is the measure being taken towards teen-sex. Though teen-sex is catching up with the culture, i think it is the moral responsibility of a society to advocate and guide its children on education, childhood, and most importantly responsibilities of life. I would advice the authorities to implement some kind of discipline/punishment so that teens become wary/discouraged from committing sex. Instead of relieving from criminal punishment, i think teen-sex should be treated with heavy fines (money) to the parents, community and charity work to the teens who committed. The charity work would not only give them the perspective of life but also make them realize how lucky they are when compared other unlucky people. Hope authorities take opinions from all sectors of the society and decide on the bill. Thank you rediff for giving me a chance to voice my opinion

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:46:29 2011
Petition:Its a good and much needed move towards a broad minded and practical tomorrow

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:46:35 2011
Name:Rajesh K
Petition:What nonsense, I don't agree with this stand. I guess you have to be a parent to understand the reasons.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:57:42 2011
Petition:This is a right move. Unfortunately anything that is done to prevent criminalisation of a particularly vulnerable group is always thought as promotion of that activity (remember the gay rights issue or the more recent anti blasphemy law controversy in Pakistan?). This bill is in the correct direction to protect innocent children from being victimised by parents of other children with ulterior motives.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 20:59:34 2011
Name:dr. mahesh patil
Petition:how can a boy or a girl of 12 year can differentiate between penetrative and non -penetrative sex ? how do you expect them to do only non-penetrative sex and controll themselves , prevent themselves from penetrattive sex ? how far we r going to blindly follow western concepts to our population which is highly uneducated and doesnt understand difference between privilage and right ? we have nice cars but we dont have traffic sense , we have all modern things here but dont know how to utilise them , in my opinion, this upcoming amendment only going to increase vulgarity , immorality and adultry in our society . so be ready for the confused , demoralised society ahead !

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:00:57 2011
Name:Sagar Pal
Petition:I do believe if this is considerable then Child marriage should be considerable, as still few parents are interested to give married their daugher or son in Minor age as because the girl has affairs with a boy who is a minor. Please consider this case as well. India is country where we believe in family values and system. Which never allow girls to involve with many guys and vise versa. which itself a invitation of a crime in indian families. If a baby is touching fire do u feel fire will leave him by thinking she/he is a baby(Minor). Sex/sexual activities are also like fire... it never understand the person is minor or major. Please don't allow such laws to ammend, where parents will be lossing all there control over their childrens...hence we are going to give birth a poluted society. Please think again.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:02:05 2011
Name:Kshitij Saran
Petition:Teen anxiety for sex is a lot. And non penetrative sex, kissing etc happens all the time. I think the concept to decriminalise is right (atleast to protect the career and life of young future). I do not know what other problems may arise, but this looks viable. Regards, Father of 5 months old daughter.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:02:27 2011
Petition:This is a wrong step. How can these little kids control themselves after indulging in these acts up to the 'permitted' level? The step seems to be having some hidden purpose to spoil our culture.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:04:40 2011
Name:Aniksha Sharma
Petition:What happened to our culture?In olden days there were laws and rules about each and everything and people forgot they were for our own good.What happened to the balance?This is too sad..12 years old having sex?This is too sad..

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:08:25 2011
City:tamil nadu
Petition:What nonsense! how can such a thing be legalised.sick.............. what's with the people out there?perverts....................... children are to be treated like children though they tend to explore. every child explores during each growing year , only thing is that their thing of interest would vary with age. they start with toys,food,emotins etc and when they touch teenage they become aware of what their body is and how it can be used. 2 children indulging should be made criminals for they are not really aware of their limits. They can be counselled to channalise their energies in correct activites. Instead of just decriminalising such acts, it should not be made out to be a case where such acts can be carried out by children.Its just sick..

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:14:58 2011
Name:sandeep kulkarni
Petition: What a paradox? If juvenile sex is getting legalised.. why so fuss about child marriages then? lift ban over it too..bloody morons

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:18:24 2011
Petition:I totally oppose the bill and i will categorize it as '' medicine is more harmful than the decease." how you will prove thinner line between penetrative and non penetrative?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:23:49 2011
Petition:We should introduce the bill as early as possible

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:24:04 2011
Petition:Once consensual sex activity among two starts, it is very difficult to limit it to non-pentrative sex, it would certainly lead to penetrative sex.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:24:39 2011
City:Princeton, NJ
Petition:This is a wrong move. Why is the country focusing on such things when quality of education, child labor and other aspects deserve more attention. I don't support this bill as this can lead to teenage pregnancies, population explotion, sorrow and misery.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:27:29 2011
Petition:It is a ridiculous step.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:32:39 2011
Petition:The burning question is not age of consent. It is about mandating sex education in schools across the country. While 16 is the most common age of consent across countries of the world, most of them have formal sex education in schools. Lowering the age of consent without formalizing sex education is like giving free and unlimited access of ammunition to all mental hospital patients (no offence), and we all know how dangerous that can be.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:43:56 2011
Name:Mohamed Tanvir
City:Washington DC
Petition:Hi, It is shocking to note that you will make the minor teens vulnerable to sexual abuse as early as 12..Its is shameful and outrageous. Think about your own kids, will you be ok if some one sexually abuses and not even punished because the new bill protects those sex offenders?.. Please use common sense and keep this punishable by life imprisonment for any sexual offense. These criminals are menace to the Indian society and Indian culture. Thanks/Tanvir.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:47:14 2011
Petition:It's a fair proposal as long as it's not violated or followed properly. Children should aware that sex is not something derogatory words. It depends how you think about it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:51:48 2011
Petition:This is moral and intellectual bankruptcy. I think this government has lost its brains, which is evident in all its recent governance actions and and the resultant conclsions. THIS IS BLATANT APING OF THE WEST and still hoping that we will not reach their moral decandency. I think the present persons in the Government and their patrons in the congress party have forgotten all the lessons of history or civilisation. The only quality left in them is SYCOPHANCY to the Gandhi and Nehru name. SAD SAD SAD really.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:54:14 2011

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 21:56:18 2011
Name:Nelson Sequeira
Petition:Children at 12 cannot discern between penetrable and non penetrable sex.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 22:07:05 2011
Petition:This bill is another weapon to destroy our culture, and it reflects the sick minds of the people who are aping the western ways of living, with scant regard for the damage that would be caused to the moral fibre of the young children in the future. Child marriage is illegal and punishable, but "Non Penetrative Sex" will become legal. (. What is the logic for 12 years, why not make it 6 years, ie., as soon as the child enters the first class!?) "Right to education" is not implemented till date, but the law makers want to implement "Right to Sex" to all children. What a noble idea!! The scoundrels who are drafting the bill should be punished as per Islamic Law.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 22:36:58 2011
Petition:Hi, 2 points which will require consideration before the bill is made law is: 1) This seems totally contradictory to the the provisions in marriage act which specifies that a girl cannot marry below the age of 18. Now this bill legalises sex for 12 and above.... 2) Medically pregancy and child delivery before the age of 18 is harmful to the girl... now with reducing the sexual age to 12+, it will tend to increase teenage pregnancies. Thus subsequenty, another law wll be passed legalising child delivery for 12 and above

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 22:38:09 2011
Petition:Decriminalise sexual act by teenagers is laudable. But why legalise. Can a 12 year old boy / girl reason out what is sex, what is penetrative sex etc., I feel Govt. of India has better jobs on hand, that to legalise sleaze

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 22:52:55 2011
Name:Vikash Sharma
Petition:Age 12 is very sensitive for children. They should concentrate on their education; not on sexual activities. Children are not educated and strong enough to control their emotions and feelings. Parent and teachers can play a very important role to guide India's future i.e. children.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 23:53:38 2011
Petition:NO. A BIG NO TO THIS BILL. The roots of a civilisation lies in the innocence of the Society. It is absolutely unnecessary for such an dirty bill to be passed now! This strikes at the basic innocence of a Childhood, the very Joy of LIfe begins at that age. This anti-evolutionary ideas germinate inspired by evil trends of western society which is already paying the price for it, increasing stress, lack of peace in family life, and lack of trust and feeling of security in the younger generation. Let's focus on things that strengthen the roots (value systems) and nourishing the leaves and fruits (advancement in science and technology which helps the betterment of mankind). May this topic which is destructing the attention be killed in the bud! Vande Mataram!

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 00:00:14 2011
Petition:it will obviously encourage youngsters' sexual activities. This bill posts a picture like the young world doesn't know anything about sex and you are passing on a new bill which will enlighten their knowledge that until you penetrate you are safe both physically and legally. what a stupid act this is.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 00:24:33 2011
Petition:No. Absolutely its not right. Something is really wrong. India definitely needs to learn a lot from West, but definitely not these things.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 01:08:17 2011
Petition:I could not understand the essence and few question remain unanswered: 1. What is the meaning of non-penetration, and what is the limit. 2. Who would decide, whether penetration were or not. 3. Who would watch or stop penetration during excitement, which is biological and obvious. 4. Who would watch or stop to whom with whom, and where penetrated. 5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, what the impact would be socially, pyschologically. emotionally, physically etc. which would effect on their post-marital life, as such penetration is definitely would not lead to final marital tie or marriage. Can anybody would tell it is whose brainchild, or it is planned conspiracy to destroy the future of this country, through these innocent children.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 02:30:20 2011
Petition:Disgusting filthy law -- actually so unalwful. this bill is simply unacceptable. The justice system is such a filthy bitch if she will give rise to such bills

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 02:38:15 2011
City:North Carolina
Petition:I believe there should be a balance in addressing these issues. The Govt. should be wary of these issues and instead of punishing, the law should penalize the parents with heavy fines (money, fee) and make the kids do community/charity service for a certain period. This way the kids will not only learn how lucky they are to lead such a life and will learn the values of life. They will know what are their roles and responsibilities. For example, making them work at orphanages, making them cater food to homeless kids etc; A kid serving to another poor blind student, will learn how hard students struggle for education and will realize what should be priority in his/her life. Such deeds will teach them many ethical values which they don't know and will change their perspective towards life. I think Govt. should make efforts to make sure that the next generation of the society comes out with basic moral, ethical, and practical values rather than leave loop holes which might have adverse effects to the entire society. Finally, i feel Govt. should give soft punishment to kids so that they realize that it is not the right age for them to involve in such activities.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 02:49:56 2011
Name:Ajit Singh Birdi
Petition:Non-penetrative sex okay for 12-yr-old. And how is the law and this bill going to monitor that the sex with a 12 year old has not been penetrative? How is the bill going to stop some one taking advantage of the minor? How is the bill going to prevent teenage pregnancies? A 12 year old does not fully understand nor is fully aware of the consequences of sex penetrative or not. It is going to lead to lot of sadness an unerasable scars on minors mind. It can lead to a trauma that the minors will never get over and forget all their life. We have seen it all in the west. I stand with Child Welfare Committee Raaj Mangal . There is no such thing as non penetrative sex. In English it is called Molesting, and it is punishable. Ministry of Women and Child Development who purposed the bill should think again. they also might have or will have in future 12 years old in the family. I only hope that their12 years old do not come home pregnant.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 03:21:06 2011
Petition:Are the idiots out of their minds? This coming from a woman! India is going down the drain! Even in the most advanced country, sex in any form with a minor, boy or girl, is an offense! And in India, boasting cultural superiority, we now have things comin to legalising even sexual acts between children. Does that woman laywer's minor children engage in "non-penetrative" sexual activities? Why does she want to impose her hare brained decision onto the entire country? Boot her and her bill out!! ASAP!!

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 03:30:05 2011
Petition:The existing law seems lot better than the new law. The new law seems for rich.whilch will create more child prostitution and if they caught the riches can easily esacpe using new law. They were atleast few people who used get scared by the old law for fingering and fondling around tennage girls now althose people will join the bandwagon. The current generation has lot of knowledge compared to the previous genration.But the current generation are easily get into the hand predators,which was lot difficult in previous generation.If the new law is enforced its extra incom for the pimps

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 03:49:14 2011
Petition:I don't know specific details of these amendments so it is difficult to be more specific; having said such laws are necessary to avoid innocent being charged under current laws. Intimate moments between same age teenagers is not necessarily an issue because that is age when they explore their sexuality. Having said that law must be clear to avoid exploitation of minor by their elder counterpart. I am also disappointed that Rediff did not provide more expert detailed analysis of law. Providing snippets in legal language is not useful.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 03:55:13 2011
Petition:May be after some days animal sex will also become legal in India...Thanks to the congress government and its liberal agenda and the shameless indian people.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 06:32:36 2011
City:Perth, Australia
Petition:Even if there is no petration, any kind of abuse related to the human genitals (molestation, touching the private parts) is considered as sexual abuse in any part of the world. I don't think this is wise move. The rights of the minor (age<18) should be preserved and any form of sexual abuse shouldn't be encouraged.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 06:38:24 2011
Name:Rajesh Sakhuja
City:S. Korea
Petition:Every living being's mind is inquisitive & exploration of self's body starts at a tender age. Similarly, the urge to explore body of opposite sex starts soon. It is a natural instinct, which can not be curbed. Let's go back to our own childhood, didn't we do it?? Therefore, let the children grow up naturally & not bind them under laws. No child would read IPC and get into these things.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 06:41:15 2011
Name:Arasautti Samyya
Petition:The sujjestion of penetrative or non-penetrative sex is absurd and nonsense only the person doesn't know how to impart chracter build up and how to over come the natural sexual urge at the young age and the resulting consequences. Kindly cosider the following one being taught in Tamil Nadu Schools which could implemented in other places. There is a method by which the sexual vital fluide (both sex) could recycled by 5 mins prctice every day along with some moral educations connected to mind & body function with meditation will make them aware. When I was in India I was coaching in many schools and there thousands of master available in Tamil Nadu and there is branch office Delhi and other nearby states.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 07:55:45 2011
Petition:the lawyer who pleaded this case and judges let there children make such a glue at early age of 12,then only they will understand what society disturbance actually is

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 08:39:09 2011
Petition: No I don't agree with this bill it will open the of sexual Exploration By teen give them immunity from any punishment, and after going in for non penetrative sex can this bill or the government guarantee that they will not move further towards Penetrative Sex Which will be more dangerous

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 08:39:50 2011
Petition:hi , as per the above information, India is downgrading its status,following the footsteps of westerners, degradding its culture by doing such things. i strongly protest against this.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 08:42:31 2011
Petition:i strongly belive that the child pronographers are behind this one. they want to take advantage of this.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:13:29 2011
Name:Deipankar Sharma
City:Guwahati Assam
Petition:I don't know why on earth these fools are contemplating to formulate such a law that is against our Indian culture. At a time when we are unable to solve burning problems like unemployment, intense corruption amongst the so called high flying politicians, scarcity of food etc we are thinking of satisfying the carnal desires of the elite. If enacted this bill will give another excuse to the elite children to indulge in sleaze as well as it will give the sex hungry politicians an opportunity to jump headlong into sex scandals. Lets pledge to throw out these lawmakers from India. Banish them to Siberia to toil hard in the harsh environment. This will cool down their burning loins! Shit!

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:41:44 2011
Petition:The government is setting the wrong precedent. And that too bringing down the age limit to 12 is atrocious. If some of the children happen to read the Clinton impeachment will come to understand that oral sex will not considered as penetration. What if the practice starts among the teens? What is this government trying to achieve? There are much bigger problems that the country is facing. Let them address poverty, education, healtcare, infrastructure and removal of corruption. This government seems to have time for everything but development. This bill is not needed. They don't have to change the rules to address exceptions.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:47:06 2011
Petition:Wat d Hell. Instead of focusing on developing the career of children's the bill talks about such nonsense. The people who are giving this suggestion, would they bear it if their young daughter or son does the same. And if they can bear it then r not to be called parents.. And who is gonna verify that it was penetrative or not. Wake up INDIA. There are many more things to be done

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:48:33 2011
Petition:One need to interospect, why this legislation is being thought of. No doubt it should be brain child of so called a liberlized mind. Excess in liberized is also abnormal, the political head, I really do not know now who is behind this, has to be crazy even to think and propose a legislation in this line. It appears an utter non-sense to me. Why dont we have syllabus on Yog and Discipline? Cant we think on how to have super-generation, who can acclaim rankings in world. This also makes me wonder is it dirty game plan enemies who wants to corrupt young minds itself.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:49:33 2011
Petition:I think this is an absolutely bold and refreshing bill by the laggards of Indian Policy making. I would embrace this bill. India has all these years engaged in needless moral policing and pontification whilst rapes and incest were common. Great job by legislators. There is nothing wrong if a boy and girl engage in their early teens as matter of curiosity and fun

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:51:17 2011
Petition:Dea Publisher, This act is good with some changes. Rather than encouraging such activities it should focus on decriminalization. i.e. in case of such offences minor punishments may be legalized but not a full fledge case. It should act as deterrent at the same time preventing excessive victimization of children in case of such consensual act. Regards Rajesh

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:52:46 2011
Petition:Nothing wrong in in it. We should leave our so called *conservative* attitude and should be free of sex.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:56:00 2011
Petition:whats wrong noone has read the bill fully only the extracts what it intends to do is decriminalise an act. If we say a kid is not mature enough to know what he does andit is too dangerous .... thenm a kid also doesnt know the law he may only know what is right and wrong ... and it is in the realm of moral education and not a criminal law... lets first allow the family to control the values and value systems ... not through a law So the changes are welcome. this probably has been due to someone exploting the law and sending unsuspecting teenagers to jail. After all lets not may criminals out of our teenagers for something which is a natural response but controlled through cultural mores of the times we live in

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:58:41 2011
Name:Anand Sudripta Rao
Petition:This bill will protect "RAPIST / Sexual offenders".... parents will become helpless... since legally it will be allowed to exploit child sex..... police / court of law too will become a silent spectator. After reading about "Child sex legality" it gives me impression since election is approaching, Congress Government is trying to divert the Indian public from other issues like inflation, unemployment, Common wealth sports scam, telecom scam, black money stuffed at Europe, Oil mafia, Naxalism, kashmir issue etc. Throw congress out of government, let them cool their heels for some time to find out the solution of other burning issues.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:59:25 2011
Petition:I agree with the petition. victimless crimes are only misused in India to serve purposes of sceaming minds. Its stupid we have such a law still existing. People are reacting as if this what there teens were waiting for, that once this law is removed they will come out to streets. This is utter foolishness. I would like to know that how many people commenting against it even knew such a law exists.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 09:59:59 2011
Petition:No...not all this kind of activities should be permitted in our country premises. Look where we are standing , we are on our high goal in achieving target India to be Vishv Guru. And this type of activity will sure make our country's moral down. All the other countries are already taking their best step to make India & Indians down in terms of growth , culture, & prosperity for which India is known for.This kind of practice shall ruined all hopes , the future of our country is our young children. Come on guyzz it's not your reality show like MTV roadies or FM where you say very proudly that "ye aaj ka zamaaney ka hai aapkey baap ke zamaney ka nahi". PLEASE LET INDIA BE LEFT ALONE FROM ALL THIS.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:00:53 2011
Petition:I think it is ridiculous to legalize any part of sexual activity among teenagers. We should only protect them from any such indignities, instead of giving them license to play around with the law. The spirit of the law is important and should be in this case, that teenagers should not indulge in sexual activity of any kind.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:01:30 2011
Petition:No...not all this kind of activities should be permitted in our country premises. Look where we are standing , we are on our high goal in achieving target India to be Vishv Guru. And this type of activity will sure make our country's moral down. All the other countries are already taking their best step to make India & Indians down in terms of growth , culture, & prosperity for which India is known for.This kind of practice shall ruined all hopes , the future of our country is our young children. Come on guyzz it's not your reality show like MTV roadies or FM where you say very proudly that "ye aaj ka zamaaney ka hai aapkey baap ke zamaney ka nahi". PLEASE LET INDIA BE LEFT ALONE FROM ALL THIS.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:05:28 2011
City:Jammu (jammu and Kashmir)
Petition:This is totally absurd and it shows the imaturity on the part of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. We are heading toward a disastourous end. By allowing them legally non -penetrative sex, you cannot keep them away from penetrative sex. Wht will be the out come of this law is underage pregnancies, more single mothers, stress on the part of females and the ultimate sufferers will be girls.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:06:43 2011
Petition:Laws may made be made. But who's there to ensure that they are applied in real life.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:09:59 2011
Petition:Whomever has brought this bill - he or she - their hands should be chopped off ! A group of perverts is running the country shamlessly. How far are we going to go with this kind stuff. Its disgusting to even think of such things. Congirats govt is bent upon to disgrace its citizens. Who are the pedophiles in the govt ? who are formulating such laws ? Is it part of getting more tourism. Shame ! I think "India Uprising" should happen soon like tunisia and egypt !

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:10:50 2011
Name:Rahul Kawle
Petition:I do not understand this bill. Protection of Children From Sexual Offenses Bill 2010? This bill will encourage pedophiles to engage children in sexual activity without getting booked for the offense. This bill should be banished outright.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:12:53 2011
City:Jammu (JAmmu and KAshmir)
Petition:This is totally absurd and it shows the imaturity on the part of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. We are heading are heading toward a disastourous end. By allowing them legally non penetrative sex, you cannot keep them away from penetrative sex. Wht will be the out come of this law is underage pregnancies, more single mothers, stress on the part of females. Forget the liberty of giving children the excuse to have sex, the best law will be that only married couple should have the right to practise sexual activities, whereas any unmarried male or female, whatever may be their age should not be allowed to have any amount of sex, whether penetrative or non-penetrative. The ultimate motive of sex is the propagation of human race and not the enjoyment. Sex penetrative or non-penetrative at the tender age will create sexual problem at the later stage. Wht i hope is that parents from all over the India should stand against this law.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:16:34 2011
Name:S Ahmad
Petition:No, strongly no. The bill will benefit only a small section of society but at the same time will be curse for others. Parents will loose control on urban well awared children since they will not able to say that it will be legally punitive. Dont put parents on embarresment and also when adults are not so precautionary to AIDS how one can expect children to be so mature.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:18:23 2011
Name:Priyabrata Tripathy
Petition:I may sound indecent, but truth has to be said. The amount of information available to kids today is too easy and enormous. SO, I am afraid any bill can stop any kind of sexual behavior among these information era kids. This thing is going to rise. We have another unavoidable crisis at our hand. I don't know how r we going to face it!!!

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:18:57 2011
Petition:This is totally absurd and it shows the imaturity on the part of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. We are heading are heading toward a disastourous end. By allowing them legally non penetrative sex, you cannot keep them away from penetrative sex. Wht will be the out come of this law is underage pregnancies, more single mothers, stress on the part of females. Forget the liberty of giving children the excuse to have sex, the best law will be that only married couple should have the right to practise sexual activities, whereas any unmarried male or female, whatever may be their age should not be allowed to have any amount of sex, whether penetrative or non-penetrative. The ultimate motive of sex is the propagation of human race and not the enjoyment. Sex penetrative or non-penetrative at the tender age will create sexual problem at the later stage. This bill is the height of the foolishness on the part of this ministeryt.Wht i hope is that parents from all over the India should stand against this law.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:22:00 2011
Petition:By this proposal it has been clear that in which direction India is being pushed by this congress led government. We are being forced to forget our own Indian culture and to adopt western sickness(even though western people are adopting Indian culture and tradition). Now all Indians must wake up and throw these type of policy makers out of the country.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:22:24 2011
Petition:this is simply nonsense, as there couldn't b control penetrating sex after starting other thins , it's against the cultural heritage in entire indian sub-continent

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:23:33 2011
Name:nirav m joshi
Petition:please refer our VEDA'S and other scriptures before doing something outrages like this. let us stop following the european and western culture. we are not poor in culture, tradition and habits. all we have to do is to go back to our roots. we already have a lot of problem because of the CABLE TV. and, we have to be on guard all day. please do not enhance this situation in our society. GOD HELP MY COUNTRY . . .

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:25:24 2011
Name:Chandrashekar M Naik
Petition:Hi I normally donot commet on any issues as it falls on deaf ears. But now I am strongly against this proposal so could not stop myself from commenting. This "could not stop from" is actually is going to happen if these kids are allowed to do what is proposed. Its unfortunate to know that these people who call them wise enough to formulate laws/codes donot see things coming because of such laws. WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE IF THE GIRL GETS PREGNANT???? IF THIS LAW GETS THROUGH AREN'T WE IN A WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR HAVING NIPPED THE BRIGHT FUTURE OF A GIRL CHILD IF SOMETHING UNDESIRABLE HAPPENS. OR A LARGER QUESTION, IS THIS SOMETHING THAT IS BEEN FORMED TO PROTECT THE CARELESS ATTITUDE AND RUTHLESS BEHAVIOUR OF KIDS OF RICH AND INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE. I think so.. there is more to it than what we actually see. If we can together stop this from becoming a reality then lets join hands... may be a signature campaign... whatever we do should be peaceful..

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:26:33 2011
Name:gaurang patel
Petition:what was the emergency of the govt for this kind of bill? this govt. is purely diverting attention from core issues like inflation, corruption, scams etc. our culture didn't permit this kind of acts. besides this if you make this legal do u think todays children will listen to their parents? this is not modernisation but against our culture.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:26:44 2011
Petition:Top class people Motive to amend the bill to legalise the sex learning through outsourced manners rather than educating the sex with highly respected manner. This amendment will only leads to High class prostitution to HIGH class children as they hardly get the time to teach the sex education to their children

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:27:04 2011
Petition:hi This is outrageous and an immoral law if its enacted. Any kind of sexual activity below 18 years for either sex should be banned and illegal. This Government in the name of progress is gradually taking steps to legalize and encourage all types of sins among the citizens. Hope good sense prevails. regards

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:28:10 2011
Petition:It's outrageous. We need to protect our children from any type of sex crime. Sex or any form of sex couldn't be permitted below Age 18. How can Govt. or anybody can propose this kind of law? Not only our culture and value is at stake but the whole humanity is at stake.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:33:15 2011
Petition:What a messy idea? Need of the hour is to enact strict laws to prevent Crime, Rape and Prostitution and fast tract justice to victims. Here, these laws has exactly opposite interests and should be condemned by our civil society. rajeev

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:35:57 2011
Petition:Children today know more than us. Despite filters on the Net they may watch blue films. Sex at any age is instinctive. Sexual explorationn can cross the line without the kids being aware. The bill will encourage it and this teen pregnancy. The Govt should introduce more important bills like GST and Companies act amendment. Bill which has been pending for long.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:39:16 2011
Name:Dr. Prabhakar
 Petition:People who donot know about the Legal systen and the Law are creating unnecessary hullaballu at the amendments. These are proper and borne out by the Court cases over last many decades. The basis of Criminal Law is 'mens rea' and without the same you cant jail people for emotional/passionate mistakes. Can you make a law for jailing people for telling a lie; it is impractical. Similarly jailing juveniles for such mistakes due to sex hormones is also wrong !!!!

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:40:12 2011
Petition:By this bill it has been cleared that in which direction India is being pushed by this congress led government. We are being forced to forget our own Indian culture and adopt western sickness(though western people are adopting Indian culture and tradition after frustrating with their culture). Now its time for all the Indians to wake up and throw these type of policy makers out of the country.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:41:50 2011
Petition:This ruling is right and justified because majority of Indians are already into child marriages and the sort..Except Christians the Hindus and Muslims are okay .. yea some have an problem but they are an minority to marry their kids citing poverty ,affluence or caste or creed etc etc.even at the age of 10.. Mohamed married Ayesha at the age of I am sure Muslims wouldn't have any problem with this. about Hindus as we are all aware child marriages are an common feature a part and parcel of their heritage and culture..its only Christians who are totally against this and during the British time even managed to forcibly stop this practice...but in spite of all measures Indians practice child marriages openly and also the majority of prostitutes in India are around 12 to 18..and they are paid an premium because of their age factor..if you notice most of these girls/boys are pushed by their own parents or relatives into this chain to cater to fellow Indians wants.. The police is being stressed into areas which are not under their control..the judiciary is getting filled with such cases where they are mere spectators as the majority of the populace are into whats the best way other than to legalise this. .I hope the next step would be to legalize Prostitution which again is an part and parcel of our ancient culture and heritage.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:45:12 2011
Petition:The idea is totally senseless.. Government is encouraging sexual promiscuity. If this law is passed then as in England we too will have 14 year old fathers & 28 year old grandfathers. GOD help this country with such a brainless government.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:48:44 2011
Name:M N Rao
Petition:All of europe and US are now going to dogs because their youth is corrupted by sex, porn, drugs etc which are all impediments to healthy mental development, education,character building and a value system. They are looking to east for intelectual manpowewr like Doctors,engineers,scientists ,mathematicians et. why some misguided leaders are broaching on such useless idea of making sex for minors legal?? it is a Question of national interest and they have no right to meddle with the great culture of this great country which is a boon bestowed on us by the institution of great rishis. If these law makers are serious there are plenty of things they can do. Make law to bring black money back from swis banks,prohibit criminals from contesting elections, shorten time taken to settle court cases involving corruption charges, implemetn Anti money laundering dilgently etc which would better our lives than enacting ths kind of rubbish laws that destroy our great culture and weeken future generation. let them get to know what great men like swamy vivekananda,subash chnadrabose,Dr Abdul kalam advised youth.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 10:59:46 2011
Petition:Instead of legalizing, spend more money in educating in the right way. Rights and wrongs , do's and donts. at that age should be made known to children, they behave responsibly. Children at thi age are going thru rapid physical and mental change. Naturally Children are very curious to know more things around them, sex is one of them, Exposing them to any physical acts surely will disturb them and affect them in their careers. Some who are unable to control could over indulge and ruin themselves, can some one monitor them close enough if they engage in penetrative or non penetrative. LAw should concentrate in education rather than giving them free pass.

Online PetitionWed Feb 2 11:10:25 2011
Name:Mansoor Khan
Petition:1- Shall anybody favoring this idea like his/her sister/daughter to have any type of sexual activity with a male (teenager/adult). 2- Shall anybody favoring this idea like to accept a girl, known to have any sort of sex (penetrative/non penetrative), as his wife/daughter-in-law. 3- What does sex awareness/ sex education refer to? Must we open colleges or institutes of sex technology. If yes, then definitely our sons/daughters will ask us to get them admitted in those colleges so that they can have sex after getting a certificate from there. There is already a lot of stuff about it on internet and today's children are far smarter than what we were at their age. 4- Shall we permit our children to go and sleep with their friend (opposite sex) for even one night once they promise of not having any sort of sex. 5- Sex is not like a car or home loan which can be done in installments. Once the person gets involved in it, he loses control of his nerves and goes to the maximum. Is it not the start of more legislations in future where even 100% penetration by husband shall be considered as sexual torture. 6- Finally let us differentiate between western culture and Indian culture, modern age and stone age, 18th centure and 22nd century, developed and backward, conservative or advanced etc of which we are talking now and than. I feel every person must seek an answer for himself and decide what is right or wrong.