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Stay in shape without starving: Bebo did it, you can too

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST
Kareena Kapoor has always maintained that she lost weight eating

The good news is that we can eat and still stay in fabulous shape, in fact, if we are to believe Kareena Kapoor.

Ever since Kareena Kapoor declared to the world that she lost weight eating, there has been hope for many of us who hate to go hungry and want to lose that excess fat! And she's right about that -- you can.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and focus on what you eat. Start by understanding your lifestyle, your work profile, age and medical history. Then decide on what's a good weight for you: not the perfect figure or the ideal weight, but a good weight for you, personally speaking.

Here are some tips that will help you do that and lose weight without starving

Believe it's possible

Start with a very strong belief that it's possible. It really really can be done and you are going to do it.


Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Don't try and fool yourself that it's possible without exercise. Physical workouts and a fitness routine are extremely important, not just to reduce your weight but also to stay fit. No amount of shakes and powders and diets are going to reduce your weight if they are not accompanied by workouts.

Small beginnings

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Giving your diet a major overhaul rarely leads to a lasting change. Instead, take one small step at a time. Begin with one change like having a healthy, heavy breakfast, an early dinner or carrying a bottle of warm water.

Don't skip that breakfast

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Make a list of excuses you are likely to make in order to miss the most important meal of the day and find solutions beforehand. If you are always pressed for time early in the morning, grab a healthy sandwich on your way to the office. If you don't have the time to cook, eat some cereal.

Eating breakfast provides your body with energy to fuel it with energy through the day. More importantly, eating a healthy meal in the morning may help you avoid the temptation of reaching for a quick-fix at the vending machine, or that packet of chips or samosas when your stomach starts growling around mid-morning.

Snack smarter

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

The good news is that you can keep snacking, just do it wisely. Try snacking on small amounts of nuts, fruits or veggies. Break down your meals to as many as you can. This not only keeps your energised, but also reduces your portion sizes. Remember, Kareena and her nutritionist Rujuta tell us to eat every two hours!

Eat -- but watch what you eat

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

You want to keep munching on junk food through the day and stay slim? Of course that's too good to be true. And even if you were to remain thin, you definitely would not be fit and healthy.

But instead of focusing on how much you're eating, it's much more effective to watch what you're eating. "It's almost impossible to overeat if your plate is filled with raw vegetables, fruits and other high-fibre nutrient food," says Pune-based dietician Priti Apte.

Water therapy

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Drink water all day long and still better, sip on warm water, especially this winter. Water is the elixir of good health. Staying hydrated does everything from boosting energy levels and cleansing your body to promoting healthy, glowing skin.

Priti adds that drinking water also helps flush out toxins and waste products from the body.

Stay out of the kitchen at night

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Establish a time when you have to stop eating, so you won't give in to the late-night munchies or mindless snacking while watching television.

My friend Suchita Pathak uses the trick of brushing early for the night. Once you have brushed, don't give in to the demand for a midnight snack as you'll feel too lazy to brush again.

Salad scenario

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Choose your salads wisely. Instead of eating bowls of mayonnaise-laid salads, munch on a whole carrot, cucumber or a tomato, even if it gets a little messy. In fact, the finer pieces you make of salads, the more nutrients they lose. So eat a whole carrot instead of grating or making small pieces of it.


Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Do it periodically. This will make a healthy eating plan much more acceptable and easier to stick to. Go in for that chocolate pastry or that double sundae once in a while if you have been keeping a real strict check on your diet.

Add more steps

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Throughout the day, do whatever you can to be more active -- pace while you talk on the phone, take the dog out for an extra walk, and march in place during television commercials.

Having a pedometer serves as a constant motivator and reminder.

Take the staircase and never let your maid, friend or child pass something to you from the other end of the room. Get up and walk.

Learn to eat at a leisurely pace

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Eating slowly gives the body a chance to realise that it is being fed. Slow eating will help you avoid eating more than is necessary to feel full.

Take the time to appreciate the foods that you are eating. You will receive more satisfaction out of your meal by savouring it than if you quickly scarf it down.

Take these measures too

Last updated on: December 13, 2012 17:16 IST

Bring health into your kitchen -- surround yourself with healthy stuff. Instead of chips and biscuits display fruits and dry fruits in attractive canisters. They will demand attention!

Trim your plate: Use smaller plates and bowls.

Diet Diary: Maintain a diary or download a Diet App -- list what you eat.

Relish your food. The more you enjoy it, the less you'll need to eat to feel satisfied.