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Reader responses: India outraged at sex bill

Last updated on: February 1, 2011 20:16 IST

Readers express their anger and dismay over a proposed bill -- Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Bill 2010 -- that seeks to legalise non-penetrative sex with kids their age.

Some readers though feel there is merit in this proposed bill.

Here's the first unedited set of responses:

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Online PetitionTue Feb 1 11:58:57 2011
Name:Saleem Shaikh
Petition: Salaams there No kind of interaction should be permitted among the teens of opposite sex. the beauty of a female lies in her dignity and humility. these proposed amendments will encourage misuse of our sisters and daughters. This age is very dangerous and not many are wise to control their senses or to make sensible decisions. thank you

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:18:48 2011
Petition: these day children are more smarter n they know more then we think their knowledge is far n wide they need to be educate about it so it okay

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:20:45 2011
Petition: There is no limit for Cultural and Ethical Hijack in this country, First the Court formalized Prostitution, next Homo Sex and now Juvenile Sex may be in another 10 year time, Rape and swapping of wives will also become Legally correct. Only God knows what will happen to the future of this country.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:21:33 2011
Petition: Its good to make these kind of awareness. This will void the child molestation that are cropping on the daily headlines. India as a whole on a transition stage on this issue. Neither ready to speak nor able to control crime in this context. Its better to speak and create awareness rather being a victim of ignorance or innocence.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:24:58 2011
Name:Atul Bhalerao
Petition: I completely disagree to the decision. You cannot keep control on penetrative sex when in intimacy. Also this bill will increase child sex labour, for which India is famous for. Instead, I would suggest to have some counseling to these children and make them aware that there are lot more constructive activities that can be done in this age. They have lot of time to indulge in sexual activities, but build your carrier first.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:25:53 2011
Petition: I am against this which is against the culture of our country. What is our country going to? If youngsters indulge in this type of activity, there surely cannot resist and will go one step further. This is also against the law of God which prohibits this type of activity except between married couples. Already the population of this country is vast, so giving Govt. approval for this will only help to increase the population more. The society will get corrupted and youngsters will not listen to parents but will go all out and indulge in this bad thing. At that age, they should concentrate on their studies. Govt. is to blame for all this.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:25:56 2011
Petition:There is no need to put all this small issues in the court of law. It is nature of a boy or girl. Bringing this issue to public is a nuisance. Those may not be aware of these things will come to know by this legislation. This is not suitable for Indian society.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:26:43 2011
Petition:The moment you legalise something it gives freedom for rampant usage. How can you allow youngsters to go so far and yet not all the way. If they have the will power to stop at that point, they can also have the will power not to indulge at such a young age. Let us all be responsible for our own decisions. Advice from elders and family members should play an important role in the child's life. If this is missing the child would in any case "break the rule".

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:27:44 2011
Petition:below age of 18 for both sexual functioning should not permitted or excused and in that case if takes place then both should be severely penalized inclusive their parents. only then our Government can be able to control such offenses in our country. in this type of offenses there should not be any type of corruption at judiciary and case investigating organization level.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:28:16 2011
Petition:Dear Publisher, This law cannot be justified and it is against of civilization. Thanks,

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:28:31 2011

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:28:55 2011
Petition:The proposed rectification in law is correct. Every1 has advanced, we r in 2011 now. But it is to be ensured that no 1 can misuse this.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:29:05 2011
Name:vinayak khanna
Petition:it is high time we should drop the SEX taboo, it is natural and every body will and have to indulge in it. it is bettter if we start educating our youngerster s from the age of 10 or 12 about sex be it in any form so that they are aware of its consiquences. thye will explore their bodies and engage in one act or another, so instead of shoeeing them away it is better we change our mindset and bring huge changes in our society attitude towards sex, so Iam all for any kind of change in our policies towards SEX education or indulgences. so let us teach them about helathy sex so that they dont become rapists or meanics

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:29:30 2011
Petition:No Please. The very fact that teachers cannot use the stick is being used by these young children to their benefit and so are their parents. This would only give one more reason and freedom for children, now held back by moral values, to openly indulge in these activities. Todays children are influenced enough by different sets of forces. We do not want one more where they turn back and tell us parents that we have no right to teach them what is right & what is wrong?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:30:47 2011
Name:Dilip A
Petition:Its a crap suggestion and an act of blindly aping the west. the ministry ought to udnerstand that we are in India and not in a country where the mother of a girl child starts giving birth control pills to her child since the age of 9! I Please do not destroy what ever little is left of our culture.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:31:52 2011
Petition:consensual sex with condom should be allowed between youngsters. I dont see any harm in that. Condom has to be good though. Provide good condoms in schools. Lets everyone enjoy.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:33:30 2011
Name:Munira Matawala
Petition:How can sex between 'minors' be termed as consensual or non-consensual. The term 'minor' itself suggest non ability to make descisions. At a tender age children dont have ability to judge about the repercussions of their sexual acts. They can only be counselled & cannot be given 'rights' for their sexual activities.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:33:58 2011
Petition:they cant be pre define law.. its always a debate.. this law is ridiculous. why cant we have some laws which are strict for rape rather indulging in supporting the criminal rather then victim LMAO for the jurisdictional where people who are criminal have law by their side even CBI cant crack cases nowdays how this will help ??

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:34:27 2011
Petition:As the children are more knowledgable than a decade ago. More sources to get informations, and more media access, they know much about the sex also. Because of the current urban life style, the children are becoming sexually active at the early age as compared to a decade back. It is natural that at younger age children like to experiment with what they know. If we treat this as a criminal act, it is not all fair. We should give little freedom, and sex education from the school and parents, not the control by force through police. We have to teach the values gently by the parents. There should be much more strict rules to control sexual abuses by elders, than the conesensual sexual activity between the children

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:35:19 2011
Petition: This not a ethical in certain cases, already the prevailing detoriating social structure in India where even adult in BPO are not safe to move around where a minor girl cannot escape the prying eyes and ridiculas comment from security personal posted in the city, would further witness even more devastating consequenses . The families would find difficult to control the young buddies and the ultimate effect will be felt in the MC & LMC families.It not understood why these kind of ammendment are being thought of at this stage instead of bringing out ammendments to curb corruptions in the higher ups,medical & education as well.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:36:58 2011
Petition:hi there, i understand the decriminalization part -- having been in the west for about 10 yrs. however, such teenagers should be required to go through some courses, therapy even so that they understand the consequences. 12 is too young. 16 is probably OK for india today. maybe 10+ yrs from now, 12 might be more appropriate -- we should let 2020's citizens decide.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:39:14 2011
Petition:We are doing the Western way and to start with non penetrative sex and later it will allow penetrative sex as we advance materially and ape the American culture called globalization and westernization. We will need groups like Rama Sena to instil some sense.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:39:15 2011
Name:Rajaram Srinivasan
Petition:Sex of any kind shud not be encouraged for kids as it will only lead to the disaster and any bill with such ammendments will only encourage the act and legalisation of the same shud be curbed at the grassroot level and stricter norms and procedures to be set up as this is the only way to protect our society from rottening at a tender age.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:41:33 2011
Petition:In the name of de-criminalising one cannot accord a legal status to an act which can de-stabiise and corrupt a child's mind, lets face it as the ages 12-16 are a vulnerable, fragile phase in one's life, the last the thing we want is to have mass approval for sex ( limited or unlimited) as the case may be. If we have to deal with abuse and playful act indulged by few, then the laws can be suited to make things easy on the minds through effective rehab programs rather than stringent juvenile punishments leading to derailment of a young mind and life ahead. By sending this bill for approval - is the Women and Child Ministry trying duck responsibility associated with protecting Women and Child ?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:41:34 2011
Name:akhilesh kumar
Petition:Age <12yrs No Sex .Eduacate them. Age 12-14yrs,Knowledge of Sex but no Penetrative sex be allowed. Age=14yrs -16 yrsSex allowed with Condoms/with precautions. Age>18yrs Sex as normal in life. Akhilesh

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:42:58 2011
Petition:Who the hell is making such suggestions? Are such suggestions necessary enough to force the law persons to make amendments in the rules already existing in the constitution? Children are already losing their childishness due to their exposure to all kind of media, Internet etc, and some stupids are trying to say that children over an age of 12 should be given freedom of sex, provided only the activity should not be penetrating! Why not let our children remain innocent up to an age when they are capable of understanding what is right or wrong! Please leave our children away from such laws and provisions, I think all the parents are capable of looking after very well what kind of activities their children are taking part in, and decide the rights and wrongs as well. Such any amendment or rule or provision is truly unnecessary, and rubbish, and the Mt. Everest of stupidity.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:43:07 2011
Name:Sachin Chakote
Petition:12 year old is definitely too early to have consent over physical intimacy be in non-peneterative or peneterative.. its not at all a age to take such decision.. I am surprised ..

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:43:40 2011
Name:renuka prasad
Petition:whether it is penetrative or not sex is sex. The intentions/act of intimacy would drive and drown them our adolocents to demorality and to the lowest ebb. Do not encourage such legislatons which would ruin the young india.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:43:49 2011
Name:a j joe
Petition:The Bill tries to legalise sex between young children. This should not happen. Any sort of sex between children should be banned tooth and nail. Parents cannot be mute spectators to this sort of arrogant view. If this be the case, then children are motivated to have sex at this tender age.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:45:56 2011
Name:Manohar Chawla
Petition:Definitely, such amendments will encourage youngster's sextual activities. Don't you know that non-penetrative sex will create excitement and ultimately result into penetrative sex. This ammendment in the law is a step further in destroying indian culture.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:46:52 2011
Petition:All forms of sex activities should be restricted till the age of 18 through law.Any type of encouragement should not be given to pre-teens by any law or acts.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:47:43 2011
Name:Dinesh Bajaj
Petition:The bill is a welcome move although a modification is needed. The minimum permissible age for sex (penetrative or non-penetrative) should be set to 14. Children below than 14 years should not be allowed to indulge in any sexual activity. The current age limit of 18 years is totally outdated as high and higher secondary students(especially in metros) are indulging in sexual activities.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:47:55 2011
Petition:Whats the bill, it is just supporting the coming generation where they can have sex at the age of 14. The person who have proposed it let him/her try this with his children and then try to make a law, what a rubbish idea, encouraging children to have sex, if one finger is tested to be burnt in fire the whole hand can also burn or get damaged. If you are encoraging to have them sex at the age of 14 then why not get childrens get married at the age of 15.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:48:53 2011
Petition:No. Not at all. They are children. Please don't spoil our children's life. By allowing this our dear children may be exploited by unscrupulous persons. "Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Bill 2010" should not be passed along with this suggestion as it will be bring various repercussion in the society.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:49:25 2011
Name:Vineet Lahoti
Petition:I think that the age limit of non penetrative sex can be brought down to 16 yrs and not 12 yrs AND THAT TOO PROVIDED THOSE 16 YRS OLDS ARE GIVEN PROPER SEX EDUCATION AND MADE AWARE ABOUT ALL THE NITTY GRITTIES OF INVOLVING IN SUCH AN ACT because often such acts do lead to situations and mental conditions where there is impossible to look back and stop. I would also like to post a question that how will a situation be handled where a 12 yr old gives consent to be filmed while performing non-penetrative sex (read ORAL SEX) with another 14 yr old and filmed by a 16 yr old????? (Provided the said bill is passed)

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:49:44 2011
Petition:These types of amendments will be very bad for our children. The age of 12 is for development and enjoyment of life for children , not for going around and having penetrative or non-penetrative sex. Its totally "BullShit" of an idea.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:49:48 2011
Name:PM Jose
Petition:Consensual sex at 12 years is beyond imagination for lower middle class living in rural areas.. I think this Bill attempts to safeguard children in elite class-who are exposed to cosmopolitan life style. Sure-arriving at broader consensus on this issue is pretty difficult. However, the Bill can have an article to ensure sex education/counselling starting middle schools. Considering the pace at which India grows and its revolution in telecom-one has to consider opportunities arise for these kids (may be on term it as sexual exploration). Imagine-at rural set up one cant imagine exploring sex even after 18 years. Sex is unimaginable until wedding; Be it either consensual or non Sure-this is going to another public outcry against UPA!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:50:01 2011
Name:Md.Shahlal khan
Petition:Forget the liberty of giving childern the excuse to have sex, the best law will be that only married couple should have the right to practise sexual activities, whereas any unmarried male or female, whatever may be their age should not be allowed to have any amount of sex, wheather penetrative or non-penetrative. And moreover all licenced brothels should be closed and the society show be made pure and sin free which comes only when unmarried sex takes place.

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Reader responses: India outraged at sex bill

Last updated on: February 1, 2011 20:16 IST

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Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:50:48 2011
Name:Hanumantha Rao
Petition:This will set a wrong precedent in our kind of country. The govt should try to sesitize children from not indulging in any king of sex which will defenatly be a distraction from becomming a responsible citizen and attain success. Novel ad campaign in TV as well as colleges will start the process of sensitizing children. the principal of the college should be made accountable for not creating a proper environment for the childs development on all counts. Lets not forget our culture and get carried away by western culture.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:51:01 2011
Name:Sanjaykumar Gour
Petition: Such a bill should never be introduced in the Indian Parliament. The indian society is thriving only becuase of its virtues, morals and long proven principles. 12 years age of children is meant only for building and thinking about their future career, study, sports, etc. If at this tender age, children are distracted from their goals in sports, studies, etc, then this will lead to chaos in the society in future. And once the prime years of career making for children is lost in unfruitful activities, next generation of Indian citizens and the Indian society as a whole will become vagabonds This will in turn affect the family as a whole. Young girls shall be losing their V*******y at such a tender age. This will leave a long lasting effect on their minds for the rest of their lives. This can also destroy the careers of the most talenetd children in the long run

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:51:18 2011
Petition:This is simply ridiculous

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:51:23 2011
Name:D. Balaji Rao
Petition:Sex at the age of 12 years be it penetrative or non-penetrative is not acceptable. Children should be mature enough for any such consent.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:52:11 2011
Petition:yes ,such amendments will encourage such sexual acts in youngsters.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:53:23 2011
Name:Anand Khatavkar
City:Navi Mumbai
Petition:We are not supposed to copy Westerners. We have our own culture and way of living. Also, we as Indians have own Biological clocks. The age of 12 is still seen as age of innocence. Let us not spoil the childhood & innocence of our children. Additionally, if the age of non-penetrative sex is reduced to 12, IT WILL HAVE IMPLICATIONS ON CHILD ABUSE laws and principle. The whole idea is questionable. Better date is above 16, when most have achieved puberty. Let us keep the sanctity of age, culture and Biology and not complicate the Legal Definitions of an already overloaded & confused system.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:53:30 2011
Petition: I am an Indian, but presently working in South Africa. I strongly disagree with this idea. Considering the mental age, maturity and physical condition, this kind of things may be suitable to the western country children, but not to the indian children of 12 yrs. Let us not spoil their innocent childhood.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:54:13 2011
Name:Umesh Jain
Petition:Suggestions incorporated into the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Bill 2010 is absolutely bakwaas. How can Govt. legalize sexual activity by youngsters whether it is penetrative or non-penetrative sexual activity? Definitely such amendments to the law will only serve to encourage youngsters' sexual activities.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:54:25 2011
Name:Atma Prakash
Petition:What a crap!! UPA under the leadership of Sonia & MMS have lost their mental balance!! In name of "decriminalise sexual exploration by two children", one can not just propose any such bills! How can such young and immature minds decide what is good for them and what is bad as far as sex is concerned? I agree we have made a lot of progress but I certainly do not want to see a society which follows west blindly... How can one allow sex before marriage... its a disaster.... Its a malicious plan to spoil our rich culture and society.. I oppose!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:54:33 2011
Petition:Disaster if implemented

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:55:26 2011
Name:ravindra gokhale
Petition:This is altogether wrong move which has been initiated. Though it is age where children get curiosity due to changes in their bodies we cannot decriminalise it. We should give them education but certainly not above what ever is proposed. The reason is it may be harmful for the life of many young girls. penetrated or non penetrated sex if not with mutual consent girls may feel it shameful . Young boys and their parents may seek the shelter in the wrong way. Deterence about sex is always useful for growth & development of child up to age of 18

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:55:40 2011
Petition:12 is not an age for the children to have sex, penetrative or otherwise. This will only encourage uninhibited sexual activities in kids and will have disastrous consequences. How can parents allow their kids to have sex or advise them only to have non-penetrative sex? This bill should not be allowed to pass. Sexual exploitation of kids should be handled through punitive laws specially created for it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 12:55:42 2011
Petition:In my opinion.. restriction to any thing add the curiosity.Since the sexual urge is natural why some one need to prevent it by law if it is consensual.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:02:32 2011
Name:Sangram Satpathy
Petition:This is a draconian bill that reflects the mindless westernisation of the Indian society which I think is past its glory. What purpose will it achieve other than hugely encouraging children to indulge in sexual activities just to understand what it is and more often than not at such a juvenile age the so called non penetrative activities will lead to penetrative activities and again the stupid Indian Laws will come into effect. The people who have drafted this bill are being hyprocrites if they are trying to say that such young children would stop short of penetrative activities post the "non penetrative" activities. Children of today who are more aware and have very easy access to knowledge and information and who are continuously losing the human touch because of the way our systems are "progressing" would definitely indulge in such acts more and more just to get some "kick" and "glorify" the Indian Society of tomorrow as a very "advanced and modern" society. I strongly condemn and oppose this proposal and Shame on the lawmakers !!!

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:02:58 2011
Name:Vineet Lahoti
Petition:The age for consensual non penetrative sex can be lowered to 16 yrs and not below that. AND THAT TOO SHOULD BE DONE IF THESE 16 YRS OLD ARE PROVIDED WITH SEX EDUCATION ENLIGHTING THEM ABOUT THE NITTY GRITTIES OF PERFORMING NON PENETRATIVE SEX, because often such acts lead to situation and mental condition from where there is no point of return. I would also like to post a question that how will a situation be handled where a 12 yr old gives consent to be filmed while performing non penetrative sex (read ORAL SEX) on a 14 yr old and being filmed by a 16 yr old and posted on web??? (Provided that said bill is passed)

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:03:09 2011
Name:Ganesan R
City: MUMBAI-- Thane
Petition: It is necessary to protect the children from all sorts / types of sexual activities. Do not catogarise in this. It is the duty of the government to provide this basic requirement.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:03:12 2011
Petition:Yes, the proposed steps will certainly ruin the indian social values . The parents are already at dismay . The contrarian provisons to discourate the consensual physical intimacy ,shall be incorporate in the law. The objectionable vulgar scene at garden [public places] road side are commonplace in cities like Surat , to avoid such embarrassment ,we have almost stopped visitied garden as children to raise query by watching school going boys & girls in uncompromising situation . I apprciate the initiave taken by you for the welfare of society

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:04:05 2011
Petition:Few points from me 1. Aparna Bhat, a Supreme Court lawyer states that this is to 'decriminalise sexual exploration by two children'. I would like to ask her how the children at that age can define what is sex exploration. That may come out by natural instinct and governed by the hormonal changes in body and also by the nudity around us in various forms (Movies, Shows, Internet etc). But the definition of 'Sex Exploration' would be defined only by the kids themselves. What is the defintion of 'Sex Exploration' the bill is saying. 2. When the bill is passed and when such incidences/instances would come to light, that two children were involved in consensual sex exploration. The media is going to publicize it as it would be a 'Masala' news for them. And that would only increase such instances. And that might lead us to a western culture where you can not expect the children to be virgin at the teen age. 3. In India, we do not have any sex education and even parents do not encorage that children be given sex education in schools. In such scenarios no children would know that 'They can explore but not penetrate'. Are we going to teach our children that there is law where you can explore but not penetrate. Hence, first children do not have sex education and they would not be aware of While exploring due to instinct penetration can be obvious and then what? I feel instead of making such bills, first promote sex education in india. And such bills, laws can make sense.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:04:33 2011
Petition:Day by day, our Justice and Legislature are back to square one on all the reforms taken place in the last 150 years of Indian Modern History. In the present case, they may even go beyond under the pretext the legality of child marriage to : 1. Avoid death/killing/harassment on Dowry System 2. Avoid spread of HIV/Aids diseases 3. Avoid caste conflict

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:05:08 2011
Petition:If two partners have agreed for consensual non-penetrative sex, then there should not be any objection to it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:05:57 2011
Name:M V Kumar
City:Abu Dhabi
Petition:All these absurd gthings are being talked becos we have forgotten our culture , moral values, Heritage and we give no importance to our elders. If anybody talks about our country's culture , he becomes anti national, communal. And you talk about such things , then you are a progressive person. The HRD and the ministry for culture should take efforts to impart our culture by teaching the epics and other cultural / religious texts which imparts good meaning and thoughts to the young ones. Further there should be a proper do 's and donts for advertising and broadcasters based on our cultural and religious requirements. Only some drastic out of box decisions can save the future generations from decay.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:06:09 2011
Petition:As per my opinion They dont have brain or logic for their frustration

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:06:42 2011
Name:srikumar s
Petition:This is called sikular government. The government puts so mush effort to stop the child marriage which happens in some part of remort village. the 24 x 7 media makes it as a big issue. but, the same media doesnt hesitate to show some nasty program. The italy sonia wants to implement the western culture in india to destory the culture of bharath / Hindus. child marriage is wrong. But, child sex is okay... It can happen only in the sonia congress govt.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:07:50 2011
Petition:Those who are in favour of this bill first try it on their own children and share that experience with other idiots of their category. First same sex relationship and now Congress want this bill. The Christan leadership of Congress want to destroy Hinduism from India.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:08:24 2011
Name:Saran Kumar
Petition:Children bellow 16 are not for sex. Anyhow if it is going to be non-penetrative then its ok. Its should not be a crime if the concent is mutual.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:09:03 2011
Petition:hamare sarkar ka dimag gutne me hai is liye is tharah ka nirnai le raha hain

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:09:28 2011
Petition:This bill is bogus. There is no provision to differentiate between consensual nonpenetrative sex between teens and nonconsensual (molestation) of unware child by come adult.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:10:00 2011
Name:Amandeep Singh
Petition:I believe, before passing this type of a bill, government needs to introduce sex education as a mandatory subject in schools, accross India. Children need to get proper sex education before being exposed to sex, whether penetrative or non-penetrative.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:10:10 2011
Name:Peter Smetacek
City:Bhimtal (Nainital)
Petition:A law must always consider the worst use it can be put to. If the proposers of this law intend to make playing "doctor" legal for 12 year olds and above, they must also consider that making this "legal" will lead to a spurt in incidents as info-savvy teenagers get hold of this information; also, when a child has given in to being physically molested by pressure groups or peer groups, what is going to prevent penetration by 14 year old boys? Therefore, the proposers of this law should realise that they are setting in motion far reaching changes to society which are entirely undesirable in the long run. Do we want a society where condom machines are installed in junior high schools, as in the US? That will be the end result of this law. I therefore strongly oppose this law and think that it would be madness to proceed. A much better way to address the problem would be for guidelines to be issued to magistrates and judges to look upon non-penetrative cases leniently, period. There is certainly no need for a law.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:11:27 2011
Name:Rahul DB
Petition:I dont want my children to indulge in sexual activity when they are 12, but we all have seen it as children, either ourselves or someone close to us have had their share of escapades. But what I fear more is my child going to jail/juvi in case one of them attempts something like this. We need to see the difference between decriminalizing an activity and morally sanctioning the same.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:12:03 2011
Petition:pure stupidity. Kids don't even know the abcd's of sex and the govt want to promote it. This will lead to serious issues. Do the govt think that they will just be satisfied with non penetrative sexual activity? Once into it, it's impossible to control. So better the rule did not allow and promote such acts. We don't have to see kids at small ages bearing children and their life ruined because of the government.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:12:14 2011
Petition:Sonia is trying to implement Westran Italian culture in India. doesn't it seem reduculous to give legality to children of 12 years age. what is the need for bringing such bill? is it the Indian culture? Than what is wrong in having non penetrative sex below 12 years as well? Gay Rahul has introduced Gay bill in last tenure now they are doing this. Oh God....Save this nation.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:13:04 2011
Petition:What a stupidity ,to frame a law like this ,i think if d same applies to d people who came out with this ideas .In Singapore ,if a law is coming to force ,they 1st put it for public debate ,based on that result d law is enacted .

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:13:41 2011
Name:Dr. Sanjay
Petition:This is a pure disaster. If Non penetrative sexual act is non criminalised the children will get legal protection for intimacy . There are no measures to stop the intimacy to penetrative sex leading to unwanted pregnancy. The children below 18 should not be allowed for any kind of sexual activity. This will lead to same problem of child age motherhood as in US / UK

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:15:24 2011
Petition:NO. I do not agree withis type of bill. this is not correct.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:16:59 2011
Petition:This bill should not be passed, because it will create a disaster. There are so many cases in current scenario, when one can be punished, i cant imagine, when the punishment wont be there, there will be no way to stop them. The consequenses of these can be more dangerous, like the sex related diseases, sex related mental issues, and childhood pregnancy. Do we need all this.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:20:04 2011
Name:Syed Suhail Khalid
Petition:When people should be kept away from having illegal sex,there's no question of non-penetrative sex being permitted for children.Children are basically inquisitive and their 'explorations' into sex often result in psychological,spiritual and physical disasters.So,passing this bill isn't right.This bill is a step towards criminalising the society.Sex is not a trifle.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:22:11 2011
Petition:I am totally against this bill. 12 years age is not correct age for sexual exploration.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:22:27 2011
Petition:Though I firmly believe that in today's world, anykind of restriction will only prove to be counter-productive amd may rather defeat the purpose, ,still in this particular case I must say 12 is no age to indulge in any kind of sexual activity, and then cover yourself under the gardb of proposed law. In my opinion whether it is VOTING OR DRINKING OR SEXUAL INDULGENCE, 18 is the right age for someone to make the right decision. No matter even today such acts must be going on but giving them protection under the law will only increase the number of such case.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:22:41 2011
Name:Ashish Mehta
Petition:Insensible. On one hand we dont have means to testify the genuinity/ correctness of "consent".Nor the age of 12 is apt to take a call on that. Draftmen of the Bill are certainly not talking about humans. Teens (at all times) are energetic and go getters. How it is expected (given they are well matured and aware) that they can mark a line (and follow that) of penetrative sex ?

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:24:02 2011
Name:chirag pathak
City:toronto, canada
Petition:This is really good suggestion. Everything is good from mother nature. If mother nature wants children to do sex, it is OK. Nobody is more eligible than mother nature. Children never try to command elders, same way elders should not command children in anyway. This concept is already accepted in developed countries. I don't understand why developing countries struggles to understand it.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:27:31 2011
Name:M S Ramesh
Petition:The proposal seems very strange to say the least. 12 is not the age when a child can understand these matters. Instead we should look to have a proper education system where children are educated to understand and behave responsibly in these matters. I do not agree with Aparna Bhat that the provision decriminalises the act. How do we protect a girl who is forced into a non penetrative act by a boy? I think porper education both at school and at home with proper discipline at home would serve the purpose better than anything else. I think we all should own up the responsibility.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:29:14 2011
Petition:Definitely not correct! If the argument is about sexual exploration, the youngsters will do it anyway, law or no law. Also, how does one prevent penetration. Let's take another parallel. Drugs such as heroin are banned because they are bad for health and life. since we are criminalising drug addicts, why not legalise drug consumption as well. Fact is that certain things are prohibited by law only because the law goes by what is right and what is wrong. The argument about 'criminalising' is totally flawed. time we stopped this kind of legal activism.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:29:57 2011
Name:Abhisek Jain
Petition:I believe penetrative or non-penetrative sex , consensual or non-consensual both are non-acceptable for children of the age group of 12-16 as it diverts their mind to what they should not seek or practice. Just it should be observed that both the partners of such horrendous offense must be punished equally be it boy or girl or else our future generation would go into a deep slump and be back to Stone Age Culture...........

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:30:23 2011
Name:Keya Chatterjee
Petition:I strongly oppose to the proposed decriminalisation of consensual non-penetrative sex. (a) It will make children much more vulnerable to sexual exploitation. (b) there is a thin line of control between non-penetrative and penetrative sex. One will lead to the next. Are we expecting 12 yr olds to have enough maturity to differentiate and exercise restraint. (c) Sexual acts, in whatever form, are not just a physical act, but have strong emotional impact as well. This needs to be taken into account before giving a go-ahead for such activities. (d) One is hardly able to differentiate between what is consensual and what is coerced, even for adults; how do you expect it from children???

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:35:49 2011
Petition: Guess where India is going. I presume they are watching toomuch television and internet. This is against the system of life, teenage never mean people start exploring, but it would mean that you start understanding your body changes. When you are 18 and adult then you have to take decisions as it will affect your life. FREEDOM = RESPONSIBILITY TIME = WORK = POSITIVE ENERGY PARENTS = DEDICATION = CHILDREN = DEDICATION = PARENTS Hope it works for some people. Regards Narayan.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:50:15 2011
Petition:This bill will make the child adult in the age of 12, when they dont know what is SEX. This bill is disastrous for the happy and healthy society.This bill will play the safety measure for the children who became adult by watching, reading, seeing the adultry and will try the same. This bill will play the safety measure for the children of rich and powerful families to enjoy their wrong deeds. Shame on the government, which is not looking into measure issues and just creating the nuisance in the society. Very bad step from UPA govt.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:50:27 2011
Name:Sachindra Dixit
Petition:Then, if that is the case, they should allow those porn movies that do not show the penetration to be viewed by age group above 12 years. Also, we should remove the so called 'A' Certificate issued by Censon board to the movies which has adult content.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:50:40 2011
Petition:How will these guys enforce this law. It will give new avenues to "sarkari karamchari" to make money.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:52:34 2011
Petition:i oppose this bill this will surely encourage the teenagers in indulging in sexual activities....

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:53:18 2011
Petition:It's a surprise when one group of educated people vehemently oppose sex education in schools for children above 14 years, we read about bill that encourages children to have sex... I wonder how many adults understand the meaning of penetrative and non-penetrative sex, much more children. It makes me think, what would be the reaction of the people who proposed this bill would be if they see their neighbor's boy " play" with their 12 year old daughter or relative. This bill will encourage young people to actively engage in sexual practices, more so blood thirsty adults who are lurking around to exploit the innocence of children. Can't believe that our country has forgotten basic traditional values in process of development...

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 13:55:18 2011
Petition:even though they are trying to protect children from filing cases, 12 years is too young an age to consider liberties for sex.

Online PetitionTue Feb 1 14:11:38 2011
Petition:Please don't encourage these kind of bills to be passed in India ......

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