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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Five Big NOs During Pregnancy

Five Big NOs During Pregnancy

Last updated on: February 25, 2013 15:34 IST

Smriti Talwar Chhabra

Pregnant and looking for what's good and not good for you at this stage. Here are the Five Big NOs during pregnancy...

No Stress

Stress and tension attacks your physical body in many surprising ways. Stress has no good effect at any stage but becomes highly dangerous when you are carrying a baby.

In pregnant women, stress can cause constipation, back pain, insomnia, and even lead to pre-term or low birth weight.


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Five Big NOs During Pregnancy

No Excessive Caffeine

It is advised to avoid excessive intake of caffeine at this stage because when you drink caffeine, you're also feeding this stimulant to your unborn baby.

Caffeine stimulates the heart and brain, and is an addictive substance with drug-like qualities. It is also believed that caffeine increases the probability of a child contracting diabetes.

It's wise to avoid coffee, tea, or aerated drinks that contain caffeine.


Five Big NOs During Pregnancy

No Aspirin or any other the counter medicine

Drugs that are safe to take when not pregnant can cause devastating effects to a foetus when you are pregnant.

Aspirins, disprins are big NOs. Please consult your doctor before you take any medicine. Must avoid self-medication.


Five Big NOs During Pregnancy

No Smoking or Alcohol intake

Smoking has well known hazards for adults and just to continue it is extremely harmful to the foetus as well.

Exposure to smoke can result in spontaneous abortion, pre-term births, low-weight full-term babies, and foetal and infant deaths. In fact, it's so harmful, that pregnant women should even avoid other people's smoke.

Alcohol has a variety of negative effects on your foetus depending on the dose and frequency. In worst-case it may lead to severe retardation, congenital birth defects and other abnormalities.


Five Big NOs During Pregnancy

No Junk Food

Healthy food intake is must during pregnancy. If the hunger is satisfied with junk food there is no room left for eating nutritious vitamins and proteins rich food.

Try to check your cravings for junk food and limit the intake as much as possible. There are several studies to prove junk food is as hazardous for baby as smoking is.