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Readers' advice: How to kick the butt!

Last updated on: November 16, 2010 12:35 IST

Readers' advice: How to kick the butt!



On November 11 we asked our readers if Indian cigarette packs should also have photos detailing the harmful effects of smoking.

Here is the second set of responses from our readers:

Make a list of Likes and Dislikes about smoking. Put it up where you can see it every day, for e.g. on the fridge. There will definitely be more dislikes than likes when u put it down on paper.

- Monika Patel

If we ban the tobacco companies, or else if we see a pack of cigarette for Rs 250 or so, it's not going to work out because these solutions are not feasible, and also not practical.

If one party stands up to implement these rule, then remember that there are 10 such parties to oppose it in India.

Keeping printed leaflets in packets also wont help, because guys hardly bother to read in the leaflets.

Moreover, most of the guys buy it lose, or one at a time

The thing that will work is to educate the youth. Make them understand by road shows, TV programmes, in college and workplaces, posters, etc.

Inspire the people to take up some hobby!

Quit smoking by taking up gym, and the habit of chewing gum, that I am still continuing. The art of diverting the mind when the urge to smoke is the maximum, has to be inculcated in the people. I smoked for 10 years, I guess and today I control

When I feel the urge, I divert my mind. It's not easy, but it's not impossible also. It works, provided people work honestly with patience.

Amit Kumar

Do you think carrying such photos on Indian cigarette packets will discourage desi smokers? Tell us what according to you will reduce smoking amongst young Indians.

Tell us how you quit smoking.

Send in your suggestions to with the subject line: 'How I quit smoking' and we will publish the best responses right here on

Image: Over 5.4 million people who die because of cigarette smoking
Photographs: Photograph: Stringer India / Reuters

'You just need to have the will power to stop'

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The most important thing you would like to know is that smoking is an "Auto Pilot" just need few coins to exchange for a smoke.

I had been smoking for the last 17 Years two packs was once I decided to kick the habit as I was gasping to climb stairs and cant even take a fast walk even a 1 Km stretch.

I though as many of my friend I recall telling me you cannot stop the habit at once ...needs to be done gradually else you will have issues... some or rather it wasn't convincing. I decided to quit on the very particular day, which was March 31,1998 and I did.

However initially there was issues relating to withdrawal syndrome wherein I used to get angry or at times restlessness.

No matter what happens I am not going to drag this any more and started engaging myself in morning jogging ...walking and taking on badminton etc.

Rest is history. I started counting days, then weeks ...months and years and now I am fit as a youngster who can jog at a stretch of 4 km without any hassles.

You just need will power. It's not that I quit also made my dad quit this habit who was smoking for the last 30 years by continuously persuading him, which my mother nor my sister was not able to do.

I am sure anyone can quit this horrendous habit if he has the will.

It's been 12 years since I first stopped smoking and I have not looked back despite the fact that I worked for a cigarette organisation!

Hope you guys do it!!!

CD Prabhakar

I am 35 and I quit smoking after smoking for 17 years. I have stopped smoking for more than 2 years now.

Education is important. Most people, even educated ones think they have time to quit.

Smoking effects can be fatal and it can strike when you are young.
This message needs to be conveyed.

Secondly, People think quitting is difficult, many think in that way because they have failed after trying many times.

All it requires is an educated effort, it makes a lot of difference.

I tried and failed five times and thought it was impossible for me to quit untill I came across this site

It is an excellent free resource that helps you to quit. The motivation, stories, education and forums it has are a very good support structure to help you quit. I think rediff must promote this site.

Balasubramaniam C R

Image: A proposed design for a cigarette packet in the US
Photographs: US FDA
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'Make tobacco companies responsible for effects of smoking'

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I started smoking at a very young age of 14.

After being a smoker for about 13 years, out of which the last 5 years it was very heavy -- around 30 cigarettes a day. It is now 23 years since I quit.

My experience is that no amount of warning/education will help in dissuading people from smoking. If education would be of any help, you would not find doctors smoking.

All smokers know very well that smoking is bad. Yet, they are unable to overcome the temptation. Often people look for excuses saying that they are under mental stress.

The realisation normally dawns only when it is too late.

Making cigarettes costly is no solution as a smoker will never quit due to cost. On the contrary, it will be counter productive for the smoker's family.

Following suggestions could be considered:

  • Enforce ban on smoking strictly. Dr Ramadoss had banned smoking in public. Revive this immediately.
  • Reduce areas where smoking could be allowed -- ban smoking in all offices (public as well as private).
  • Make tobacco companies responsible for effects of smoking. The Tobacco companies must be liable to pay compensation/costs in cases where tobacco related health issues arise. I believe such laws are prevailing in US.
  • Ban smoking scenes from all movies.
  • Ban sale of tobacco products in a large radius around schools/colleges. Penalties should be very severe.
  • Govt must stop looking at Tobacco sales as a means of revenue generation.

H B Ranga

Image: Smoking is one of the major causes for stroke in young

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'Parents need to play a key role'

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Giving up smoking is easier than what many people think. I used to smoke but gave it up in one day.

It's just that they don't want to give it up on the first place. Making them costlier or printing even the most horrific graphics will not make them quit smoking.

  • Parents need to play a key role and talk to children at young age and tell them how bad it is.
  • NGO's can play a greater role in spreading the awareness about the ills of smoking

The question we need to ask is, "Is the government serious about making people quit".

The answer is no.

People have been smoking for ages and will continue to do so irrespective of all the steps that govt takes.

Jayakrishnan B

Indian cigarette packets should carry such images. There is no way, in India the laws against public smoking are going to work.

It will take huge lot of time for people to understand the necessity of abiding by the laws. People here are reluctant to make new laws and still reluctant to follow it, especially like these.

I think these pictures best describe the dangers of smoking. One can never keep them out of their mind while smoking.

At least if we can save a few people, it counts.

Balamurali M

There is no better way than completely banning the cigarette manufacturing in and importing cigarettes to India. And the government has all rights to do so.

Indrajeet Singh

Do you think carrying such photos on Indian cigarette packets will discourage desi smokers? Tell us what according to you will reduce smoking amongst young Indians.

Tell us how you quit smoking.

Send in your suggestions to with the subject line: 'How I quit smoking' and we will publish the best responses right here on

Image: Prices on cigarettes are seen in a tobacco shop in New York
Photographs: Lucas Jackson/Reuters
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