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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Modelspeak: Being skinny makes you look sick

Modelspeak: Being skinny makes you look sick

Last updated on: August 3, 2012 19:33 IST

Modelspeak: Being skinny makes you look sick


Being a Maharashtrian from Bangalore, fashion model Mitali Rannorey feels Mumbai is her second home but misses her mother's home cooked food and the city of her birth Bangalore.

The 23-year-old telecommunications engineer speaks about how modeling happened and why she feels she might one day go back to work as an engineer.

What does fashion mean to you?

It's just about being comfortable.

Do you think you will ever go back to engineering?

Probably. Sometime.


I don't know. Sometimes I think probably next month; sometimes I think probably next year.

Why like that?

When I see my friends working a regular job I feel like going back.

So what do you prefer? An engineer's job or a model?


The good, the bad, the ugly of fashion world...

The good things is there are lot of friends around. Everybody from Bangalore...

True friends?

Yeah, true friends. In Bangalore we were all working together and here too we are all together. We get time to catch up and that's what excites all of us.

Things that you like and don't like about the city...

What I like is the city feels like a home, I being a Maharashtrian. Bad thing of being in the city is I miss mom's food. I don't like hotel food and one is not home often to do the cooking and experiment.

Which city is safer for women?

Bombay, anyday?

Not Bangalore?

The city begins at 11 in the morning and by 9-9.30 there is complete darkness. There is nobody on the streets.

Your struggling days... your first modeling assignment...

It wasn't much of a struggle. I was groomed by Prasad Bidappa and when I finished my final year of engineering I was working with him and got my first assignment. Though I flunked in my final year I gave it the subsequent year and passed with 77 per cent marks.

You didn't go for a job interview after completing engineering?

I went to L&T Infotech for the heck of it, cleared all the rounds but during the technical round I couldn't answer anything (laughs) and my friends were like how did you get till here (the technical round)?

Your success tips to aspiring and fresh models...

I don't know. I did not do anything special...

Have you seen exploitation of models in the fashion world?

I have never seen it but they there are lot of things one gets to hear but I choose not to believe these stories.

Your success mantras...

Be fit, be confident, be good, be down to earth and be nice to all the people around you.

Your fitness mantra

I like to gym but I have not been doing it since last two months but when I go back to Bangalore immediately after LFW I will may be again start doing it.

Do you believe size zero makes for good models...

Not at all.

Why not?

I think sometimes being skinny looks very bad, clothes don't fit on you and you look sick.

Which is your favourite haunt in Mumbai?

I like Candies in Bandra. It's a nice place.

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Photographs: Model Krithika Babu at Lakme Fashion Week