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Quick fix recipe: How to make Masaale Bhaat

May 23, 2014 11:20 IST
Masala Bhaat

If you like your rice spicy, you will love this recipe.

Given the lack of time in the morning, I always end up experimenting with rice and different veggies in the kitchen.

As against rotis and parathas that consume more kitchen time, I prefer trying out variations of assorted rice because then my dabba lunch is ready and packed in less than 30 minutes. 

Remember the last time I had shared the recipe of Beetroot Rice with you? Did you try it?

Well, this week I experimented with potatoes and tuar dal (Arhar Dal) )and the outcome was simply delicious.

I shared it with my neighbour who named it 'Masaale Bhaat'

Presenting the recipe:



Pidi kozhukattai

Cooking Tip: Whenever you steam cook rice or veggies in a pressure cooker or otherwise, never open the lid soon after you switch it off. Fifty per cent of the cooking takes place after you've switched off the flame. The food continues to cook in the steam generated in the vessel. Hence it is important that you open the lid only after 10-15 minutes, preferably after tapping open the steam whistle to relieve any trapped steam.

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